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The West Indian Bay oil is produced using leaves from the Bay tree also called Pimenta Racemosa. This tree can be found in the Caribbean Islands. The production process of the West Indian bay essential oil requires a tree that is at least 5 years old in order to get the most suitable leaves for use. Fresh leaves are removed from the tree and the extraction process of steam distillation is administered to obtain the oil. Sea water and salt are often used as additional properties to enhance the distillation process. The end product is well known for its antibiotic, analgesic, stomachic, sudorific, aperitif, cholagogue, spasmodic as well as emanagogue and tonic substance. The oil has been described as having sweet, spicy, medicinal and balsamic properties.

West Indian Bay oil has many health benefits.  Below are some of them:

Medicinal use

  • This oil restores appetite in cases where it has disappeared due to work-related pressure, financial crises and other modern life related complications. A Lack of appetite often causes your immunity to go on a downward spiral and the body begins to lose its lustre, health and inevitably develops deficiencies. This oil can help as a remedy in such situations. A herbal aperitif is often the way to go and begin the journey to recovering a healthy body system.


  • The West Indian Bay oil is used in treating bacterial infections. It inhibits any growth of microbes and bacteria as well as fungi in our bodies.  This is a sure safeguard against any infections caused by any sort of biotic.  Its safety is proven and there are no adverse side effects.  It is a better choice than other antibiotic medicines in the market as these have great negative impacts on the liver and heart.


  • This super oil is a painkiller. It reduces pain, especially pain caused by viral infections, sprains, coughs and colds and influenza.  This is a better remedy to any other processed domestic medicines that are made using potent chemicals.


  • Another benefit of this oil is contracting blood vessels, which in turn prevents blood loss in cases of injuries.


  • This oil also protects hair from loss, promotes hair growth, strengthens the scalp, gums and pulls up sagging skin and muscles. The oil can be used as a tonic or as a regular treatment for your hair.  This is why it is added to many of the top hair products such as shampoos and conditioners that are geared towards fighting hair loss. You can also use it as an effective treatment for dandruff and scalp that is either too oily or too dry and flaky. It provides healing capabilities for your hair and leaves it with a natural, beautiful glow.


  • This essential oil has beneficial health treatment of neuralgia, a very painful condition that leaves the infected areas like the throat, tonsils, larynx, ears, pharynx and base of the nose, causing very painful situations. Simple actions such as chewing, shouting, eating and laughing escalate the pain in affected areas of this condition.  This miraculous oil provides pain relief of Neuralgia because it contains analgesic and astringent properties.


  • This oil is used to treat wounds. Wounds are not a laughing matter, especially if they become septic or originate from rusty metal, unclean objects or iron objects. They should be combated before they escalate to the tetanus level, which causes hydrophobia, pain, convulsions, cramps and even insanity.  The antiseptic elements help heal oils and protect them from further infections and becoming septic, bacterial growth is also inhibited and this saves from so much pain.


  • Spasms in various parts of the body cause coughs, diarrhoea, nervous afflictions and aches. This is a condition where there is excessive contraction in the muscles, blood vessels, respiratory tracts and internal organs. These ailments can become fatal and a risk to life itself.  They can cause breathlessness and cause the patient to choke to death.  Bay essential oil gives spasmodic relief and helps avoid fatalities related to these elements.


  • Bay essential oil assists in breaking down the complex food molecules and neutralize excess acids found in the stomach, a very vital role that prevents the stomach lining from wearing out.


  • This oil helps in alleviating symptoms associated with PMS such as pain and cramps along with tension and mood swings. Using it regularly allows for the reduction of these symptoms during the menstrual cycle.


  • It has very potent properties that also aids the body in fighting infections in the respiratory system and lowering body temperature during fevers.


  • The soothing properties of the bay oil also leads to it being used to calm nervous disturbances like hysteria, stress, depression, epilepsy and anger.


Other Benefits of West Indian Bay Oil.

  • Much like bay rum, the West Indian bay oil is an ingredient of choice for perfumes and cosmetics. The scent of the oil can be described as spicy and heavy, which makes it more masculine in nature and so it is primarily used in men’s products. The oil can be used in men’s personal care products and can be used to cool razor burns and wash their hair. The oil is also a leading ingredient in some of the top male products out there such as lotions and shaving creams.

If you want to make use of the oils beneficial components as it relates to cosmetics you can try adding it to your beauty products. You can add about two or three drops of the oil to your favorite organic lotions and shampoos or you can even add it your aftershave to provide added benefits to the products.

  • Bay oil has always been utilized in history as an insect repellent and has been used to ward away moths. Insects are turned off by the strong scent of the oil and so it has always been a key ingredient in several of the top insect sprays and vaporizers. You can use the oil in this way to rid your room and home of insects. The oil is a good substitute to harmful chemicals that the regular insecticides are manufactured with. You can place a few drops of the oil to a diffuser and spread the vapor throughout your home.
  • West Indian Bay oil is a stimulant for blood circulation. When added to your skin it helps to promote the movement of blood throughout the body and the healthy functioning of the heart. The oil is good at relieving muscle tension and allowing the muscles to stretch. This is why it is a good option for use as a massage oil. When used on the skin it results in a kind of hot sensation that leads to the soothing of any tightness within the skin. You can use it to massage your skin whenever you are feeling muscle pains or you can provide it as the massage oil for your professional massages.


Here are a few application tips to help make use of the amazing benefits of the oil:

  • If you want to prevent insomnia and sleep better you can use the West Indian bay oil for this purpose. To make use of this benefit combine 10 drops of the west indian bay oil with 3 drops of sweet orange oil and 1 drop of clove essential oil. Add almond oil as a carrier oil and massage the mixture into your skin right before bedtime. You can also add the mixture to a diffuser and release it throughout your house.


  • If you are experiencing excessive stress and depression, you can use the West Indian bay oil to relieve these issues. Combine 2 drops of the bay oil with 4 drops of black pepper oil, 4 drops of bergamot oil, and top this off with a tablespoon of jojoba oil. Add the mixture in your diffuser and allow yourself to inhale it to provide soothing and relaxation benefits.


  • To relieve the symptoms that are caused by colds and flu add 2 drops of bay oil to 4 drops of myrtle oil. Add this mixture to your diffuser or soak a tissue or a towel and inhale it deeply. You can also pat your face and chest with the mixture.


  • To add dandruff fighting benefits to your favourite organic shampoo add 2-3 drops of the oil to it.




  • It is advised that you mainly use the west Indian bay essential oil topically and avoid taking the oil internally without the supervision and recommendation of a certified specialist. The process needs to be administered properly as you do not want the oil to cause any adverse internal problems. Contact a physician to discuss any options of oil consumption.


  • The West Indian Bay oil is typically used as an antiseptic and it is also used as a remedy for respiratory problems. However the properties within the oil can sometimes cause problems for the mucous membranes within the body as it might cause it to be irritated. This happens because the oil has very strong properties that interact with the body in a powerful way in order to remedy illnesses. Therefore it is best to speak to a physician about using the oil in ways that it might get into contact with your mucous membranes.


  • Always dilute your west Indian bay oil before using it, especially when using it around the eyes and mucous membranes. Use a carrier oil to add to it so that it is less potent and thus doesn’t lead to irritation or any damage.


  • The oil might pose danger to your unborn child and so it is advised that you avoid using while pregnant. Additionally avoid using the product while breastfeeding as this can also affect your baby.


  • Do not use the oil on young children, especially those under the age of five. It may cause very harsh side effects that are not ideal for children as they are more vulnerable.


  • It is also advised to avoid the oil if you have serious liver and kidney problems as it might cause further complications when used. The oil has powerful properties that sometimes lead to it being hepatotoxic, meaning it might be damaging or dangerous for the cells within the liver. If the organs are already experiencing dysfunction this might pose additional problems.


  • If you are a cancer patient, avoid the use of the oil as it may allow your symptoms to worsen. The oil may interact negatively with cancer medication and might not react positively with the cancer site.


  • The active chemicals within the oil can also stop blood clotting when the oil is used. If for any reason you are using blood thinning medication, using west Indian Bay oil is not advised.


  • The West Indian bay oil contains properties that might cause serious complications if it is used excessively. Use the oil sparingly and avoid prolonged use of the oil. It is not ideal for regular daily use, Use only to treat specific problems. Additionally, avoid high dosage when treating skin inflammation and irritated skin.


  • West Indian bay oil has analgesic capabilities and this is facilitated by three of the compounds that are found within the oil, namely eugenol, myrcene and chavicol. These chemical compounds might lead to skin irritation and sensitivity among some users of the oil. This is why it might be best to ask your physician or aromatherapist if the oil would be good for your skin. You can also do the skin test by adding a small portion to a small part of your skin such as the inner part of your wrist and letting it sit for a day to see if any inflammation occurs.


  • Do not use the oil on sensitive skin or skin that is punctured or damaged excessively. Do not use the oil on deep open wounds and cuts. The oil might exacerbate the issue and enter your bloodstream to have other adverse effects on the body.


In conclusion

West Indian Bay oil is good for building appetite and stomach health.  It regularizes obstructed menses and protects wounds against bacterial infections. The oil promotes perspiration thus detoxifying the body of harmful toxins.  It gives relief from anxiety, depression and stress.  It’s a good remedy for respiratory tract infections and spasms like colds, coughs and aches.  It also keeps temperatures down in cases of fever, neuralgia and epilepsy.  This oil also improves metabolism and improves absorption of nutrients by toning the stomach, intestines and the liver.




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