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Buriti Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

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People of the Amazon simply love the buriti fruit. This fruit grows off the valuable tree that they refer to as ‘the tree of life’. People love it due to its diverse and numerous benefits to our body. Therefore, if you are looking to join in on the amazing buriti hype, we certainly have all the information and benefits you need to know.

What is Buriti Oil?

The buriti palm tree – scientifically known as Mauritia flexuosa – thrives in tropical climates. As a result, it is usually found in the dense Amazon Rainforest in South America. Buriti fruit’s husk is textured, shiny and dark brown – almost like a combination of a pinecone and a chestnut.

Oil extracted from the famous buriti fruit is a great natural product. Although the plant has been utilized extensively for several years, only recently it has been recognized throughout the world for its main health benefits. Buriti exotic oil has many incredible benefits for your skin and hair, and can be a great addition to your skincare and hair care products.

Chemical Composition

Buriti oil has very high concentrations of various monounsaturated fatty acids (such as oleic acid) that have hypocholesterolemic action.

Keep in mind that these concentrations (about 72% to 75%) are higher compared to the concentrations in Brazilian nut and olive oils. Also, the nutraceutical fraction of this oil consists of carotenes and tocopherols. They have great nutritional importance because they contain vitamin E as well as pro-vitamin A. The oil also has a high oxidative stability.

Uses of Buriti Oil

Buriti oil is used in a lot of skincare formulations such as:

  • Facial and body cleansers
  • Facial and body moisturizers
  • Hair care preparations particularly for people with dry, damaged and brittle hair
  • Lip care

Benefits of Buriti Oil

Thanks to several powerful nutrients, buriti oil could be used for lots of beneficial purposes. Experts have showed that this oil could be used for the nourishment of both skin as well as hair, making it an ideal and versatile option when it comes to any hair care or skincare routine.

For Skin

Buriti oil has many benefits for skin. The primary benefits accumulate from its soothing, cooling, and reviving properties. It will help keep your skin refreshed and relaxed. Apart from these benefits, buriti oil is also rich in various nutrients. This means it could heal your skin and give it all the minerals it needs.

For example, vitamin C is an incredibly powerful antioxidant which is found in buriti oil. It can help to protect your skin and fight signs of premature ageing. It will give your skin plenty of life while promoting healthier and glowing skin from the inside out.

The following nutrients benefit your skin.

Vitamin E

This incredibly powerful antioxidant helps protect your skin from various environmental stressors.

Essential Fatty acids

Keep in mind that the essential fatty acids found in this oil help smooth and tighten your skin. This would not just help make the skin look smoother and more supple, but also offer moisture.


This is another potent antioxidant, which is known for skin protection. Actually, buriti oil is said to be one of the richest known sources of beta-carotene— it even trumps carrot seed oil in this respect.

Vitamin C

The oil is an excellent source of vitamin C; vitamin C works well with vitamin E and provides antioxidant protection.

Broadly speaking, buriti oil could help with several things, like reducing fine lines or wrinkles, lightening those dark spots on your skin, protecting your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays, rebuilding and moisturizing skin cells, restoring the elasticity of your skin and protecting the membranes of skin cells.

In addition, buriti oil can also help lower redness, irritation, or rashes on your skin. Also, the incredible anti-inflammatory properties of this oil make it appropriate for even those who have sensitive skin. That being said, people with sensitive skin may want to avoid applying the oil on their skin directly and instead combine it with a daily lotion, moisturizer or skin cream.

Lip Care

In case you’re prone to chapped, dry, or cracked lips, try applying some buriti oil on the lips. The oil will not just keep your lips healthy and moist, it will also protect them against extreme or harsh weather conditions, helping prevent the lips from becoming dry and cracked.

For Hair

Buriti oil is great for your hair as well as it will do a pretty similar job as it does for your skin. It will help nourish, moisturize as well as protect your hair against various external environmental stressors.

All you have to do is add the oil to your shampoo or conditioner, or rub a couple of drops straight into your head.

Also, you can apply a couple of drops of buriti oil to your comb or brush rather than a hair gel in order to provide more control while reducing frizzing. You can do this without the harmful and drying effect of alcohol which is typically found in most styling products.

Additional Benefits

Some additional benefits of using buriti oil include:

  • Use in Cosmetics: Because of its effective moisturizing and conditioning properties, buriti oil is often used in basic cosmetics. It can be added in shampoos, hair conditioners, hand creams and lotions – the works.
  • Body Massage: You’re unlikely to find any vegetable oil that’s as effective as buriti oil. This gift from nature eases tired skin, resulting in the best body massage you’ve ever had.
  • Sun Bathing: It may sound too good to be true but buriti oil works as an active sun filter. Simply use a few drops and you should be able to protect your skin against harmful UV rays whilst moisturizing your skin. It gets even better: buriti oil is known to enhance tans, allowing you to achieve that dewy look you have been yearning for.

How to Use?

If you are looking to experience the several benefits associated with buriti oil, you can simply rub a couple of drops directly on a clean and washed area of the skin. You may also choose to combine a few drops of buriti oil with your go-to daily moisturizer. This will help you in getting the extra benefits of both products in one; keep in mind that the moisturizer may make buriti oil simpler to work with as you rub it into the skin.

And in order to use this oil in your hair, all you have to do is rub it in; or, on the other hand, you may mix the oil with your conditioner or shampoo during your normal shower routine.

Wrapping it Up

To conclude, it is difficult to deny the incredible power and amazing benefits of something which is lauded by so many people. Therefore, if the folks in the great Amazon and Brazil have given so much thought and attention to buriti tree, its incredible fruit, and its oil, then there has to be a great reason to use this product.

It goes without saying that the several benefits of using the oil really speak for themselves, and it is hard to overlook how powerful this oil can be.



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