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Castor Oil vs Latisse For Eyelashes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. In them, you can see if a person is sick, sad, upset, distracted or in love. But it is not just an eyeball; it is the eye in harmony with beautiful eyelashes. Strong lashes, pairs and well-defined, are a reflection of health and harmony with life. In this article we will be discussing the effectiveness of both Lastisse and Castor Oil in growing longer eyelashes.

What Healthy Eyelashes Signify

Having healthy eyelashes is not only a sign of beauty, but it also speaks of the health of the eye and the body in general. Those little hairs that play coquettishly with our eyes, fulfill an important protective function of this valuable organ. Its function is to stop the small particles that come close to the eye, keeping it healthy and free of external agents. They take 1 to 2 months to grow and grow 0.15 mm x day. They usually complete a cycle of 90 days, in which they grow and fall again and the cycle is repeated.

Special care should be taken with diseases that can affect the eyelashes, especially inflammations in the hair follicle. They normally house bacteria, which result in inflammation and the subsequent fall of the eyelash.

Makeup is a very common cause of the weakening and falling of the eyelashes. An incorrect makeup technique also causes damage to the eyelashes and often affects the eye, due to toxic residues that are lodged between them.


Factors that Cause Eyelashes to Fall


Dermatologists claim that the follicle ages and become smaller, weaker and loses the capacity of nutrition until the eyelash falls and does not grow back, and if it grows it does not have the same characteristic that it previously had. It is advisable to consume antioxidant foods.


Balanced diets, rich in minerals and proteins, which include the group of 5 foods of the daily diet, guarantee strong, populated and healthy lashes.

Period Gestation and Lactation

Postmenopausal women sometimes experience significant changes in their body; one of them is hair loss to imclude eyebrows, and eyelashes. It is advisable to strengthen the diet to obtain the nutrients appropriate to your condition.


It has been scientifically proven that stress contributes to hair loss, eyebrows, and eyelashes, as it weakens the hair follicle that nourishes them.

Poor Hygiene

Good hygiene is necessary when cleaning the face of impurities since the remains of makeup, fats or dirt that come from the environment tend to contribute to the concentration of microbial organs that cause diseases.

For ladies, it is advisable to remove the makeup with an effective make-up remover and then wash your face with water and mild soap, preferably baby soap. It is important to choose a good product to clean the face, quality, to ensure effective cleaning, to prevent diseases in that area of the body.


 Blepharitis consists of a stinging of the eyelids, inflammation and drooping of the eyelashes. It causes dryness and itching of the eyelids and It can also present scabs and redness. There have been cases in which the person suffering from this disease does not eradicate it. Finally, it produces a total loss of eyelashes and great affections to the eyes.


This disease in general is characterized by the progressive weakening of the hair follicle and includes hair loss together with eyebrows and eyelashes.

Use of Drugs

Another cause of eyelash loss is the use of medicines or drugs, such as the case of people who undergo chemotherapy treatment,. They typically lose all of their hair along with eyebrows and eyelashes.

Lack of Nutrients

Before it was said that balanced diet contributes to having healthy and beautiful eyelashes, however, it may be the case that a well-fed person has a problem assimilating nutrients and present weakness in some areas of his body. If this is the case it is advisable to go to the doctor and provide a vitamin supplement, to supply that lack of nutrients that is reflected in some poor and delicate eyelashes.


Allergies around the eye often affect the eyelash which can weaken the follicle causing it to be lost. It is advisable to go to the doctor for the appropriate treatment.

Skin Diseases

Skin diseases can also affect the area of the eyelashes and cause their fall. In this case, it is advisable to go to the doctor for a general treatment since this condition is mostly caused by contact contamination.


Tips that Guarantee Beautiful Eyelashes

  • Comb with a soft brush as this activates the blood at the root and tends to grow faster and stronger. Use a make-up remover with moisturizing oils to nourish the body of the eyelashes.
  • Keep the skin hydrated.
  • Ingest vitamin E.
  • Do not use thermal curlers. These devices force the eyelash to take a position that is not their own, arching them, producing traumas and end up damaging the fiber.
  • If you want a different color on your eyelashes, choose a good product as adhesive products and removers can cause allergies.
  • Eyelash curling is not recommended because abrasive chemicals end up weakening and causing it to fall.


  • Keep the area clean of impurities.
  • Go to sleep without makeup.
  • Take care to expose yourself too much to the sun with makeup.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables.

Use of Quality Products and Recognized Brands

Here is  useful tip. You should remove makeup with products that guarantee deep cleaning. It is common for people to acquire a product just for the sake of saving money, however the effects may be adverse to the health and economy of the user. Improper use of them can and do result in underiable outcomes.

Correct Application of Makeup

Use the products according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Remember; if you buy a product for the feet you can’t use it on your face.


Luckily, there are products on the market dedicated to the exclusive care of the eyelashes, which help you recover your natural beauty, activating growth. However, it is advisable to do a preliminary investigation before starting a treatment that implies closeness in an organ so important and necessary to live and perform basic functions such as the eyes. They are two products of which are highly commercialized primarily because of the value they provide These products are:

Latisse for Eyelashes

Latisse is a product manufactured and marketed by the company Allergan. It is known the birth of this product since 2010. It is created especially to be used in the stimulation of the growth of the eyelashes. Some people take advantage of its benefits, to paint or darken their eyelashes that the natural tone they have.

The use of this product requires special care an it must comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It contains an active ingredient called bimatoprost which many claims activate the growth of eyelashes.

Care should be taken when applying as it can cause irritation and pigmentation in the eyes and skin. Its effects are visible from as early as week 16.

Some specialists recommend doing a test on the forearm before starting the use of this product. This is to verify that the person is not allergic to the active component of Latisse.

This test consists of placing a bit of Latisse on the inside of the forearm and wait for a few minutes. This way you can verify if you are allergic to the product or not. It should be applied with great care with a soft brush, brushing upwards the lashes.

You should avoid spilling on the eye or skin and use only 1 drop at night and wash in the morning. It is advisable to see the doctor before use as it can cause side effects. Its use is not recommended during the gestation period.

Castor Oil for Eye Lashes

Castor oil is a natural product, coming from the beaver plant. This oil is obtained from the seed which contains 90% ricinoleic acids and it is not edible. Castor oil is a very popular and a highly commercialized product. It was originally used by the natives for multiple health conditions because of its healing, regenerative and laxative properties.

Castor oil provides additional benefits to the eye area and decreases the signs of fatigue. It also decreases expression lines and conceals marks and scars. This product strengthens the hair follicle and activates their growth. It is durable and can be easily applied. Cost shouldn’t be a consideration as its pretty cheap.

It is not approved by the medical association since its efficacy has not been scientifically proven and there are those who claim that they cause irritation and allergy. People who have used it, recommend using it with cotton buds or cotton and massaging the eyelashes. There are also those who combine both Lastisse and Castor Oil and get favorable results.

With proper care and proper use of Castor Oil or Latisse you will achieve natural and perfect young eyelashes. These lashes will not only bring beauty to your eyes and face but also provide protection to the health of your eyes against external agents. Following the recommendations, you will notice the first results after 8 weeks of treatment and the desired effect of 12 to 16 weeks of treatment.



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