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Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Allergies 

Various allergies may cause you discomfort for a period of time, lasting from a few hours, to days, to weeks and even months. Treating the allergy is typically done in hospital setting or at home. You may also get diagnosis and guidance from medical personnel, and then treat the allergy at home. Many allergies are not life-threatening. However, they are very discomfiting, inconveniencing and even affect your productivity at work. Severe allergies called anaphylaxis, are dangerous and should be treated in a hospital. Home remedies for allergies are made using various ingredients including plants such as eucalyptus. They are prepared in varying ways to address unique allergies. Here is a guide to help you use eucalyptus essential oil for allergies treatment and relief. 

Causes of Allergies 

Normally, harmless substances may be mistaken by your body for dangerous invaders. The body mounts an immune response against the harmless foreign body using antibodies. Persistent antibody presence then triggers production of immune system chemicals such as histamine. The causative agents that can lead to symptoms of an allergy include; 

  • Airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites, mold and animal dander 
  • Foods rich in protein and other substances such as wheat with gluten, soy, fish, milk, eggs, tree nuts etc 
  • Stings and bites by insects such as bees and wasps. 

Some people are more likely to have allergies than others. Such people are children, the aged, those with asthma and persons from a family with a history of allergies and asthma. Having had an allergic condition at some time in your lifetime also predisposes you to developing other allergies in future. 

What Is Eucalyptus? 

Eucalyptus is a genus of plants with many hundreds of trees and shrubs in it. Australia is believed to be the cradle of the genus Eucalyptus. Plants species in the genus have characteristic leaves with oil glands and a fruits form into a woody capsule called a ‘gumnut’. They also grow fast and have shown the ability to survive in extreme events such as wildfires with ease. Eucalyptus trees are the most popular representatives of the genus. 

Various plants in this genus, including trees, are used for several health benefits by people. In traditional medicine, they are also used in animals. The oil of eucalyptus is extracted and used in various applications including topical and oral preparations. 

The essential oil of eucalyptus is extracted from the leaves. It is availed as an essential oil for medicinal and cosmetics use. It is also used in aromatherapy. For cosmetic and topical uses, diluting the eucalyptus essential oil is recommended. Popular skin applications of eucalyptus oil are to address arthritis and skin ulcers. The oil is great for easing symptoms of colds and other respiratory problems such as those arising from exposure to allergens. 

Which Types of Allergies are treated using Eucalyptus Essential Oil? 

Eucalyptus essential oil is used in addressing allergies that trigger symptoms in the respiratory system. Additionally, you may use the oil on rashes and on inflamed skin. It has antimicrobial properties and clears blockage of the airways. Use 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus essential oil in boiling water to address airway blockage. Steam inhalation is the recommended method of administration, thus the use of boiling water. In addition to steam inhalation of the eucalyptus essential oil for allergies, you are allowed to rub a little of the pure undiluted essential oil onto the chest or around the nose. 

Allergic Complications 

Allergies that are left untreated for long or reoccurring can lead to complications including asthma which affects the airway and your breathing. Asthmatic episodes are triggered by exposure to relevant allergens in your environment. Anaphylaxis results from exposure to some allergenic foods, medications and insect stings. Sinusitis and infection of the ears or lungs are other complications that may result from allergies. 

Symptoms of Allergies 

Common symptoms of allergies are sneezing, runny or stuffy noses, and itching. The nose may get swollen, as well as the mouth if the allergen came into your body through the mouth. Tingling, reddening of the eyes, coughing and wheezing are also common symptoms of allergies. Other symptoms include chest tightness, hives, facial swelling flaking, peeling and vomiting. The pulse of a person with an allergy may get weak, and rapid in some severe cases. 

Common Types of Allergies 

Allergies are often named and indentified based on their causative agent. An allergy is a response of your body’s immune response. Foreign bodies such as pollen are common causes of allergies. Some allergies are a result of environmental conditions such as irritants coming into contact with your sinus. Normal reaction of your immune system to foreign bodies is useful to deal with disease-causing agents. However, allergies are said to occur when the immune system responds to a foreign body that would not cause you any harm. Majority allergies seen in people are; 

Drug Allergy 

Allergic reactions to drugs administered through various methods including oral, topical or via injection. Pharmaceutical drugs of some types are known to cause allergies in some people. If you know you have an allergy to a certain drug, you should let your prescribing doctor know. A drug allergy is different from a contra-indication in that a contra-indication is when two drugs react with each other in your body. 

Food Allergy 

Food Allergy

Food allergies cause hives, tingling in the mouth or swelling. The lips, face, throat and tongue may be affected by the food allergy. Known food allergies are avoided from recurring in your body by not intaking the food that causes the allergy. Proteinous foods such as soy, eggs and peanuts commonly cause food allergies in people. 

Dermatological Allergy 

Dermatological Allergy 

These are allergies arising from contact with something in the environment. They affect the skin at the point of contact. They may spread around the skin due to itching or contact of the irritant with a wide area of your skin. Dermatological allergies often manifest with a skin rash on the area of contact with the allergen. 

Latex Allergy 

Latex Allergy 

Allergic reactions resulting from contact with latex. People with latex allergy have a problem using some items including but not limited to latex condoms. They are advised to use reliable alternative methods of contraception and HIV/AIDS control that are proved to be effective. 

Anaphylaxis Severe Allergy 

This is severe allergic reaction that is life-threatening. It is characterized by loss of consciousness, drop in the pressure of blood in your body, skin rash where relevant, severe shortness of breath, having a fast – yet weak – pulse, vomiting and nausea. Such an allergy requires you to see a doctor immediately for medical attention. 

Allergy Prevention and Preparedness 

Avoid developing allergies by practicing general and specific measures. When you know you have an allergy to some causative agent, avoid exposure to that agent. If it is a food, avoid eating the food. Recurrent allergic reactions are not good for your body because of the complications they can lead to. 

Keep a diary to help you identify allergic triggers. A diary also helps you keep track of your allergy symptoms, relevant activities and your diet in case the allergen is in the food you eat. You may also record what helps relieve the allergy in your allergy diary. This information helps your doctor identify triggers and possible treatment routes. 

Severe allergies that have been identified in your body are dealt with in a combination of medical and non-medical measures. Wearing a medical bracelet is a great way to ensure you get prompt medical attention in the case of an allergic reaction occurring and you are unable to communicate. The bracelet may have capabilities to monitor your vital signs and allergy symptoms, and send an alert for medical assistance. 

Preparing Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Allergies 

Manufacturers of essential oil have varying extraction processes. Cold pressing is the best essential oil extraction method. It retains the constituents of the essential oil in their natural unaltered state. Other components in the essential oil such as nutrients are also preserved when the essential oil is extracted by cold pressing method. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Presentation 

After extraction, manufacturers will often package and sell the essential oil in its concentrated form. Eucalyptus essential oil for allergies may be purchased in its concentrated form or after undergoing dilution. It is best to work with natural organic essential oils when your health is concerned. You should therefore avoid the diluted eucalyptus essential oil and go for the concentrated pure essential oil you can access. Make sure to dilute the concentrated eucalyptus essential oil before use. 

Is it Safe to Drink Eucalyptus Essential Oil ? 

Ingestion of eucalyptus essential oil is bad for your health. It may result in secondary allergic reactions, abdominal pain, and shortness of breath, and organ failure depending on the amount ingested. Report the use of eucalyptus essential oil for allergies to your doctor if you need to be treated for the allergy or other medical condition(s) during the period of using the essential oil. 


Allergies are natural responses of the immune system in the human body. Foreign bodies entering your body and triggering allergic reactions are called allergens. Exposure to allergens can trigger an allergic reaction in one person and fail to do so in another. Allergens that are airborne cause reactions in the respiratory system. Symptoms include blockage of the airways and swelling. Eucalyptus essential oil helps clear these symptoms of allergies. In some cases, the allergy clears over time, while in other cases, further medical attention is required. Use these tips provided on the application of eucalyptus essential oil for allergies to get relief from respiratory allergies symptoms. 


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