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Top 13 Uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Essential Oils

This is an oil extracted from Sandalwood trees. These are 40-80 year old trees which are then cut into pieces of wood and the oil extracted by means of steam distillation. The older the tree, the more oil that can be extracted.

The Sandalwood tree is considered holy and used for various religious rituals, especially in the Hindu community.

Sandalwood oil is well known for its various healing benefits because of its inherent beneficial qualities. Its a sedative, antiseptic, hypotensive, cicatrisant, disinfectant, memory booster, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, emollient, anti chloristic, carminative, expectorant and astringent.

Sandalwood oil and its paste have been used as components in production of fresheners, perfumes, incense sticks, deodorants and edibles.  It has also been used in the manufacture of soaps, creams and lotions.

Let’s have a look at some benefits of Sandalwood oil.

Benefits of Sandalwood Oil 

Medicinal Use

This wonderful oil has antispasmodic properties that both relax and sedate the human body. This is especially good in reducing spasms. The nerves, blood vessels and muscles are offered a relaxing effect and this brings an end to the spasms and contractions. Conditions that are associated with spasms such as cramps, coughs and aches are treated by Sandalwood oil.

Having excess gas in the stomach is not funny. Sandalwood oil often prevents such discomforting moments, by stimulating relaxation in the abdominal and intestinal muscles. This encourages release of these unwanted gases.


This oil is also an effective expectorant and more particularly when it comes to coughs.  It fights the infections which cause the cough, mumps, cold, flu or any other ailment.


Sandalwood oil serves as a very efficient antiseptic agent.  Being that it is safe for both external and internal use.  Internally, it has been known to heal ulcers and other internal wounds, as well as protecting the body from infections. Likewise, when applied on the skin, it acts as a protective shield from wounds, pimples, acne, boils and other skin infections. It also protects the wounds from getting septic,


This is a very mild oil but it has some astringent components that stimulate contractions in the muscles, skin and gums.  The gums are strengthened and teeth firmly held in place.  There is skin tightening and also stronger muscles.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Irritant

Sandalwood oil is a soother to the skin. This prevents the skin from inflammation and irritation, cures infection and at the end of the day, you remain feeling cool and fresh.

This oil is also helpful when it comes to restoring high blood pressure to normal levels. It is most effective when taken with milk or water.

This essential oil is also a good anti-inflammatory one, in that it has a nice soothing effect upon application and this provides relief from all sorts of inflammations in the various systems of the body, namely: digestive, nervous, brain excretory and circulatory.  The wounds that results from infections in these systems and in return result in fevers are kept at a bay by this oil.  Other infections may also occur from side effects of medicines such as antibiotics, insect bites, poisoning and many other causes of wounds.

Sandalwood essential oil soothes the skin therefore, ensuring that spots and scars heal much speedily.  It makes a very good skin partner to have around.

Memory Booster

Sandalwood oil is also a good memory booster as it stimulates concentration and relaxes the brain from stress and anxiety.

Other Benefits

Sandalwood Oil can be used as a disinfectant. This is why it is often used in cosmetics and religious functions for this purpose. Its fragrance keeps away small insects and microbes and  It is well effective in disinfecting large areas.

Sandalwood Oil Application Tips and Remedies

Get Rid of Acne

Sandalwood oil is effective in the prevention, treatment and elimination of acne. The oil has anti-inflammatory benefits and also has properties that facilitate the soothing of the skin. These properties help to reduce redness and irritation that may come with acne. The oil also has anti-bacterial elements that help to rid the skin of the microorganisms that are responsible for the exacerbation of acne conditions.

Using Sandalwood oil helps to accelerate the acne reduction process. It keeps pimples clean and free of these organisms, this is important especially when the pimples are open or cut. When using Sandalwood Oil for this purpose you should apply a drop of the oil to a clean cloth or a Q-Tip and apply it to the acne pimples. If your skin is sensitive you can add a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil to make a less potent mixture.

Get Rid of Acne Scars

The oil is not only good for removing acne itself, it is also a very effective remedy for diminishing acne scars and blemishes on your skin. You should try doing regular facial steaming by pouring 3 drops of the oil to a large bowl of hot water. You should then place a towel over your head while placing your head over the bowl and allowing the steam to penetrate into your skin.

Use as a Deodorant

Sandalwood oil is an effective ingredient to create a functional organic deodorant. It has a pleasant fragrance that is strong and will last you throughout the day. Sandalwood oil works to keep the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Its antibacterial properties will also fight against the bacterial elements that cause foul scents and this will add to the long lasting effects of your Sandalwood deodorant. It also comes with the added benefits of reducing the darkness of your underarms and keeping you cool. To use as a deodorant you should first mix 2 drops of the oil with either coconut oil or lavender oil. Apply the mixture to your underarms right after your shower.

Soothe Skin Inflammation

The properties within Sandalwood make it an effective remedy for the inflammation of your skin. It is perfect to treat rashes, swelling or even insect bites. To make use of these properties try adding about two drops of the oil to a carrier oil like olive oil and apply the mixture to the areas of your skin that are inflamed.

Even Out Skin

The oil can work to lighten your skin and this ability makes it a good treatment for skin discoloration and uneven skin tones. To have your skin tone evened out, simply mix 5 drops of the oil with 3 drops of coconut oil and massage it into the uneven areas of the skin, perform this daily and you will see the effects within a short period of time.

Reduce Oily Skin

Sandalwood oil helps to tighten the skin and so it helps to control excessive sebum secretion which leads to extremely oily skin. In order to make use of this benefit you can try creating a face mask by mixing 3 drops of Sandalwood oil with a teaspoon of oat flour and some water. Form a thick paste and massage it over the skin. Let the paste stay on the face for about 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water when it dries.

 Moisturize Dry Skin

Sandalwood oil is the perfect remedy for dry skin. The oil works to make the skin softer as it increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. This will rid the skin of flakes and keeps it smooth and soft. To moisturize your skin add a drop of the oil to half teaspoon of rosehip oil. Massage the mixture into your skin and leave it for about 30 minutes, you can also apply it before bed and leave it overnight. Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove the oil.

Stimulate Hair Growth

The properties of Sandalwood oil makes it the perfect remedy to make you hair grow strong and healthy. To make use of these properties you can try massaging a mixture of 5 drops of the oil to a teaspoon of sweet almond oil to your hair. Ensure that you massage the roots and also the ends of the hair to achieve the most of this benefit. It will also help to treat dandruff and will have your hair smelling amazing.

Nourishes Dry Hair

The oil can help to add sheen and life to your dry hair and helps to prevent hair breakage. To achieve this add about 7 drops of the oil to your hair after washing it. This will prevent your hair from appearing dull and dry.

Works for Aromatherapy

Sandal oil can be used in aromatherapy to provide several soothing benefits. The oil has been a remedy of choice for meditation and to provide an uplifting environment. The aroma of the oil helps to enhance your mood and control negative emotions. Add the oil to your diffuser and use it to keep you calm and relaxed, it works well to help you get a good night’s rest so you can try using it right before or during bedtime.

You can also add about 3 drops of the oil to warm water and inhale it to get some peace of mind. Another method to try is simply rubbing about 3 drops of the oil to your hands and deeply inhale it for about 30 seconds.

Works as a Massage Oil

Sandalwood oil works as an effective relief for aches and muscle pains. Use it as the leading ingredient in your massage oil. Add about 3 drops of the sandalwood to a tablespoon of olive oil or any of your favorite carrier oils. Use the mixture to massage into your muscles to experience the soothing effects of the oil.

 Save Garden Plants

You can also take your Sandalwood oil outside to your garden to help plants that are under the weather. Adding the oil to water and spraying the mixture to suffering plants has been shown to effectively provide revival and help the plants to begin thriving again.  The oil is a quick fix if you have plants outside that are struggling with the changes in the weather such as during the dry seasons.

Use as a Shaving Cream

Sandalwood oil can also be used to create a soothing homemade shaving cream.  To create this remedy, mix three drops of the oil with three drops of peppermint and two drops of tea tree oil. Mix these oils with a teaspoon of Shea oil and a teaspoon of coconut oil. When you use this combination as a shaving cream your skin will be left smooth and clean each time you shave.

 Sandalwood Oil Precautions

For the most part, Sandalwood oil has not been reported to have side effects for its users. However there have been a few side effects reported from the use of the oil. Here are a few precautions to consider when using the oil:


  • When applying the oil topically, it is best to use it with a carrier oil to prevent any possible incidents of skin irritation.


  • If you are breastfeeding it is not advised that you utilise sandalwood oil. This is becuase it may cause very harsh side effects to young children. Avoid using this oil on children under the age of five years old.


  • If you have sensitive skin you might still be able to use the oil without problems, however you should do a skin patch test first to prevent any reactions to the oil. To do this, apply a small amount of the oil to a very small patch of your skin and let it stay for a day, if there are no negative reactions then it should be safe to use.


  • The oil might cause adverse effects on persons who have liver conditions or cancer. If you have any of these illnesses it is best to avoid the oil or speak to your physician to get advice about using it.



Yet another gift from Mother Nature, sandalwood oil has numerous benefits.  It is good for boosting memory and the immune system. Sandalwood Oil is also used for the strengthening of the respiratory, muscular, digestive and excretory systems of the body. Its also known for treating infections.

Sandalwood Oil will not only lower bad cholesterol but also lower blood pressure.  It treats spasms and contraction that attack the nervous system.

Sandalwood oil prevents urinary tract infections and strengthens gums and muscles.  It is also a good perfume and fumigant.




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