Friday May 24, 2024

Beauty and Mind- Explore the many Benefits of the Frangipani Essential Oil

Frangipani Essential Oil is extracted from the flowers of the “Plumeria” tree primarily via two extraction methods which are cold depression or solvent extraction methods. Frangipani is the common name of Plumeria Alba. The Plumeria tree belongs to the family of Dogbane or Apocynaceae. To date scientists and researchers across the world have discovered 9 species of Plumeria […]

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Allergies 

Various allergies may cause you discomfort for a period of time, lasting from a few hours, to days, to weeks and even months. Treating the allergy is typically done in a hospital setting or at home. You may also get diagnosis and guidance from medical personnel, and then treat the allergy at home. Many allergies are not life-threatening. However, they are very discomfiting, inconveniencing and even affect your productivity at work. Severe […]

Top 5 Essential Oil Distillation Kits

The quality of Essential Oils is hotly debated topic among essential oil experts. There are varying opinions relating to how essential oils should be extracted in order to preserve its quality. Essential Oil distillation kits are equipment’s used in this extraction process. They are however not created equal. In this article we will be discussing […]

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Nasal Polyps

Essential oils and their medicinal benefits were discovered ages ago. Before we had scientists testing modern medicinal formulas in their high-end labs, we had doctors who used herbs and oils to cure different diseases ranging from sore throat to nasal polyps. Interestingly, those natural remedies can still work wonders for such ailments. You just need […]

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