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Essential Oils have significantly improved the lives of its users because of their tremendous health benefits. One such example is the Bay Laurel oil. This oil has many amazing and beneficial properties and in this article I will provide you with useful information that will help you decide if this oil is right for you.

If you eat the bay leaves themselves whole, this will give you an idea of the taste of the bay oil. It has a very bitter and harsh taste that stings at the back of your throat when tasted. The fragrance of the oil is even stronger than its taste. The scent has been compared to the aroma of thyme. It has a smell that can be described as somewhat herbal in nature with a small tinge of floral scent to it. Some of its properties are often used in the formula for perfumes.

This oil has got the attention of researchers and scientists due to its health benefits. This is all thanks to its properties as an antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, antibiotic, anti-neuralgic, analgesic, amenagogue, insecticide, stomachic, sudorific and tonic substance. This makes it one of the top must haves for many homeowners as it is more than likely to come in handy at some point or another, especially when you have a family at home.

The oil is extracted from bay trees that are typically over five years old. These trees are commonly found in the Caribbean islands and well used over time as a source of medicine in the ancient Rome. The extraction is aided by the process of steam distillation and sometimes seawater or salt are included into the process to enhance the steaming process. The process is mainly done by removing the leaves from the tree and using them in the extraction.


Benefits of Bay Laurel Oil

I have compiled a thorough outline of Some of the amazing benefits of this oil. Here are some details;

  • Antiseptic-the oil is quite effective in treating mild wounds. Such wounds are prone to illnesses like tetanus which may lead to serious convulsions and severe pain. The antiseptic property of this oil helps in protecting the wounds against infections by inhibiting growth of bacteria and avoiding the severe pain.



  • Antibiotic– this property enables the oil to prevent growth of microbes, bacteria and fungi in the body. This is crucial in safeguarding the body against various infections. Since the oil has no side effects of use, it is quite safe for use compared to other medications sold out there that cause problems to internal organs such as the liver and heart among others.


  • Anti-neuralgic– neuralgia is a condition affecting the throat, ears, larynx, nose and other areas causing a lot of pain. The pain comes as a result of compression of the ninth cranial nerve causing swelling when stimulated while eating, laughing, chewing or shouting. The oil provides relief to the pain caused by this condition on the affected area. As an astringent, the oil also helps in inducing contraction of the blood vessels relieving the pressure on the cranial nerve.


  • Anti-spasmodic– spasms often cause cramps, aches, coughs and aches among other problems caused by contraction of the respiratory tract, nerves, muscles and nerves. Excessive of these ailments can be uncomfortable if not treated earlier enough. This oil relieves you from spasms by relaxing the contractions thus preventing possible dangers.


  • Analgesic– pain resulting from coughs, viral infections, influenza and sprains can be effectively reduced by using bay oil. Compared to other medical pills sold in the market that cause damages to the heart, nervous system and digestive system, this oil is safe for use.


  • Astringent– this oil is essential in promoting the discharge of bile in the stomach which is necessary in maintaining the acid and base balance. Bile is crucial in breakdown of food molecules and neutralizing acids discharged into the stomach that can wear down the stomach lining those results in ulcers.


  • Insecticide– bay oil is lethal to insects that may be a bother to you. The oil can thus be used as a fumigant in vaporizers and sprays that are used to keep off insects. This is a lot safer than other insecticides that are made of chemicals that are just as harmful to you as they are to the insects.


  • Sedative– such conditions as epilepsy, convulsions, hysteria, anxiety, anger, stress and depression come as a result of nervous afflictions and disturbances. Bay oil is quite effective in providing relief from such conditions.


  • Stomachic– “stomach is the root cause of all health problems”. This is a common phrase that is quite true. Bay oil is essential in preventing any malfunctioning in the stomach that may lead to various ailments and keeping it safe from infections.


  • Tonic- generally bay oil is beneficial to the entire body by improving the metabolic functions like nutrient absorption and food decomposition. It helps in toning the stomach, intestines and liver thus ensuring strong and healthy growth.


  • Perfect blending- this oil perfectly blends with a variety of other essential oils such as cedarwood oil, geranium, ginger, lemon, orange rose, rosemary and thyme among others. This allows the oil to be a part of several beneficial substances of different natures.


  • The oil has a high concentration of eugenol which may result in irritations when applied on the skin and mucus membranes. You therefore need to have a sample section of the body for testing before applying the oil. You can test the oil on a very small spot on the the inside area of your arm.


  • Should not be used during pregnancy as it may have negative Effects on your unborn child. Also avoid using the oil while you are breastfeeding. It is not advised that the oil be used with young children as it may pose some harsh side effects.


  • It may inhibit blood clotting on fresh wounds due to sensitization. In this case a dermal maximum of 0.9% is recommended.


  • In order to effectively use this oil, it is recommended that you properly dilute it before use and ensure you follow the guidelines provided by your aromatherapy practitioner.


Chemical composition

The major ingredients of this oil include eugenol, myrcene, chavicol, linalool and limonene.


Using Bay Oil

There are many recipes and application techniques to make use of the many beneficial properties of the bay leaf essential oil. These techniques are different based on what you are trying to achieve when using the oil. Here are a few tips and methods that you should try:

  • Use as a hair mask

Bay essential oil contains a very high concentration of active compounds. This is why applying spoons of the oil to your recipes for hair treatment is not necessary or recommended. You should simply add a small amount of oil to your solutions, two or three drops can typically do the trick and be effective enough to carry out its benefits. To prepare for the hair mask treatment the first step to take is to ensure that you heat up the oils, you don’t want the oil to be striking hot you just simply need it to be warm. Overheating the oil will lead to a loss of its nutrients and this will make the mask ineffective. Endeavor to keep the temperature below 35°C when you are warming up the oil to prepare for your hair mask. After warming the oil you will then apply it generously to your hair ensuring that the scalp and roots are covered straight down to the tips of the hair. You then need to use a plastic bag to cover the head so that it keeps the heat and moisture in for a longer period. The longer the mask stays warm is the more effective the mask will be for your hair. There are sometimes different ingredients in your hair mask and this will decide the length of time to keep the mask in. If you used substances that are harsh and will cause irritation then one hour should be the maximum time that the mask should be left in so that it doesn’t cause any damage or irritation.


  • Respiratory Relief

Bay oil has been recommended as a remedy for respiratory illnesses from medicinal practices dating back to several decades ago. Bay leaves helps in this regard by helping to clear the lungs of any buildup and by improving the functions of the passages within the body’s respiratory system. It cleans and clears the lungs and makes it healthy.

To make use of this benefit of the bay oil, add a few drops of the oil to a vaporizer so that you can inhale the steam that is created from the oil. You can also massage the oil into the skin and this will not only soothe the skin but it will also allow the inhalation of the oil.this will help with respiratory inflammation and will also help with common cold and flu.

  • Skin care

Bay oil is also a good remedy to heal deep wounds as it works as a tonic for the body. It can also be used to heal scars and blemishes and is a perfect treatment for acne and acne scars.

For deep cuts, use a gauze to dab the bay oil on the area daily and ensure that the area is adequately protected with a bandage. For scars and acne,you simply add a few drops of bay oil to the areas that need to be addressed and massage it into the area. Do this at least twice a day until the problems have been remedied.


  • Aches & Pains

In order to remedy pains that are experienced from injuries and sprains you can apply two or three drops of the bay oil to warm water and use this solution to massage the problem area. This will help to soothe the pain and reduce swelling to the area. Apply this treatment twice a day to the area and it will facilitate the fast healing of the injuries. This technique not only works for injuries, it also relieves rheumatic and arthritic pain. It can also be used to soothe headaches, simply use your fingers to massage the oil into the temple of the head and also inhales some of the oil. This will result in quick results.


  • Sleeping


If you are having problems with sleeping Bay oil can help you to rest easier. To make use of this benefit add 10 drops of the essential oil, add it  to 3 drops of sweet orange oil, 1 drop of clove essential oil, and round off the recipe by using sweet almond oil as a carrier oil. Inhale this solution or massage it into your skin for best results.


  • Depression

Fight your depressive symptoms with this recipe: blend 2 drops of bay oil, 4 drops of black pepper oil, 4 drops of bergamot oil, and 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Add this to a vaporizer so that you can inhale the solution and this will facilitate your relaxation.


  • Cold and Flus

Help fight against hard cold and flu symptoms by creating a mix made of 2 drops of bay oil and 4 drops of myrtle oil and add it to a diffuser. Release this in an enclosed room and allow yourself to inhale the oils and remove the flu properties from your system.


  • Treating Dandruff

Treat your dandruff by pouring about 2 drops of bay oil to your favorite shampoo. This formula works well if you utilize organic shampoos instead of those with heavy chemicals.


The Bottom Line

As can be observed, the benefits of bay oil are far way too many compared to the shortcomings. This oil thus deserves consideration if you are looking out for an essential oil that will help improve the quality of life in general.


Try this homemade Bay Leaf Recipe

If you want to experiences the assets of bay leaf oil before buying you can give this homemade recipe a try. It is not as potent as the manufactured bay leaf essential oil but will give you an idea of how the benefits of the oil works.

First, you will need a container or a jar with an air tight cover. Wash the jar very well as we want to ensure that your oil is in a very clean container. Once this is done wash the bay leaves also and ensure that they are spotless and free of all dirt and any other particles. Then place them inside the jar and pour in some sweet almond oil on top to submerse them. Cover the jar tightly and place in a safe area to let it sit. It will have to be left untroubled for at least forty days before you can remove it and have your own homemade bay leaf essential oil.




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