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Moroccan Argan Oil, Benefits for Dry Scalp, Acne and Beautiful Glowing Skin

Moroccan oil, also known as Argan oil, is extracted from the kernel of the Argan fruit, which grows on the argan tree. Argan trees only grow in Southwestern Morocco, making the oil that comes from the fruit of these trees very valuable. To extract the oil, local Moroccan women work in fair-trade cooperatives.  At these fair-trade cooperatives, the women hand crack the nuts of the fruit between two stones.

This is a technique that has been used for centuries by the Moroccans. The raw kernels aren’t put through a machine; instead they are taken out of the hard shell by hand. The kernels are then hand grounded in a stone grinder, hand kneaded for hours, and then cold-pressed into the Moroccan oil. It takes an average of three days for one person to make just a litre of Argan oil. The lengthy process and rarity of the argan trees is one of the reasons why argan oil is so valuable.

History of Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil History

Moroccan oil originated in Morocco, but it entered Europe in the 1500s and was considered very rare and valuable. Europeans traded great amounts with Moroccans in order to receive the precious Moroccan oil. Today, the women of Morocco who take part in the production of argan oil are regarded highly for their exotic beauty. Their secret? They use argan oil nearly daily to tend to their hair, nails and skin. Moroccan oil is an essential oil and it is one of the most expensive oils on the market.  It has been used by Moroccan women for the longest time as a skin-care product to nourish the skin of the entire body both for the young and old.  Today, it is still used by people young and old all over the world. It is used specifically to keep hair and skin healthy and looking young.

Rise in Popularity

In 1998, the Argan forest that is found in Southwestern Morocco was declared a UNESCO protected biosphere which helped make the production of Argan oil sustainable. The tree was declared a protected biosphere because it is struggling to survive. UNESCO has limited the supply of argan oil, making it extremely rare and expensive. In the area where the Argan tree grows, over two million people live there. The town of Agadir makes up half of this population. All these people that live near the Argan forest rely on the Argan tree for ecological benefits as well as food, medicine, shelter and nourishment. The local government as well as national authorities now trains the citizens to produce Argan oil under cooperatives and to preserve the natural resources that lie within the Argan forest.

It has a golden color hence the popular reference to it as ‘liquid gold’.  Celebrities and average people alike use this molten gold-hued oil as a secret weapon to maintain their skin and hair.

Moroccan oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids. This makes the oil an all-under-one-roof package for skin and hair care.


Health benefits of Moroccan Oil

Benefits of Argan Oil


If one suffers from indigestion regularly, Moroccan oil might be the solution you have been looking for. Indigestion and excess gas will disappear with the use of this precious oil.  It works by icreasing the concentration of enzymes used in the digestion process. Argan oil also increases the concentration of the enzyme pepsin used in the gastric process.. This encourages healthy digestion. The oil also contains flavonoids, which are antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the body both internally and externally.

This essential oil is rich in properties that aid in reduction and inhibition of cholesterol by increasing the good cholesterol levels in your body. Argan oil is rich in plant sterols, schottenol and spinasterol, which are found in no other vegetable oil. These plant sterols help to reduce the inflammation in the body and also impede the absorption of cholesterol by the intestines. Moroccan oil is also able to boost the body’s immune system, protecting it from various diseases and illnesses. The phytosterols Moroccan oil contains are unsaturated fatty acids, and this increases the level of LDL, also known as good cholesterol, in a person’s body.


Surprisingly, Moroccan oil is also used in Moroccan cuisine. Argan Oil used in cooking, is normaly toasted before it is bottled; unlike Argan Oil that is manufactured for the beauty industry. Moroccan oil has a deep, nutty flavour that is similar to hazelnut oil. Moroccan oil is used as a finisher in Moroccan cuisine. It is often drizzled over finished dishes, salads and desserts.  

Skin Care

Argan Oil for Skin Care

Because of its high content in antioxidants and fatty acids, the oil has properties that are very beneficial in the restoration and the rejuvenation of skin.  Use it regularly to massage your skin and restore it to a healthy, glowing, smooth and soft skin and keep it that way for longer.  This will not only renew the skin, but will also slow down the process of ageing and give you that much coveted youthful look for a longer time.

To get the results ideally you should massage Argan Oil into the skin just before bed time. The vitamin E in Moroccan oil is what helps in the anti-aging process. Vitamin E is great for the skin, which is why Moroccan oil use is great for those who wish to thwart the aging process. Along with vitamin E, Moroccan oil has saponins, which increase the moisture level of skin. This ensures that the skin doesn’t lose its firmness, elasticity and radiance.

Great Moisturizer

Argan oil can be used as a great face moisturizer. After cleansing the face in the morning or at night, a person can take a few drops of argan oil and massage it into his or her skin. Because argan oil is considered a dry oil, it absorbs quickly and does not make the skin greasy.

Moroccan oil can be used as a toner to hydrate and overall tone up the skin. A person can add a few drops of argan oil to his or her toner. People can also make their own do it yourself toner by adding argan oil to rose or orange blossom water.

Using Argan Oil to Make Facial Masks

Moroccan oil can be added to any store-bought face mask to give the mask an extra hydrating and rejuvenating boost. A person can also make a mask of his or her own by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice with three teaspoons of Greek yogurt, a tablespoon of honey and three drops of argan oil. To use this mask, one should apply the mixture to a clean, dry face and leave it on for ten minutes. After the ten minutes are complete, wash the face mask off with warm water.

Moroccan oil for Acne Treatment

Argan Oil for Acne

Moroccan oil is used to prevent and treat acne. The anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory properties as well as the vitamin E found in this oil are key ingredients in battling Acne.  The oil combats current acne and works to prevent acne from occurring in the future. Not only will it heal the acne but the remaining Acne scars left behind will also fade away with continuous use.

It is also great tool that can be used to restore chapped lips to its former glory.  The dead skin cells of the lips are exfoliated and on top of that comes that desired shine. The oil rehydrates the skin of the lips, which gets rid of the discomfort and unsightliness that go along with chapped lips. To use the oil as a lip exfoliator, one should add a few drops of Moroccan oil and vanilla extract to fine brown sugar. The mixture can then be massaged into the lips and washed off.

Glowing Complexion

Argan oil for Complexion

Argan oil can be added to foundation to make a person’s face glow. To do this, one should add a few drops to his or her foundation. The argan oil in the foundation will give the user a dewy, luminous glow.

The oil is also used for chicken pox and eczema conditions in addition to many other inflammatory troubles of the skin. The reason for this is Moroccan oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which help heal conditions such as chicken pox and eczema. The oil also gets rid of the itch that goes along with these conditions.

People with sensitive skin will benefit much from this oil in that it will be protect the skin from sunburn and the attacks from free radicals.  It nourishes and moisturizes a person’s skin and restores its elasticity and firmness.  It will also restore and combat premature ageing. Argan oil is very gentle and non-irritating, so it is good for people with sensitive skin to use.

Healing Scars and Soften Skin

Argan oil can be used to soften rough, cracked and dry heels. To soften the heels using Moroccan oil, one can rub the oil into the skin before bed and put socks on. In the morning, the heels will be moisturized and rejuvenated.

Use this oil in your bath as a cleanser or massage it gently before bed time to cleanse and moisturize your skin. The oil will moisturize the skin and give a person a healthy glow when used in the bath.

Another property found in Moroccan oil is an ingredient known as triterpenoids . This aids in healing scars and protects the skin from infections.  Simply massage a little oil on the stretch marks and you will have one less problem to deal with. When used regularly, scars are sure to heal and disappear. The triterpenoids in the oil are what heals scar tissue. Triterpenoids also have the ability to prevent skin infections. Moroccan oil is safe to use on babies, and it can also be used during pregnancy to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the torso.

Argan Oil for Nail Care

Massage Moroccan oil on your hands and nails to keep them nourished and strengthen the bones.  It will also add that lustrous sheen to your nails and hands.  This also includes toe nails. Moroccan oil can be used to soften cuticles as well. Rubbing the oil into the nailbeds of both fingernails and toenails will soften the cuticles. The best way to do this is to apply the oil before bed.

Use as a Shaving Cream

Use Moroccan oil as a natural and affordable shaving cream.  Simply apply a few drops on the cleansed skin before shaving to get rid of unwanted hair.  It will also double up as an aftershave, if you want your skin moisturized and soft.

Hair Care uses of Argan Oil

Massaging this oil on the scalp and hair, ensures that your hair and scalp are healthy and moisturized.  This will go a long way into making sure there is no hair loss and split ends.  If a person with long hair has been having problems with split ends, he or she should try argan oil as a treatment. Applying Moroccan oil to the hair regularly can cut down on the amount of split ends that occur. Moroccan oil goes into each hair shaft and strengthens the strands from within. Using argan oil ensures that the hair will grow longer, stronger and thicker as well as healthier. Using shampoo and conditioner with Moroccan oil is a great way for people to make their hair healthier.

Use in Hair Styling

Moroccan oil can be used as a styling product. It keeps uncontrollable, frizzy hair tamed and acts as damage control on a person’s hair in all weather conditions. The Moroccan oil can be directly massaged into the hair in a small amount to keep hair under control. A little oil goes a long way, and it lasts a great amount of time. Moroccan oil is a great way to control frizz in a non-greasy way. Argan oil can also be put into hair as an overnight treatment. A person can add the oil to their hair and leave it in overnight. In the morning, the person’s hair will be soft and luminous.

Conditioner for Fighting Dandruff

You can also get rid of discomforting dandruff with this oil by using it regularly on your scalp.  This not only leaves your scalp nourished, but also gives your hair that shine. To use argan oil to get rid of dandruff, one should massage the oil into his or her scalp in circular motions. After doing this, dip a large bath towel in hot water and wring out the excess. Wrap the hair with argan oil in it in the towel to ensure hydration. One should repeat this process three times a week in order to get rid of dandruff. Argan oil treatment is a quick and easy way to get rid of dandruff.

Moroccan oil can be used as a leave-in conditioning treatment. To do this one should add a few drops of oil to his or her hair while it is still wet after a bath or shower. Rub the oil all over the hair from scalp to ends. The oil will condition, hydrate and moisturize the hair. Using argan oil as a leave-in condition is great to do if a person’s hair is dry and damaged from blow drying, straightening or curling.

Storage Tips for Argan Oil

Since argan oil is so rare and expensive, it is important that one stores the oil properly to ensure long shelf life. It is best to store argan oil in a cool, dark place away from any direct sunlight. It has been recommended to store Moroccan oil in a glass bottle or container. Metal or plastic containers have the possibility of interacting with the oil negatively. If one follows these storage suggestions, his or her Moroccan oil will have a long shelf life, saving money in the long run.


Moroccan oil, otherwise known as argan oil, is an essential component that helps the body combat various infections, inflammations, and illnesses.  It is even possible to lower your cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol by using Moroccan oil. The plant sterols within the oil have the ability to help out a person’s cholesterol. Smoothing the process of digestion and skin care are just but two of the many benefits of this oil.


Moroccan oil is an all-in-one essential oil when it comes to beauty. The oil can be used to moisturize the skin as well as slow down the aging process. Moroccan oil can be used as a moisturizer, toner, face mask and many more. The vitamins, antioxidants and minerals found in the argan oil are what makes it such a great moisturizer. The oil is also great for hair. It can be used to get rid of dandruff and split ends, control frizzy hair, style hair and give hair a luminous glow.

When talking about beauty, argan oil can also be used to improve the quality of nailbeds and cuticles of both fingernails and toenails. Argan oil can be used as a natural shaving cream and aftershave, saving a person lot of money since not much argan oil has to be used. Remember, a very small amount of Moroccan oil goes a long way. We all appreciate good hair, nails and skin and will go to unimaginable lengths to ensure that we stay on top of the game as far as these are concerned.  Moroccan oil is a natural way to achieve this without delving into synthetic products that have major side effects.

With all its amazing qualities and uses, it’s easy to see that Moroccan oil is the complete package for someone who wishes to improve their body’s health and beauty.








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