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The Ylang Ylang tree’s origins have been traced to Indonesia and the Philippines. The amazing aroma healing and soothing effects of this oil have led to it being utilized for many purposes in these countries for decades. The flowers have been used for skin care, hair care among many other things.

All parts of the Ylang Ylang tree serve a purpose; the tree’s components provide several benefits medicinally and otherwise. The trees flowers are the parts that are used in the production of the essential oil. The healthiest flowers are picked from the tree and a process of steam distillation is administered to extract the oil from the plant.

The essential oil has inherent qualities. It has anti seborrhoeic, aphrodisiac, nervine, antiseptic, hypotensive properties and it can also be used as a sedative.  It was not well known until recently, however its fame has spread widely and many more of its products are now available on the market.

The Ylang Ylang flower has a unique scent that can be described as powerful and mildly floral. This is why the flower is often used as a leading ingredient in many perfumes and other cosmetic products, especially ones that are specifically made for women. However it is sometimes used as an addition to some male fragrances also, though not as the leading scent.  The scent is only one of the advantages of this oil. The oil has many other properties and benefits for its users.


What are the health benefits of ylang-ylang oil?

First and foremost it is used as an antidepressant.  It relaxes the body and mind, fights depressive thoughts, eradicates sadness and stress that just won’t go away. It brings an upliftment to your mood and calms the mind, restoring feelings of joy and hope.  It is also a good treatment for nervous conditions and acute depression that is often an aftermath of shock or accidents.

Ylang-ylang oil has aphrodisiac components that alleviate sexual disorders. By reducing work-related stress, pollution effects and depression, this natural oil helps you find your way back to a normal sex life.

It is a nervous system booster. Nourishing the nervous system and keeping it in check even after damage by shocks and stress. It will strengthen nerves and protect them from any development of nervous disorders.

The antiseptic property of this oil aids in healing wounds, cuts and burns.  It reduces the risk of infection and protects the wounds from becoming septic. It is especially helpful in preventing both tetanus and sepsis, this it does by inhibiting growth of microbes. It also disinfects the wound and protects it from bacterial, fungal and viral attack.

Ylang-ylang assists in treatment of eczema, a condition that develops after malfunction of sebaceous glands.  The oil eases the irritation and itching that this condition causes on the skin.  It also renews the skin and strengthens it.

This oil has effective agents that lower the blood pressure.  In a time where millions are suffering from hypertension due to different challenges in their lives, this essential oil brings a solution to all that by regulating blood pressure to normality.  Together with this is the component of a sedative.  It calms nerves and anxiety, anger and stress, bringing a calm feeling.

Other benefits

Ylang-ylang oil can be used to treat infections in the body, especially internal infections in the stomach, colon, urinary tract and intestines. People suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep and those who suffer chronic fatigue and other stress-related afflictions, can find refuge in this essential oil.

It is also a good skin care partner in that it moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates cells, causing the skin to remain youthful, healthy and smooth.


Ylang Ylang Oil Uses


  1. Improving Heart Health

The ylang ylang oil improves the flow of the blood and to enhance the body’s resistance to inflammation. It is known to be one of the top essential oils to help with the blood pressure and to protect the body against heart diseases. Mix the oil with a carrier oil and rub it over your heart. You can also use the oil as a dietary supplement by putting about two drops of it into some warm water or tea and drinking it. This will regulate the movement of blood within the body and protect against high blood pressure.

  1. Enhancing your mood

The calming and soothing aroma of the oil can have positive effects on your mood and state of mind. Inhaling the ylang ylang oil will stimulate the brain’s sensory system and can immediately enhance your mood and naturally fights against depressive symptoms. Studies show that the oil can reduce emotions such as anger, sadness and low self-esteem. To make use of this benefit you can pour two drops of the oil into a diffuser and release it into an enclosed room. You can also create a mixture with about 6 drops of the oil to 5 drops of sweet orange essential oil and 3 drops of frankincense essential oil, mix these oils with an ounce of the jojoba carrier oil and apply this mix to the wrists and neck.

  1. Preserving the skin

The ylang ylang is very well known for its ability to enhance the skin and give it a healthy glow and preserve youthfulness. This is why the oil is most popularly used as an application to the skin to help to slow its aging process and fight against skin irritation. It can also serve the purpose of preventing skin cancer elements. To make use of these benefits, use 2-3 drops of the oil and add it to 2-3 drops of coconut oil, apply this mixture to your face and gently rub the mixture evenly over the skin. Do this once or twice a day to maintain the skin’s health. Remember to always use the coconut oil to dilute the ylang ylang oil as it can be too potent for direct application to your face. You should also do a quick test before trying this method to check if there are any sensitivities to the product that may cause an allergic reaction. Do this by applying a small amount to a small area on the skin first.

  1. Energizing the body and mind

The oil is known to provide energizing benefits when used as an aromatherapy treatment. If you are constantly drained and drowsy this can be used as a natural remedy. The scent has been said to fight against fatigue and can help to relieve body pains. To make use of this benefit, add some to a cotton ball and apply it to your neck chest and wrists.

  1. Providing remedy for PMS symptoms

Using the oil for aromatherapy can help to relieve the PMS symptoms that are experienced by women. You can massage the oil into the belly and any area that you may be feeling pain or rub on your neck and chest in order to be able to inhale the oil. The oil works to fight against pains, cramps and any tension symptoms that you may be experiencing

  1. Providing Hair Care

The use of the Ylang Ylang essential oil for hair can be dated back to the Victorian England era. It was used as a remedy for thin and limp hair and continues to be used as a remedy for these conditions.  It can simply be massaged into the hair and applied evenly. You can add coconut or jojoba oil for a potent mixture to achieve healthy and shiny hair. It can also be used to fight against hair loss and to relieve the hair of dandruff and head lice.

  1. Improving sex drive

Ylang Ylang is popularly known for its aphrodisiac elements and its ability to intensify libido within persons who have a low sex drive and remedy against impotence. To make use of this benefit, add some ylang ylang essential oil to your diffuser and release it into an enclosed room. You can also simply soak a tissue or rag and inhale the oil or add a few drops to your favorite lotions.

  1. Hot oil treatment

The oil can be used as an effective hot oil hair treatment instead of buying other hot oil products. To create a hot oil treatment, you can add olive oil as carrier oil. Add 5 drops of the oil to about 3 tablespoons of the olive oil. Apply heat to the mixture as you would with a hot oil treatment and apply it to your hair. Do this at least once a week to maintain healthy hair.

  1. Use as an Antiseptic

Use the ylang ylang oil for your cuts and wounds to prevent infections from being formed. The oil helps to protect against bacterial growth in abrasions and burns and help to disinfect the wound and prevent against sepsis and tetanus and fungus. It also helps to accelerate the healing process of the wound. Apply the oil to the wound and cover it with a bandage or simply rub the oil over the wound and let it dry. Apply the oil until the wound heals.

  1. Improving sleep

If you are finding it difficult to sleep the Ylang Ylang oil can help to remedy this. The oil has been known to work very well to help with insomnia as when inhaled it makes the user drowsy and allows them to fall asleep a lot quicker. It is a good substitute for drugs which are normally used to alleviate this problem. To benefit from this you can add the oil to your diffuser and release it within your home. It will also help against any issues that may have led to insomnia such as stress

  1. Use as a perfume

Ylang Ylang’s sweet aroma has made it very popular in the use of the top perfumes around the world. It has a strong and exotic floral scent that has been widely made use of within the perfume industry. The oil is a go to in perfume formulas and is popularly known to be the leading ingredient in the world renowned Chanel no. 5 perfume. It has also been added to many other top designer perfumes that are bestsellers on the world market. You can utilize the oil to create your own perfume by adding other sweet and aromatic essential oils to the mix such as lavender and chamomile. Apply the mix to your neck and wrists and wear it as you go about your daily activities.


Safety Precautions in Using Ylang Ylang.


  • Avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy, it may pose a danger to the health of your unborn child.


  • Avoid using with low blood pressure.



  • Excessively using the oil in high amounts can lead to very bad headaches and nausea.


  • High levels of the oil may lead to allergic reactions, skin sensitivity or other skin conditions. This is why it is advised to use the product sparingly whether using it topically or for consumption.


  • Be careful when applying the oil to inflamed skin, avoid using for deep wounds.



Ylang-ylang has a world of wealth in health benefits.  It fights depression and brings calm to the mind, restoring mental health and reducing anxiety.

This oil also cures a wide range of infections in the internal organs of the body, from intestinal infections to stomach and colon problems, and also provides benefits to the urinal tract. In the case of wounds or bruises, there is speedy healing and skin restoration.  Your skin will remain as youthful and as vibrant as you have always desired.  This is a major step towards delayed ageing.

High blood pressure reduces tremendously when you use this essential oil.  A calm body which is free of nervous reaction and anxieties is a healthy body to have. It gives a calm and soothing effect to both the mind and body.  The antidepressant effects of this oil are invaluable in calming nerves and inducing relaxation.

If you are suffering from anxiety related issues, this oil will relax it and strengthen your nerves.  Conditions that come as a result of nervous disorders will disappear once you use this precious oil.

Sex life is restored immensely because the nerves are relaxed, the mind is healthy and the general body is functioning well.  No professional stress will get into the way of your healthy sex life.



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