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Eucalyptus oil is an amazing substance that will vastly improve your overall quality of life. This unique product has existed for thousands of years and is not to be passed up. Read on to learn about this plant, its uses in industry, and how it can also improve your health and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face any challenges that come your way.


Eucalyptus oil can be derived from three different plants, Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus kochii, and Eucalyptus polybractea. The trees are related to one another and are each special in their own way. E. globulus is the primary plant that eucalyptus oil is derived from, but E. kochii and E. polybractea actually have higher concentrations of the oil.

Traditionally, Aboriginal Australians used infusions of eucalyptus leaves as a traditional medicine for treating body pains, sinus congestion, fever, and colds. Why would you hesitant and using something that people have benefited from for thousands of years. Before modern medicine, eucalyptus oil was crucial to treat wounds and other problems.

Tasmanian Bluegum

  1. globulus, commonly called the Tasmanian bluegum, is an evergreen tree and one of the most widely cultivated trees that is native to Australia. They can grow to reach 30-55 meters tall (98 – 180 feet), historically they may have grown even taller! Although the tree is grown around Australia today, it originated on the island of Tasmania and Southern Victoria, along the Otway Ranges and southern Gippsland. The tree has also been introduced to areas in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, southern Africa, New Zealand, and the United States.

Features of Eucalyptus Oil

It has bark that sheds and peels. The trees are narrow, sickle shaped, and bright green in color. It creates cream – colored flowers that contain high amounts of nectar and smell like honey. The flowers produce a fruit that are woody and around 1.5 – 2.5 cm (0.59 – 0.98 inches) in diameter. Each fruit has dozens of small seeds that are shed from the top of the fruit.


It was first identified by Western scientist, Jacques Labillardiere in publications in 1800. Jacques Labillardiere was a French botanist that was on the d’Entrecasteaux expedition that arrived in Australia in 1792. He collected the specimens and brought them back to France with him. When the expedition first arrived in the area and discovered the tree they sense it was special and immediately began making use of it. Don’t miss out on using it yourself! The men on the expedition used the timber from the tree to improve the oars on their boats.

Overtime this tree continued to be important to the people of Australia and is the most commonly planted type of eucalypts because it grows so quickly and can be adapted to a range of climates and soils. If you go anywhere in Australia you are likely to see this beautiful and amazing tree. Beyond being used as a powerful essential oil it is popular as a timber, pulpwood, and herb tea.

Oil Mallee

  1. kochii is commonly called oil mallee and it is also native to Australia, but originated on the western side of the continent. It is cultivated for eucalyptus oil and it contains a huge amount of cineole. The oil from some trees can produce a content level of 88 – 94 percent cineole.

Blue Leaved Mallee

  1. polybractea is commonly called blue leaves mallee. And it is native to western New South Wales. The tree has smooth and fibrous bark. The leaves are disjunct and linear. Adult leaves are grey-green. The tree produces flowers that lead to woody capsule like fruit. It is primarily used to produce eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Oil Production

The benefits of eucalyptus oil were known to the early Western explorers of Australia. Sailors used the oil to treat injuries and it was the perfect item to bring with on long trips. Originally it was just made by average citizens for personal use and was not being sold commercially.  In the 1800s botanists and pharmacists began promoting and selling eucalyptus oil for the first time. By 1852 it was being commercially distilled for the first time in Victoria, Australia. In the 1880s surgeons were using eucalyptus oil as an antiseptic in surgeries.

In the 1940s the production of eucalyptus oil peaked in Australia. It also began becoming well known around the world. Australian soldiers during World War II carried eucalyptus oil in their medical kits and other soldiers from the Allied Nations were amazed at the wide variety of uses for the oil and began wanting to use it themselves.

Although all three eucalyptus oil trees are native to Australia, today the majority of eucalyptus oil is produced in China, where production has proven to be much less costly than in Australia. At this point 75 percent of the oil is produced from this one country. It is also produced in countries such as South African, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Chile, and Swaziland.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

So now that you have learned about all the species that produce eucalyptus oil and the benefits it has had across time as a traditional medicine and a valuable item for soldiers and sailors, it’s time to find out what eucalyptus oil can do to improve your daily life. You won’t want to wait to take advantage of this product.


The antiseptic properties of the oil make it a perfect item to use for treating wounds, scrapes, burns, ulcers, abrasions, and sores. It can even be used to protect help you help from those annoying insect bites. The oil will not only help clean the area and destroy germs that have entered the broken skin, leaving a soothing sensation in its wake. It will also go further, by protecting the skin from developing infections that can occur when a wound is exposed to the open air.

Respiratory Illnesses

Eucalyptus oil is a perfect way to treat a wide variety of repository problems and illnesses, including colds, coughs, sinus issues, sore throats, asthma, nasal congestion, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Why can it help treat all of these different issues? Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant properties. What more could you ask for in a medicine that can treat respiratory issues? Research suggests that patients suffering from non-bacterial sinusitis showed faster improvement when given medicine containing eucalyptus oil. Gargling with warm water and eucalyptus oil will help a sore throat feel better.

To treat someone suffering from asthma, eucalyptus oil mixed can be used in massage and rubbed onto the chest. The soothing effect of the aroma and vapors will calm the throat and dilate the blood vessels. This will allow more oxygen to get into a patient’s lungs and allow them to begin breathing more normally again. The anti-inflammatory qualities of eucalyptus oil can also further benefit those suffering from asthma.

Mental Health

Eucalyptus oil creates a soothing and cooling effect, leaving the individual feeling refreshed and ready to face your day. This can benefit anyone, but especially those that are suffering from mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, etc. Many mental health issues leave you feeling sluggish and lacking the ability to make an impact and take care of your everyday responsibilities. Its important to find a solution to these problems so that you can return to being the amazing person you know yourself to be.

Eucalyptus oil is a stimulant, this means that using it as a massage oil it can help remove feelings of exhaustion and mental sluggishness. If you need a jolt to get through a busy day, eucalyptus oil is also a great substance to use to jump start you and increase your overall energy level. In massaging the oil into your skin it will increase blood flow throughout the body by relaxing the blood vessels and allowing more blood to circulate. More blood flow means that more blood is reaching your brain, allowing you to increase your mental performance.

Muscle Pain

Many people regularly suffer from joint and muscle pain, especially as they age. Finding a relief to these problems is crucial to allowing people to continue living active and fulfilling lives, both in their professional and personal lives. Eucalyptus oi can be used to treat a wide variety of joint and muscle pain, including conditions such as rheumatism, lumbago, sprained ligaments and tendons, stiff muscles, aches, fibrosis, and even nerve pain.

To treat these conditions, it is best to massage the oil directly onto the affected area of the body. As blood flow to the area increases individuals will soon begin feeling better. Regular treatment through massage means that you will soon be able to be up and moving around like you were before!

Dental Care

No one likes suffering from cavities, toothache, and other annoying dental conditions. Even worse is having to go to the dentist itself and suffer the pain and frustration of dental repair. Eucalyptus oil can help to change all of that! Eucalyptus oil is a great way to protect yourself from conditions such as cavities, dental plaque, gingivitis, and other issues.

Using eucalyptus oil as an ingredient in mouthwash could change your dental health. It is also used in toothpaste and other dental hygiene products. Your dentist might already be using it in the various cleaning solutions within his or her office. Begin using it yourself and before long you will be cutting down on those dental appointments and having a beautiful smile that you are proud of.


Even the word lice is enough to strike fear into the hearts of teachers and parents. Over the past several years lice have become an epidemic in many schools. They have also become increasingly resistant to many of the modern medicines that are used to eradicate them. Eucalyptus oil is a perfect traditional alternative that will save you weeks of washing sheets and pillowcases and going through the hair of all your family members for hours to pick out all the little lice growing in your children’s scalps.

The reasons that eucalyptus oil is so effective against lice is that is powerful as a natural pesticide and bug repellent. Simply comb a few drops of eucalyptus oil through a lice infested head and before long the lice will be dead and you can go back to enjoying your everyday life without fear of infection. Because eucalyptus oil is a natural and traditional substance it is also much better for your own health than many modern ways of killing lice. These modern techniques often use heavy chemicals that can be absorbed into your skin and hair. These can cause breakouts and dry out and damage your hair. Choose this traditional and safe alternative.

Intestinal Germs

Ugh intestinal germs. There are few things more unwanted. They can cause you to feel sick, thrown up food, and struggle to absorb nutrients. No one wants to be suffering from intestinal germs for any length of time. You can schedule a doctor’s appointment, which can be time consuming and costly, or you can utilize eucalyptus oil and see fast results. Studies have shown that ingesting eucalyptus oil can deter many of the bacterial, microbial, and parasitic conditions that can occur in your intestines and other areas of your digestive system.


Thousands of people in the world suffer from diabetes. It’s a chronic condition that people struggle with throughout their lives. It impacts what you eat and can cause you to take a long list of medications. Eucalyptus oil is a great way to help manage diabetes because it can help to control your blood sugar. As I mentioned earlier, eucalyptus oil is great for increasing blood flow throughout your body. Individuals suffering from diabetes often struggle with circulation problems and if they damage their limbs, especially areas such as their feet and hands, they risk long term damage and/or possible amputation.

By using eucalyptus oil to increase circulation it will help roll back the possible circulation damage that comes from diabetes and restore healthy blood circulation to areas such as hands and feet. Simply massage eucalyptus oil onto areas of poor circulation from diabetes and see improvement before your eyes.


Do you suffer from fevers on a regular basis? They are annoying, uncomfortable, and a sign of infection. The sooner you can recover from a fever the sooner you can get back to the things you love. One of the common names for eucalyptus oil is ‘fever oil.” This is because it can help to reduce fevers. When combined with peppermint oil and sprayed on the body it can help reduce a fever. It also smells lovely and acts as a natural deodorant!

Other Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a refreshing and invigorating product. It will freshen a room and keep your house smelling fresh and clean. It is great at removing smells from pets and other odors that you don’t want your guests to be bothered by. You can use eucalyptus oil in cleaning products or soaps to achieve this fresh smell in your home. You can also use it in bathing to create a wonderful and natural scent on your skin that will leave you smelling fresh for the entire day.

One of the most effective ways to use eucalyptus oil is in a sauna. Most of your favorite spa packages are already making use of eucalyptus oil. It is growing quickly in popularity because it blends well with other essential oils.

Concerns with Eucalyptus Oil

As with all things in this world, too much of a good thing can be bad. When taken in large quantities eucalyptus oil can be dangerous. It can also interfere with other medical and homeopathic treatments. Consult your doctor before choosing eucalyptus oil to make sure that it will work alongside your other medications.

It can also be dangerous for people who suffer from allergies and skin conditions. If you have sensitive skin that regularly responds negatively to new substances use eucalyptus oil with caution and be careful if you notice any unwanted changes to your skin.


Eucalyptus oil is life changing and you don’t want to miss out on this amazing product. Native Australians have been using it for thousands of years and it was so powerful that Westerners immediately began using it when they landed in the area. With the huge range of medical implications it is hard to imagine a better substance to make a part of your everyday routine. If you have more chronic conditions like muscle pain or diabetes this oil might help you to better manage your condition in an easy and healthy way. If your children come home from school with live, eucalyptus oil might be the answer to your prayers.

Looking for a safe and natural cleaning solution? This is a clean and fresh product to use in your house on a daily basis without breaking the bank or introducing unwanted chemicals into your home. Make the change today and begin taking advantage of the amazing benefits of eucalyptus oil.





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