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Top Ten Essential Oils for Pregnant Women

Essential Oils are an amazing substance that can improve countless areas of your life. Essential Oils have the ability to change your life by improving your health and making you look young and radiant no matter what your age. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing parts of any women’s life, but it can also be confusing time. A women’s body is changing rapidly and it can be hard for women to know how to best take care of themselves in a way that will ensure a heathy and easy pregnancy.

If you are a woman who used essential oils for years before becoming pregnant or even if you have never once used them before, you might find essential oils to be a great substance to use while pregnant. You will find yourself more relaxed, and be able to take care of the rapid transformations happening to your body. Using essential oils will cause those 40 weeks to go by happily and easily. Before long you will have a wonderful new addition to your family without having permanent negative implications to your body.

During pregnancy, it can be hard to know what to safely use on your rapidly changing body. Some common medications and natural remedies may no longer be safe for you to use or your body might begin reacting to them in new ways. This article can help you understand what essential oils will be best to use during pregnancy so that you can make decisions about your health and wellbeing during this strange and transformative period of your life.

  1. Ginger Essential Oil

If you haven’t used ginger as essential oil before, you have probably at least used it as a spice in your cooking. The oil is made from the underground stem of the ginger plant. It has a spicy, fresh aroma and has a variety of uses and, both internally and externally. Its benefits make it a great choice for pregnant women.

If you are struggling from many of the morning sickness and nausea related pregnancy issues it might be a perfect solution for you. Its soothing properties can reduce nausea, it is as simple as adding a drop or two of ginger oil to water. It’s a perfect item to keep on your person to relieve your nausea symptoms whether you are at home or on the go.

Bloating and water retention is also a common during pregnancy. Swollen feet and ankles can be annoying and can cause further issues during pregnancy. Ginger oil might be the perfect solution to this problem. Just as with nausea, just adding a drop or two to water can help relieve these symptoms.

If you are looking for a way to relax and massage your expanding and changing skin, ginger might also be a great substance to make part of your everyday life. Using ginger oil in an oil diffuser can give you an amazing sense of balance and grounding. If you simply keep it around your house you will stay relaxed and comfortable during your pregnancy. The warm, earthy tones of ginger oil also make it a perfect substance for use in massage. When you have hard day at work or are tired from all the changes your body is going through you can sit back and have a friend or partner give you a relaxing and soothing massage that can help take away your concerns.

  1. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemons aren’t just sour and a flavorful additive to water and other beverages, its oil can also be amazing and can improve your life. It is famous for the ability to cleanse toxins in your body and will give you increased energy, purify your skin and even acts as a bug repellent! Pregnancy is complicated enough without having to deal with bug bites on top of it! Plus, you will not be putting bug repellent chemicals on your pregnant body.

One of its best benefits for pregnant women is as a refreshing scent around the house that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Before you know it, you will be feeling refreshed and excited, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in or how your body might be changing at the moment. It is perfect to use first thing in the morning, as it will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face any challenges the day might throw at you.

During pregnancy, it is common to worry about what you are exposing your body to. Things you used to use all the time suddenly might contain chemicals that might harm your unborn baby. It can be overwhelming to figure out what is safe and what is potentially dangerous to use. Simply opening up your cleaning cabinet and looking at the ingredients on bottles gets complicated. Lemon oil is a natural cleanser that will leave your house smelling wonderful, while also disinfecting surfaces in a safe and natural way. You won’t want to go back to your old cleaning habits.

  1. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamt is an amazing essential oil that has dozens of amazing properties that can help during everyday life and especially during pregnancy. It is a great way to ensure that you are using safe and natural substances during your pregnancy and that will leave you and your home looking great!

Bergamot is a great disinfectant because it prohibits the growth of germs, viruses, and fungi. It even helps to ward off infection. Even if you have not directly used bergamot oil before, you might find that it is already a common ingredient in many of your lotions and soaps. Using it directly will give you an even greater benefit. You can use it as an natural cleaning agent in your home and using on your skin will keep you healthy without exposing you to potentially harmful chemicals that you do not want your pregnant body to absorb.

It also acts as a great relaxer, which can help reduce the stress that is common during pregnancy. The flavonoids in the oil help to soothe and reduce your nerves, relaxing tension and anxiety that can flood your body. Before long you will be feeling better. It can be a great natural way to treat common pregnancy symptoms such as insomnia, sleeplessness, and high blood pressure. Get back to sleep and get your energy back quickly.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint, that refreshing scent that can make you think of Christmas and winter, but it can actually be used anytime of the year. You will find that it is perfect for some common pregnancy issues. It will leave you feeling better and able to take care of the many things you need to accomplish while pregnant.

Taking a bath during a pregnancy can be a great way to reduce the tension and pressures in your body brought on by caring a child. Peppermint oil is a great add on to a bath that will help you relax and leave you feeling invigorated. Simply breathe it in and you will feel all your stresses melt away. It is also a great oil to keep in a diffuser around your home. It will keep your home smelling fresh and make your environment one of peace and calmness.

Peppermint is also a great oil to use to solve issues of morning sickness. It will calm your stomach and it will also help you to digest your food easily. Your baby will get the nutrients it needs and you will not be distracted by moments of sickness during the day.

  1. Cardamom

Cardamom is a wonderful oil that will help you feel better during those difficult days of pregnancy. It is a relative of ginger and also something you are probably already using as a spice in your cooking. It has a cool, minty, aroma and flavor, which makes it a common ingredient in mouth wash. Check the ingredients in your bathroom cabinet, you are probably already using it.

It is an antiseptic, which means that it is a natural and safe product to use in your home and on your body. It will help to keep you healthy during your pregnancy and keep you from being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. Use it on surfaces around your home, on your hands, and even put a drop or two in your bath water to clean and rejuvenate your skin. If you want to use it in a diffusor around your home it blends well with ginger and will remind you of the wonderful smell of chai. On top of the antiseptic qualities you will also find that cardamom oil will help ward of feelings of stress and depression that can often accompany the physical changes that your body goes through while you are pregnant.

It is also a great way to calm your digestive system and ward off potential morning sickness that often plagues many pregnant women. It will also help to stimulate your digestive system, helping you absorb more nutrients from your foods and ensuring that you and your unborn baby get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and well balanced. The antiseptic qualities of cardamom oil will also protect your stomach from potential infections and maintain the proper secretion of gastric juices, acids, and bile in the stomach. Stay healthy and whole with cardamom oil!

  1. Lavender Oil

Oh lavender oil! There is simply too much to say about this amazing plant and oil. Lavender is a common fixture in backyard gardens for its amazing and beautiful scent that everyone will love. Just breathing it in helps relax you and it is a wonderful essential oil with countless benefits. Even if you do not think you are currently using it, the reality is that it is probably already a common ingredient in many of your lotions and skin care products. Its actually been in use for more than 2,500 years. Egyptians used it as a perfume and the Romans used it for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air.

Lavender has well studied antimicrobial properties. This means that it can help treat and cure infections. It is hard when you get sick while pregnant. You worry about how to safely treat yourself in a way that will not negatively impact your unborn child. You also want to feel better quickly so that your baby does not suffer any ill consequences. If you cut yourself you want to be sure that you do not get an infection. Placing lavender oil on a cut or burn will help it to heal and prevent further infection.

It is also good for various skin rashes and overall skin health. You stomach and other parts of your body are stretched during pregnancy, which can sometimes have a permanent impact long after you have given birth. Using lavender oil on your skin while pregnant can help ensure that your body is more easily able to spring back to it sold self within a few months of giving birth.

Lavender oil is also perfect for keeping in an oil diffusor in your home. Simply inhaling the oil for 15 minutes can help you begin feeling better, relieve stress, and help you easily get to sleep. Studies suggest that lavender oil users see a 60 percent increase in the overall quality of their sleep. It’s a natural and traditional way to perform self care without fears if impacting your unborn baby. You will feel energized and relaxed and everyone will comment on the lovely aroma that lavender will give you.

  1. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Yland is an amazing essential oil that is popular in perfumes and skin care, you are probably already using it without even realizing it! As your skin stretches throughout your pregnancy it is important to keep it moisturized to prevent stretch marks and help your body return to its previous condition. Ylang Ylang will not only help to keep your skin moisturized, but it also has incredible aromatic qualities. The floral fragrance will stick on your skin, keeping you calm and energized throughout the day.

Your hair also can change due to pregnancy hormones. Ylang Ylang can help to keep your hair looking shiny and rejuvenated. It works best as a deep conditioner.

  1. Melissa

Melissa essential oil has a grassy, lemony scent that will leave you feeling calm and pleasant, taking away much of the stress that you might feel about your impeding labor. It will help ensure that the skin changes that are common due to your pregnancy and your hormonal changes will be easier to control and your skin is more likely to return to its original state after you have given birth.

It is also great in oil diffusors. You can even simply spray it into the air to create an overall calming effect. Use it at home, in the office, or wherever you feel you might need it.

  1. Geranium

Geraniums are incredible plants that are wonderful to keep around your home and garden. They will add a dash of color and brightness to your life. The oil that is created from the plant also has some wonderful uses, many of which can benefit you while you are pregnant.

Hormonal changes are a constant battle during pregnancy and sometimes you feel like you no longer have control over your own body. Geranium oil can help you to naturally balance your hormones in a safe and non-toxic way. It is also a wonderful natural deodorant and it will leave you feeling fresh and prepared to take on the world. It is a great way to get back some of the energy you might feel you have lost while pregnant.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile spells wonderful and is a great choice for pregnant women. It is great for calming upset stomach aches that are common during pregnancy. It helps to fight bacteria and prevent stomach cramps, and other illnesses. It is also useful for skin conditions and moisturizing skin during pregnancy to keep it firm and strong.

It is often brewed as a tea and is commonly available. It has been used for centuries to alleviate many symptoms for both men and women. If you use it while pregnant keep it in mind for future years, as it can also be beneficial during menopause.

Health Risks

Each pregnancy is unique, with its own set of challenges. While these oils appear safe to use during pregnancy, you should still consult your doctor about their use, as your doctor is an experienced medical professional. This is especially true if you plan to ingest any of the oils, as they could interfere with medications or impact your body negatively depending on your pregnancy.

Even if you successfully used any or all of these oils while pregnant, you should consult your doctor again if you plan to use them while breastfeeding. This is because of the impact the oils could have on your breast milk.




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