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Top Ten Essential Oil Kits for Hair Loss

Essential oils are derived from trees and plants. Companies in the essential oils for hair loss industry have developed kits. These kits are tooled to match your unique beauty and hair growth needs. We went on the search for the top ten essential oil kits for hair loss. Here are the ones that made the cut.

  1. Plant Guru Beginners Trio Essential Oil Set Kit

This essential oil kit from Plant Guru is a lovable set of essential oils for hair loss. Plant Guru is a reputable brand with very strict controls to ensure their products are of top quality. Essential oils from Plant Guru are all 100% pure. They are natural with no added ingredients. The oils in this essential oil kit for hair loss are all of therapeutic grade.

The Plant Guru Beginners trio essential oil kit has three oils in it. The three are Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. The lavender variety used is sourced from Bulgaria. Oils in this beginners’ kit are contained in darkened bottles.

For your easy use, Plant Guru has made these three oils available in bottles with a small opening. You are therefore able to easily drip the oil out.

The trio of oils in this essential oil kit for hair loss has high quality fragrances. Peppermint works well when you have a headache or low on energy. Lavender has antiseptic properties which make it great for cuts and bruises. It also has a relaxing effect when applied. Eucalyptus opens your blocked airways when you have a cold or sinus.

  1. Lagunamoon Top 6 Aromatherapy Oils Gift Set

Lagunamoon essential oils sets give you the best and newest products for less. In this top six aromatherapy oils gift set, the company has included peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, orange and eucalyptus.

The six separate essential oils for hair loss are packaged in cute 10 ml bottles. The bottles are then placed in a holder that keeps them all together in one pack. The pack looks very nice on your dressing table. It is also small and easily fits into a backpack or handbag that you use to carry your essentials to the beach.

In this gift set of essential oils for hair loss, Lagunamoon only includes premium grade oils that are pure and natural. The six oils are all tested using mass spectrometry. They have also passed gas chromatography tests. The oils have no fillers added to them.

These Lagunamoon aromatherapy oils promote happiness and optimism. They also improve your concentration and sharpen your memory. This essential oils kit is great for your home, office and the outdoors. The gift set is a cool idea when you want to show your love and appreciation for a special person in your life.

  1. Namskara 100% Pure USDA certified Organic castor Oil kit

The Namskara pure castor oil kit has a teat dropper in it, two applicator brushes and 30 milliliters of castor oil. The oil is protected from undergoing oxidation by the brown bottle in the kit. This kit is in our top ten essential oil kits for hair loss due to its ability to help you grow long eyelashes. It has been used in history by famous movie and television stars.

This essential oils kit gives you naturally beautiful hair. It is also usable on your eyebrows. It boosts growth of your hair by providing nutrition and vitamins. This makes your hair grow thick, long and strong. In places where your hair might have fallen off or stopped growing, this essential oil will quickly restore your hair. It will additionally prevent further hair loss.

The organic castor oil in this Namskara essential oils kit is extracted from natural castor plants. The castor seeds are cold pressed to give oil that is 100% pure. This kit from Namskara is a great purchase for your home use. The easy to use applicator brushes and teat dropper make it a must-have essential oil kit.

  1. Keranique 60 Day Regrowth Deep Hydrating 4pc Kit

Keranique have a number of essential oil kits in the market. Their four-piece kit is their most loved product. It features excellent items that give you impressive results within a few weeks. Each of the four items on this hydrating kit has its individual characteristics.

In this hair loss kit is a lift and repair treatment spray. It works together with the included hair re-growth topical solution to instantly add volume, thickness and fullness to your hair. The oil in this hair loss kit is equipped with omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. The shampoo in the kit stimulates and promotes microcirculation in your scalp. The volumizing keratin conditioner in the kit decreases breakage of hair and seals split hair ends. It also controls frizz.

The 60 day hair re-growth kit is meant for women with thin hair. Keranique is a well-known producer of high grade essential oil for hair loss kits. The company follows strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure their products are all of high quality. This deep hydrating hair re-growth kit is approved for use by the FDA. It has superb natural elements that add to your hair’s natural exquisiteness.

  1. ArtNaturals Top 8 Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatherapy gives you excellent physical and psychological wellbeing. In this aromatherapy kit, Artnaturals have included 8 essential oils from various plants. Each of the included essential oils in this kit plays a different role in your everyday use.

The Frankincense and eucalyptus essential oils in the kit give you quick results in fighting hair loss. They fight dandruffs to give your head a better appearance. They also energize your scalp to make your hair stronger, longer and easy to manage. Styling your hair in your favorite look is easy when you purchase this Artnaturals essential oil kit.

A number of other oils are included in this kit. They are Orange, Tea tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemongrass. The plants used in this essential oils kit are sourced from different countries where they grow best. These include India, Bulgaria, Brazil, Morocco, Greece and Australia.

For great results when using this Artnaturals aromatherapy kit, massage the oil in after diluting it in some carrier oil. You can also add your favorite oil to bath water. In room aromatherapy use, a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the kit are added to water or your diffuser.

  1. Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive 6 count Essential Oil Kit

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Essential Oil kit is a concentrated rinse-out treatment. It gives you luxurious hydration to your dry hair.  This product is specially formulated to repair capillary fibers. Alfaparf Semi Di Lino helps to seal hair cuticles.

The essential oils in this kit do not have any sulphate. This increases your hair’s elasticity. It makes your hair smooth and manageable. The essential oils used in this Alfaparf nutritive kit are obtained through steam distillation of flowers.

The Alfaparf hair loss kit is also used to treat beard itches. It can be applied on the body as well. This nutritive oil kit also contains Jojoba. This makes it to be classified as good carrier oil. The Jojoba component makes this kit an ideal component for home beauty therapies.

To achieve the most out of your Alfaparf moisturizing oil kit, the oil is squeezed directly to the scalp and left for a number of hours. This product is purely organic and has no artificial additives. This essential oil is not greasy and is absorbed quickly by your hair. It is also mild on your skin and has an extraordinary long shelf life.

  1. Sally’s Organics 4oz Pure Organic Castor Oil Kit

Sally’s pure organic castor oil is 100% organic therapeutic grade. It comes from the plant Ricinus Communis. The oil comes packed in a 118 ml brown bottle to reduce oxidation. The castor oil in the kit undergoes purity and spectrometry test. It also undergoes a second antimicrobial testing after bottling. The castor oil in this kit is USDA certified.

This 4oz essential oil kit contains a glass eyedropper, an eyeliner brush and a mascara wand. The essential oil for hair loss in the kit nourishes your scalp and strengthens your hair follicles. This prevents hair breakage and hair loss. It thickens your hair and eyelashes.  It additionally repairs your hair’s split ends and restores its natural shine.  The castor oil reduces an itchy feeling on your scalp. It is used as a moisturizer for dry hair.

Sally’s pure organic castor oil contains no addictives. The castor seeds sourced for this oil are not genetically modified. This essential oil is environmental friendly as castor seeds have no herbicides and pesticides. The kit is not expensive and can be carried with your handbag or backpack.

  1. Genome Natural Hair Growth, Repair, & Volumizing System

Genome Natural Hair growth kit is well renowned for its therapeutic and Hair beneficial qualities. The kit is packed in a box containing three bottles. The bottles include an amplifying conditioner, an Argan shampoo and a stimulating scalp treatment oil. These essential oils are steam-distilled and cold pressed.

The oils in the kit are crafted from powerful hair sustaining nutrients. They are without any synthetic additives and adulteration. The oils capture all that was intended from nature. The hair growth essential oil kit is free of synthetics.

Genome hair growth kit nourishes your scalp. The shampoo strengthens your hair roots and follicles. The conditioner in this kit fosters long term hair growth and helps repair your hair. Scalp treatment oil reduces hair breakage and amplifies your hair texture. The results are soft flowing hair that is free from dandruffs.

This kit for hair loss is for all types of hair. All 3 oils in this kit are GC/MS certified. The brand keeps off from pesticides, herbicides and other additives components. This products works fast and there is visible results within a few days of use.

  1. Alikay Naturals 8oz Leave-in Conditioner set

Alikay Naturals essential oil kit comes in a pack of four bottles. There is hair growth oil, milk shampoo, lemongrass conditioner and milk conditioner. The oils in the kit help to grow hair on former balding spots. These four oils also stimulate your scalp allowing for faster growth of natural hair.

The oils are cold pressed to retain all its therapeutic vitamins. The essential oils contain a mild coconut scent. It is ideal for all types of hair. This essential oil kit can be used by both men and women. The oils are also applied on the beard.

For deep conditioning treatment, this Caribbean coconut kit is applied directly on the scalp and left for some hours. The coconut oil is for re-establishing your dry hair. For milk shampoo, it softens your hair. The milk conditioner helps your hair grow. Lemongrass conditioner acts as a perfect moisturizer for your hair.

This Alikay Naturals 8oz conditioner set provides nutrients for thicker, flowing hair. After using it, your hair does not fluff and remains in place all day long. The essential oil in this kit eliminates dandruffs. The kit can be used by both genders.

  1. Laritelle Organic Hair Growth Set Silk Velvet

Laritelle Organic essential oil kit has three organic oil bottles. The Kit contains a conditioner, shampoo and Hair loss treatment oil. These essential oils are specifically formulated to treat various scalp disorders. It is cold pressed to make sure that all necessary nutrients are not lost. The oils in this essential oil kit helps in repairing your hair’s split ends.

This organic hair growth kit for hair loss also fights the bacteria and fungus that cause flaking of your scalp. It helps in the treatment of dandruffs and reducing inflammation. Some caution should be taken when applying so as to avoid so much greasiness. These essential oils can be used with other oils to produce your own home therapies.

This essential oil kit helps repair damaged hair. The element in the oil strengthens thinning hairs. It moisturizes your scalp and leaves your hair softer and stronger. It is ideal for all types of hair, no matter the color or texture. It strengthens your hair follicles and gives your hair a shine in appearance. This excellent essential oils kit for hair loss bounces your hair back to its radiant look in just a few weeks.

These top ten essential oil kits for hair loss are known for their rejuvenating properties. They are great for both men and women of all ages. These essential oil kits have therapeutic properties and ability to keep your hair healthy. Improve your hair texture and structure with one of these fantastic oil kits.


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