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Top 10 Castor Oil Brands

Castor oil is a form or a classification of vegetable oil. It is made from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant. It is produced by pressing dried up seeds. When ripe seeds dry up, they are split open to reveal a smaller seed that produces the oil.

Castor oil has found a lot of remarkable uses in the beauty industry. It has proven to have moisturizing effects for hair and skin and it has also proven very effective for persons seeking to regrow their hair.  It is also used in homes for therapy and massages. Below we look at the top 10 castor oil brands.

1.     Tropic Isle Living Castor Oil – Jamaican Black

Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The climatic conditions of the Caribbean Island make it produce some of the world’s finest castor oil. The Tropic Isle Living castor oil is 100% natural. Top grade castor seeds are roasted gently and processed to ensure the oil gets to the user in its purest form. It is rich in minerals, fatty acids and vitamin E.

The Tropic Isle Living Black castor oil can be used for a variety of purposes. When used as a leave-in conditioner before shampooing your hair it rejuvenates the roots and follicles. This makes your hair shine and flawless. It helps combat alopecia as it can grow back hair on balding spots. It will help you grow a silky smooth beard and even longer glowing eyelashes.

This thick oil is full of natural ingredients. This makes The Tropic Isle castor oil perfect for dilution or for use with other lotions or oils for home therapies. It can be used to cure callous feet making them look young again. When applied to the nails it gives them a fine glow. It comes in a big pet bottle making it both safe for animals yet quite cheap.

2.     Aria Starr Castor Oil

Aria Starr Castor Oil

Say good bye to hair thinning and hair falling in your sink once you purchase this product. Aria Starr Castor oil is 100% natural and pure. It is a cold pressed castor oil. This means no heat is involved in extraction and the nutrient content is not compromised. Due to this, the product leaves your skin soft and supple. It eliminates wrinkles and blemishes making your skin feel young again.

Due to its mild nature it is safe for use on facial hair as well. The Aria Starr 100% pure castor oil makes your beard glow and grow longer. It works wonders for your eyelashes and makes you’re your eye brows fuller thicker and have a richer appearance.  When used on hair, this castor oil has marvelous effects. It repairs the broken damaged edges and cleanses your scalp.

The Aria Starr castor oil comes in an impressive 16 ounce bottle. It comes with a pump that makes dispensing and application easy. The company has provides guarantees for this product. You should take care when applying this product on the face. It can cause itchiness or irritation when it comes to contact with the eyes directly.

  1. Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil

Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil

As the name suggests, the Sky Organics Organic castor oil is 100% pure and organically produced. It is cold-pressed enabling it retain all its nutrients and valuable qualities. This oil has antioxidants that boost your keratin. Keratin is essential for growth of strong healthy hair. This essential oil has the ability to mend broken ends, reduce frizz and soothe the scalp. It keeps your hair in place all day long without weighing it down.

The organic Oil from Sky Organics is ideal for all types of skin. It is used to dress wounds and also heal stretch marks. This essential oil reduces wrinkles on your face, combats acne and also other skin conditions making your face smooth and flawless.

Added advantages of the Sky Organic Castor Oil is can also repair chapped lips. It can be used as lip gloss and also relief for insect bites. The company has a money back guarantee just to prove how good the quality is. This, and 5 extra easy applicators for your lashes and another 5 for your eyebrows, makes this castor oil a top contender in the essential oils industry.

  1. Molivera Organics 100% Pure Castor Oil

If you are tired of stretch marks and uneven skin tone this is the remedy you have been seeking. Molivera Organics 100% pure organic castor oil helps both your skin and hair regain their elasticity. This has an amazing anti-aging effect after use for some time. This castor oil cream allows for better blood flow to the scalp. The result is thick strong hair that flows freely and feels more natural to the touch

Molivera Organics 100% pure castor oil is ideal for use for both children and adults. It’s a unisex commodity and helps men grow more firm cleaner beard. For the ladies it is a good for both your eye brows and eye lashes. It is easily absorbed and opens up your pores allowing your skin to get rid and replenish your dead cells.

Unlike other brands of castor oils the Molivera Organics 100% pure Castor oil is not diluted. It can be used together with other carrier oils to make some home beauty remedies. Coming in a big oak coated plastic bottle, make it affordable and durable.  It comes with a money back guarantee is just an extra treat.

  1. Sally’s Organics 4 ounce Pure Castor Oil

    Sally Organics Castor Oil

Coming highly recommended and certified by the USDA. The Sally’s Organics 4oz Pure Organic Castor Oil is cold pressed and is free from chemicals. It is 100% organic and undiluted and is therapeutic grade. This processing makes this oil very rich in nutrients. It additionally makes it great carrier oil in the making of beauty recipes from the comfort of your home.

The high standards of health and safety for animals set by the company make it a cut above the rest. The Sally’s Organics 4oz Pure Castor Oil comes with a set of applicators that are free. They help you apply it on your eyebrows and eye lashes. Using this product yields a luster to your brows and lashes making them long and strong. Your hair will undergo tremendous changes with continued use of this product.

The Sally’s Organics 4oz pure castor oil is a natural approach to tackle aging. Used with creams and other lotions or by itself it brings back the youth of your skin. It is easily absorbed and tackles dryness and spots alike. It does not make your skin oily and is pocket friendly.

  1.  Majestic Pure Castor Oil

    Majestic Pure Castor Oil

The Majestic Pure Castor oil is one of the most, if not the most pure castor oil in the market. The company has a reputable history of quality and they delivered in this product as well. This essential oil is a multi-purpose. It soothes itchy scalps and gets rid of dandruff. Hair breakage and intertwining become a thing of the past. It takes care of thinning and gives your facial hair more appeal.

On the skin the Majestic Pure Castor oil can be a moisturizer. It can be applied on wounds, burns, stretch marks or just as body oil. Due to its light nature it is easy to use with other lotions and essential oils. It has a high level of essential fats and vitamins that help your skin regenerate and look younger. This oil can also be used on nails to give them a glossy appearance.

Majestic Pure Castor Oil makes your skin look good without the oily residual feeling. The antifungal and antibacterial qualities of this oil also make it a handy insect repellant.  This product should however be tested on a small area of your skin first to test for allergic reactions.

  1. Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil (16oz)

    Viva Naturals Castor Oil 16oz

You will be surprised at how fast and fuller your eyelashes and eyebrows grow once you start using this oil. Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil (16oz) is 100% organic and untainted. They guarantee this by making sure the oil is extracted through cold pressing. It is a natural remedy for itchy dry scalp and anti-dandruff. This brand of castor oil can be used on any kind of hair texture and mends broken ends. Your hair ends up looking silky smooth with a luster shine.

The viva Naturals organic castor oil (16oz) comes in an amber coated jar. This reduces oxidization by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and allows for longer shelf life. This product is a skin moisturizer, whether used on its own or mixed with other lotions. It helps your skin retain its moisture, retaining elasticity, making it soft and supple.

Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil (16oz) comes in a big size bottle at a very reasonable price. Upon purchase, you will receive a mascara set with a smaller vial for easy application. The set is cool for your mini home spa. It is safe from animal cruelty and USDA approved.

  1. Home Health Castor Oil

    Home Health Castor Oil

Using Home Health Castor oil as a leave in treatment has shown to grow back hair on the balding spots. This also prevents hair from falling off while combing due to thinning. This is due to the fact that this essential oil is cold-pressed and processed to ensure its 100% natural and organic. It is also good for your eye brows and eye lashes. Continued use for up to one week yields a fuller thicker brow and longer lashes.

This product can be used alone or incorporated into other home remedies. Home Health castor Oil has a moisturizing effect and is very good for dry skin. Applying it on your elbows and also feet will make them soft to the touch. It is also good for massages and for soothing pain on joints. You can add it to bath water or mix it with other oils.

The Home Health Castor Oil comes in a variety of different sizes to suite everyone’s needs. However, great caution should be taken when using this product. It should not be used on sores or open wounds. It has some allergic tendencies and use should be discontinued if they are noted.

  1. RejuveNaturals Organic Castor oil

    Rejuvenaturals Castor Oil

RejuveNaturals Organic Castor Oil is made up of only one ingredient which is castor oil. It is free from hexane or biotin and is 100% natural and organic. This essential oil is full of omega acids and vitamins that fight the bacteria that cause acne, black spots or drying of the skin. It cleans your pores making your skin glow. It can be used solo or in a mixture as home beauty therapy.

Using RejuveNaturals Organic Castor oil gives you great hair volume. It is a remedy for dry flaky scalp. It promotes better flow of blood to your scalp strengthening your hair roots. As a treatment apply before shampooing or leave overnight for mesmerizing results. It not only gets rid of unsightly broken ends but make it more colorful and longer.

For the face, RejuveNaturals Organic Castor oil is ideal for fuller eye brows. It makes your eyelashes stand out as they look longer and stronger. It is an ideal facial cleanser. Due to its anti-inflammatory antioxidants, it gets rid of puffiness around the eyes. This has been tested and certified by several legal authorities as safe.

  1. Wild Nest Organics Castor Oil

    Wild Nest Organics Castor Oil

The Wild Nest Organics Castor Oil is cold pressed from 100% organic virgin castor oil. It is free from chemicals and animal testing. Daily nightly use of this castor oil will as its name states, rejuvenate your skin. It hydrates the skin improving elasticity making you feel and look younger. It clears up spots on the face and prevents inflammation.

This particular oil can be used as an antiseptic. Applying it on sores and wounds make them heal faster and will soothe the pain. Wild Nest Organics Castor Oil is the food your hair has been dying for. It makes hair grow faster and in more volumes. This essential oil from Wild Nest Organics repairs the tips of your hair and gives it a natural shine. This essential oil also gives you bolder eyebrows and eyelashes to match.

Wild nest organics castor oil comes with an additional kit. This kit includes mascara brushes and a dropper for easy application. It is certified by the USDA among other necessary authorities. The one (1) oz bottle can be somewhat of an inconvenience.

The above named brands are the top ten castor oil brands in the market. You can find them online or visit a retail outlet. Choose a product ideal and most convenient for you. You will also get some suggestions for excellent home use beauty recipes for the oils.



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