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Sassafras Essential Oil

Essential Oils

     What would you think if I told you that one of the most beneficial essential oils in the world was first used as a flavoring agent for root beer? It’s true. At one time, Sassafras essential oil was considered a vital component of any root beer made in the United States. The first part about it being super beneficial is also true. This oil is absolutely amazing. Its uses are countless. It can help lower your blood pressure, treat head lice, relieve rheumatic pain, detoxify your body, strengthen your liver, and reduce inflammation.

How is Sassafras Essential Oil Made

Sassafras essential oil is extracted from the roots and bark of the Sassafras tree by steam distillation. There are other more complicated methods of extraction which are also used. It has a characteristic yellow or reddish-yellow color that goes with its pleasant, acrid, aromatic aroma. It smells like a mixture of anise, lemon, and fennel. Lots of industries have utilized Sassafras essential oil in their products to modify their flavor. For example, it’s been added to chewing gum, biscuits, teas, and of course, root beer. But let’s forget about the industry for a moment and focus on what Sassafras essential oil can do for you.

Benefits of Sassafras Essential Oil        

Lowers blood pressure

     Sassafras essential oil has the ability to lower your blood pressure significantly. It’s very important that you try and maintain normal blood pressure levels because elevated blood pressure or hypertension can be quite dangerous. If this isn’t done it can lead to serious consequences for lots of organs in your body. For example, it damages your arteries and increases your risk of aneurysms. It can also affect your heart, leading to heart failure, coronary artery disease, or an abnormally enlarged left side of the heart.

Your Brain and Hypertension

Your brain isn’t safe from hypertension either. It can cause your brain to suffer from a stroke, a transient ischemic attack (basically a mini stroke), dementia, or mild cognitive impairment. Going a bit lower, you’ll find the next organs affected by elevated blood pressure are your kidneys. They become liable to kidney failure, scarring, and kidney artery aneurysm. In other words, hypertension is no joke. You need to keep it in check and that’s why you need Sassafras essential oil. It has the ability to lower your blood pressure, or should I say regulate it, so that it always stays within an acceptable range. Not too high and not too low.

There’s one thing you should know about hypertension: it’s called the “silent killer”. That’s because it can quietly cause damage to your body organs for years before you eventually discover it. There aren’t many signs or symptoms. That’s why it’s important to check your blood pressure regularly. It’s also important to include foods that regulate blood pressure in your diet, like Sassafras essential oil.

Potential Risks

If you’re someone who doesn’t have hypertension but has family members with hypertension or similar cardiovascular problems, you might be at risk of developing it soon. You should start watching your diet and including Sassafras essential oil to keep your blood pressure in check. On the other hand, if you’ve already been diagnosed with hypertension, then don’t throw out your blood pressure pills and take Sassafras essential oil. It’s not an alternative for your medication. It’s just something that can act synergistically, alongside your pills, to help give you control over your blood pressure.

All you need is small, measured, and regulated doses of Sassafras essential oil and you’ll be able to improve your hypertension in no time. Who knows, maybe in a few months you’ll be able to reduce the frequency or size of your medication, all thanks to Sassafras essential oil.


Gets Rid of Dead Lice

     Sassafras essential oil is an absolute legend when it comes to killing head lice. Its anti-parasitic properties are unheard of. All you need to do is massage a small, diluted amount of Sassafras essential oil into your scalp and hair. You’ll have those pesky lice drowning and running away in no time and you’ll forget all about your lice infestation.

Reducing Fever Caused by Malaria or Viruses

     One of the most celebrated qualities of Sassafras essential oil is its ability to bring down fevers caused by malaria or viral infections. It’s considered a powerful antipyretic that is capable of lowering high-level fevers. Its properties are so powerful that the Sassafras tree was also given the name ague tree. The word ague is used to describe any disease (like malaria) that causes an increase in body temperature. In other words, Sassafras essential oil comes from the tree that specializes in lowering malarial fevers.

Sedative effects of Sassafras Essential oil 

     Sassafras essential oil is well known for its powerful sedative effects. It doesn’t just give you a feeling of wellbeing and calms you down, but it also directly interacts with your central nervous system to induce a feeling of relaxation. It’s great for people who have trouble sleeping, wake up frequently at night, or have disturbed and interrupted sleep patterns. Not many people realize how annoying, stressing and tiring insomnia is until it’s happened to them.

Helps you Fall Asleep

You lie in bed all night frustrated that you’re not getting your beauty sleep and at the same time not getting anything done. Then you have to get up and walk around grumpy all day, unable to listen or talk to anyone, minimally productive. But not anymore, thanks to Sassafras essential oil. All you need to do is inhale a small amount of Sassafras essential oil before bed and you’ll be able to fall asleep in no time. It’ll also keep you from waking up abruptly during the night because interrupted sleep is just as bad as insomnia. Another thing you can do is rub some of the Sassafras essential oil onto your chest before you got to bed and it’ll work its magic just as effectively.


One thing a lot of people worry about when they hear the word sedative is that they think it means you’ll instantly fall asleep in a matter of seconds. That’s not true. Sassafras essential oil isn’t chloroform. Sassafras essential oil is a relaxant that works on your nervous system to give you a calm, relaxed sensation, which eventually helps you fall asleep. Once you’re asleep, any noise or disturbance around you will still wake you up. But you’ll stop waking up in the dead of night for absolutely no reason other than an overly active nervous system. Sassafras essential oil makes sure your nervous system knows that right now, you’re supposed to be sleeping, so “do not disturb”.

Used as an Insect Repellant

     Sassafras essential oil’s uses don’t stop at its health benefits. We can use it as an effective, natural insect repellant, as well. The emphasis here is on the word “natural”. You see, there are already tons of synthetic insect repellants on the market. The problem is that they are full of chemicals. And as you probably already know, pretty much all synthetic, chemical-based products have countless side effects. These side effects can be anything from mild eye irritation, difficulty breathing, stomach problems, skin irritation, all the way to precipitating some types of cancer. Why risk it? Why go for synthetic insect repellants when there’s a perfectly safe, natural alternative like Sassafras essential oil?

Use with a Diffuser for Best Results

All you have to do to get rid of your insect problem is spray some Sassafras essential oil around the room. You can also add it to your aromatherapy preparations and diffuse it throughout the house. It’s especially useful for people who live in areas with a high concentration of tropical diseases. In these areas, mosquitoes aren’t just pesky little insects that bite our skin and make us itchy. They also carry a variety of diseases that can be difficult to treat. Some are even incurable in later stages.

That’s why it’s important to use an insect repellant like Sassafras essential oil consistently to keep these disease-bearing critters away. We may love the unique, characteristic aroma of Sassafras essential oil, but insects sure don’t. It’s way too strong for them and that’s what makes it so effective. In fact, even the synthetic insect repellants we talked about have started including some Sassafras essential oil in their preparations.

Look for Safrole-free Sassafras Essential oil

     When you go out and buy Sassafras essential oil there’s a specific type that you should always look for: safrole-free Sassafras essential oil. This is very important because safrole is a chemical compound that has been linked to lots of different diseases and conditions, including cancer. It’s the main cause of gastrointestinal side effects like nausea and vomiting. It also has some cardiovascular and nervous side effects like elevated blood pressure, dizziness, and hallucinations. This usually happens when someone consumes high levels of safrole but you should still avoid it as much as possible.

Safrole and Cancer

One of the most controversial side effects of safrole is its ability to cause cancer. This hasn’t been proven to be 100% true but several types of cancer have been linked to the consumption of safrole. That’s why it’s important that you buy the safrole-free version of Sassafras essential oil because it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? But you’ll be okay as long as you buy it from a decent, trusted brand. Go out and look for it today, don’t let any excuses get in between you and this super oil.


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