Monday Sep 25, 2023

Costus Root Essential oil

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everything you ever needed for skin care was found in just one product? You’d never have to buy moisturizers for dry skin, ointments for cuts and bruises, or cooling creams for dermatitis ever again. It would be amazing –and frankly unbelievable- if one product could do all of this. Imagine […]

Eucalyptus Citriodora Essential Oil

Australia’s full of Mother Nature’s wonders, isn’t it? Trees, animals, birds, swamps, all kinds of wildlife are native to Australia. As exotic as everything in Australia is, there’s this one tree that really caught my attention: the eucalyptus citriodora. Let me tell you what piqued my curiosity. This tree goes by many names that seem […]

Satsuma Essential Oil

Who doesn’t love tangerines, oranges, and mandarins? They’re some of the most cherished and loved fruits around the world. They’re great for your immune system and for fighting cold and flu thanks to their vitamin C content. Whether you love citrus fruit or not, you’ve probably eaten them at some point or another and you […]

Ambrette Essential Oil

Who doesn’t love the smell of musk? It’s one of the most important and expensive ingredients in the perfume industry because of its divine aroma. Before 1979, almost all manufacturers tried to get their hands on some musk which was something absolutely necessary if they wanted to make high-quality perfume. But there was a huge […]

Amyris Essential Oil

Imagine having to wait 30 years for a tree to be ready just to extract a bit of its essential oil. Would you be willing to wait that long just for some oil? Personally, I wouldn’t. Botanists and manufacturers however, have absolutely no problem waiting almost a third of a lifetime to get their hands […]

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