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Onycha Essential Oil

Onycha Oil

It’s funny how thousands of years ago, near the beginning of civilization, Onycha essential oil was used as an important part of religious ceremonies, yet today, scientists have on recently discovered what it can do. And believe me it can do a lot! Don’t believe me? Here’s a short list of the wonders Onycha essential oil can do and the different diseases and health conditions it can make better:

-Arthritis, rheumatism, and gout

-Colds, coughs and sore throats

-Asthma, bronchitis and laryngitis

-Stop or slow bleeding and improve circulation

-Nervous tension and stress


-Colic, flatulence and stomach problems

-Skin and mucus problems

-Urinary tract infections

-Cuts and wounds


Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is! Onycha essential oil can do all of this and more but before I prove it to you, let me first tell you exactly what onycha essential oil is. It’s an oil that is extracted from a plant called Styrax Benzoin. Technically, it’s more of a tree than a plant. It’s often called the Benzoin tree and that’s why onycha essential oil is also known as benzoin essential oil. Regardless of what you call it, it’s the same golden, thick, resinous oil that has hundreds of therapeutic uses. It has a distinct vanilla-like odor thanks to its vanillin content along with other chemical compounds such as:

– benzyl benzoate

-benzoic acid


-coniferyl benzoate

-cinnamic acid

All of these compounds play a role in onycha essential oil’s many uses. Let’s start with a few of them.


Benefits of Onycha Essential Oil


Improves circulation

     Onycha essential oil boosts and regulates your blood circulation, often causing more beneficial components to reach the brain. This helps give a feeling of content and well-being and even uplifts your mood significantly. It makes you feel like celebrating. Perhaps this is one of the reasons onycha essential oil was used in different ceremonies all over the world. People knew that just smelling the distinct aroma of onycha essential oil at any gathering was enough to spread a feeling of happiness. How does this work? Well, the chemical constituents of the oil are made up of tiny little molecules which go straight to sensory receptors in our nose after being inhaled. These receptors then stimulate our brain’s nervous system giving us a warm feeling and improving our circulation.


There’s something that might be a bit confusing when it comes to onycha essential oil. It has sedative and relaxant properties which make it excellent for anxiety, but at the same time it has stimulant and antidepressant properties. How is that possible? How can something sedate and excite at the same time? Well, that’s just one of the wonders of onycha essential oil. If you’re depressed, like we said earlier it can help uplift your mood and make you forget about your troubles. If you’re anxious, it helps soothe away stress. Basically, it returns your nervous system back to normal. It depends on your problem, but regardless of what is, onycha essential oil can fix it. One thing worth mentioning is that since it has some sedating properties, I wouldn’t use it if I were someone who stays up all night studying. It would probably impair my focus. Other than that, it’s perfect.


Preventing sepsis and infections

Onycha essential oil is a strong antimicrobial agent. It can kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and even fungi. Even if you were to burn the oil, its smoke alone would be enough to kill germs in the area. It’s a truly powerful antiseptic and disinfectant. This is especially useful in case of skin wounds. Your skin is one of the easiest routes of infection that make you liable to getting sick on a daily basis. Imagine if your skin is wounded, leaving you exposed to all the bacteria in the world. It would be a smart idea to apply something to the wound that would kill bacteria the instant they invade, wouldn’t it? That’s why there’s onycha essential oil.



     Do you suffer from flatulence or gases? It’s very common but don’t worry. All you need is the carminative and anti-flatulent properties of onycha essential oil. It helps your abdominal muscles let up and relax, essentially getting rid of all those gases. In addition to all that, it can help stimulate your appetite.


Fights Bad Odor

There’s a reason onycha essential oil is used as a deodorant for both, personal use and as a spray for rooms. It smells absolutely divine. That’s why you’ll find onycha essential oil quite popular in different incense sticks and other substances that give off beautiful aroma even after burning. Back in ancient times, women would actually smoke their hair with onycha essential oil to give it a nice, pleasant aroma. You can use it with different massage oils, add it to your bath, or simply rub it onto your skin to get rid of bad odor. The amazing thing about onycha essential oil is that it not only fights the odor, but its antibacterial properties allow it to kill the bacteria and germs causing the bad odor in the first place. Talk about tackling a problem at its roots!


Arthritis and Rheumatism

Perhaps the most famous uses of onycha essential oil are in treating arthritis and rheumatism. Both are basically inflammatory conditions of the joints that cause severe swelling, pain and irritation that can keep you up all night and affect your daily activities. Onycha essential oil can help overcome this thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties also come in handy when it comes to skin conditions such as pox, measles, eruptions, and rashes.



Onycha oil has diuretic properties which means it helps you urinate more frequently and in larger quantities. Why is this important? Well urination is the main method your body uses to get rid of any toxic substances it doesn’t want. It’s also important for your blood pressure and circulation because urine retention can eventually lead to hypertension.


How to Use Onycha Essential Oil

Now that you know how onycha essential oil works, you need to know how to use it. Let’s start with wounds and cuts. If you have a wound that’s bothering you and you want it to heal faster, add a drop or two of onycha essential oil. It’ll not only close it up faster, but it’ll also prevent the wound from becoming infected thanks to its antibacterial properties. If the wound is still bleeding, add another drop of the oil to help it stop. What if your skin isn’t wounded but just chapped or cracked? Rub a few drops of onycha essential oil onto the troublesome area a few times or dab some onto a cotton pad before applying it to your skin.

You can use onycha essential oil as a natural deodorant by using just one drop under each arm. It has a pleasant vanilla-like aroma that you’ll definitely fall in love with. If you want to get rid of coughs, sore throats or colds, you can get a tablespoon of honey and add just 1 drop of onycha essential oil. They’ll soothe your respiratory tract in no time. Another option for sore throats is to use it as a gargle. Get 4oz of warm rice milk and mix it together with a few drops of onycha essential oil. Together, they can help you treat sore throats and even laryngitis.

In case you feel your chest is a little tight, congested, or full of mucus, here’s an idea: add equal amounts of onycha essential oil to olive oil or any other carrier oil and rub them onto your chest. It’ll loosen up and become clear in no time. Move a little bit downwards to your stomach and you’ll find that rubbing on a drop or two can effectively eliminate stomachaches and cramping. See how simple it is to use onycha essential oil? You can even diffuse it throughout your room using a diffuser. This is a great way to always benefit from this oil even while sleeping.

Can I Mix It?

Most essential oils are incompatible with other oils and come with warnings or labels that state they should be used alone. Onycha essential oil isn’t one of them. It can be safely used with numerous other essential oils to give you an ultimate holistic combination of wonderful aromas along with synergistic health benefits.


What About Allergies?

One thing worth mentioning, not only with onycha essential oil, but with anything you place on your skin, is that you should always test it out first. In very few cases, some people experience an allergic reaction when exposed to something new for the first time. Their skin starts to become red, itchy, swollen and overall irritated. It’s rare but you never know, you might be one in a million. That’s why you should always do a patch skin test. Here’s how it goes. Get a small cotton pad. Add the onycha essential oil to it. Pick a well hidden area to apply the oil. Wait and see if an allergic reaction occurs. If there’s no itchiness, redness or irritation whatsoever, then you’re free to use onycha essential oil to your heart’s desire and believe me, once you’ve tried it, your heart will definitely desire it.

Where to Buy Onycha Essential Oil

Onycha Essential Oil can be purchased at various sources depending on the brand you wish to go with. I will recommend that you go with Onycha Essential Oil from Therapure Health Essentials. It is available on Amazon and it has received some pretty good reviews. This particular product has a very alluring fragrance that will no doubt leave your house smelling awesome.  Buy Onycha Essential Oil on Amazon.



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