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Moisturizing effects of Argan Oil for Your Hair and Skin

This is one of the top rated essential oils in the world, I made it my duty to find out more about the oil in order to help you to evaluate and determine if it is worth your money.

As its name suggests, argan oil is extracted from the argan tree which is mostly found in Morocco. The oil is rich in crucial fatty acids and Vitamin E and this makes the oil quite essential for use in hair and skin care. Today, it is one of the most popular cosmetic choices by people across the world. You can also cash in on the benefits that the product offers.


Benefits of Argan oil


●   Skin moisturizing


Argan is commonly used to moisturize skin since it has hydration properties that help in softening the skin. Fatty acids and vitamin E are crucial in healthy skin growth since it easily absorbs without any side effects like irritation and greasing. These qualities make the oil a perfect skin moisturizer. The oil can be used all over the body based on your needs, it can even be applied to your face.


Application tip:


To use argan oil as a moisturizer it is best to apply it on wet skin. Right after you take a shower in the mornings or in the nights pour a few drops of the oil into your hands and apply it directly to your face and the rest of your body. Argan oil will quickly dissolve into your pores and it won’t  have an oily or slippery after feel on your skin.


●   Hair conditioning


Using Argan oil in skin care leaves your hair silkier, shiny and softer. The oil usually comes in different products and applications. Depending with the product you buy, the application is quite easy as directed.


Application tip:


One way to make use of the hair treatment properties of argan oil is to apply it to your hair when it is wet. Apply as much oil as you need to carry out the treatment. Pour it onto your palms and rub it into your scalp, and run it throughout your hair all the way down to the ends. Use a cloth or a towel to wrap your hair and you can let the treatment sit in your hair for a few hours or even overnight. Follow up by washing the treatment from your hair with your shampoo.

If your hair is weak and prone to breakage, a regular argan oil deep conditioning treatment will help to remedy this problem. At least once per week you can apply this treatment and leave it in your hair overnight. Place 4-10 drops of the oil into your hands and rub it together until the oil becomes warm. Follow this up by massaging the oil into your scalp and applying the oil evenly to the rest of your hair.  You then wrap your hair with a silk wrap and comb through when you wake up in the morning.


●   Sleek and shine hair styling


this oil has hit the market as the best hair styling agent. Adding the oil to your hair it makes it quite easy to style it the way you want. It is perfect for use after blow-dry at home on a daily basis. You only need to rub a few drops of the oil in your hands and combing your fingers through the hair before styling.Use argan oil as a substitute to the chemical hair styling products that you typically use to style your hair daily. Argan oil will give your hair a smoother and silkier look while giving your hair a healthy shine.


Application tip


Using argan oil to style your hair is a very simple process. You simply add a few drops of the oil to your hair and rub it through before you style it each day. It works wonders for any hair type. If you have frizzy hair,which is usually one of the most difficult hair types to style; you can apply argan oil to your hair and let it serve as a moisturizer. After adding the oil you then blow-dry your hair and this will give it a smooth looking finish.


●   Anti-aging


Argan oil helps your skin to look fresh and young always. This is made possible by eliminating the visibility of wrinkles on the face commonly associated with aging. The oil has antioxidant properties that makes your skin glow and look youthful.


Application tip


Use Argan oil to tighten your skin even after it has started to develop wrinkles. Each night, right before you go to bed, dampen your skin with water and massage the oil into wrinkle prone areas such as your neck, your cheeks, below your eyes and your chest area. Using the oil, gently pull your skin to smoothen the area. This should start working wonders in no time.


●   Dry skin conditioning


dry skin can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes may cause itching, eczema condition that leaves your skin flaky. In such a case, argan oil will be quite helpful. The availability of vitamin E and other fatty acids will help in repairing damaged skin and help with nutrients that will prevent the dryness and its effects. You can therefore soothe your skin using this oil by massaging the oil directly on the affected area.



Application tip


You can infuse argan oil into your homemade exfoliation process. Do this by creating a mixture that is made with a few drops of argan oil and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Massage this solution into your skin, do this in a circular motion. After rubbing for a few minutes  you then rinse it with warm water. This will leave your skin looking fresh and smooth.

You can also simply apply the oil to your damp face and let it absorb into your pores to leave a softer look and feel.


●   Treatment of acne


this is a common skin condition that many people are suffering from. As a moisturizer and skin conditioner, the oil helps in balancing the skin by providing natural moisture. Antioxidants in the oil also help in healing the damaged skin cells and reducing inflammation that can be quite uncomfortable. You simply need to apply a few drops of the oil on the skin affected by acne after thorough washing to remove the oils that are responsible for the condition.


Application tip

Using argan oil only for acne requires a simple process and you will see results in no time. Keep the affected area clean by washing it at least two times a day. Try to do this using products that contain mostly natural ingredients and products that aren’t harsh as this will irritate the skin more than anything, which will make the treatment process less effective. After each cleaning, you can just add a few drops of argan oil to your skin by pouring it into your hands and rubbing the oil into the affected area until your skin absorbs the oil and it dries.

When we think about acne we always focus on the face. However you also have other areas of the body with this problem. Argan oil works well with acne wherever it is on the body. After you have a bath in the mornings and the nights, you can rub the oil into the other areas with acne, whether it be in your back,on your chest or other areas.


●   Skin protection and healing


this can be attributed to the availability of antioxidants in argan oil. The antioxidants are crucial in healing damaged, cracked and irritated skin. Besides being used as a moisturizer to prevent cracking and dryness of the skin, it can also be used to hasten the rate of healing of the already damaged skin.


Argan oil will diminish the scars on your skin very quickly and is a fast solution for your irritated skin. Dampen the affected areas on your skin daily, then place 1 to 2 drops of the oil onto the area. Now gently massage the area for a few minutes. Your skin will absorb the oil and then it will start to work its magic into having the surface healed and restored.


●   Getting rid of pregnancy stretch marks


Skin sagging and stretch marks are an awful experience all women wish to find remedy and Argan oil is here. Vitamin E in the oil improves skin elasticity which ensures that you retain your original skin after birth. Lightly rub the oil on the breasts, belly, thighs and bottom during and after pregnancy to prevent the stretch marks.


Application tip


During your pregnancy the skin on your belly area will stretch as your belly expands. This is therefore the primary area that is prone to stretch marks. During your pregnancy ensure that you continuously rub this area with argan oil and let it absorb into your skin. This is a preventative method of dealing with stretch marks. Sticking to this method will ensure that your skin is stretch mark free post pregnancy.

Additionally, do not only think about your belly when you are working towards stretch mark prevention. Other parts of your body are prone to stretch marks too as you will gain some weight in these areas throughout the pregnancy. Think about areas like your breast, your legs and also your hips. Apply the same method to these areas and do it every day throughout your pregnancy and in the aftermath of giving birth.


●   Lip moisturizing


In case you experience lip dryness, use argan oil to prevent lips from soreness, dryness and cracking by applying a few drops of the oil on the lips making them plump, supple and soft.


Application tip

Your lips need to be softened and moisturized just as much as the other parts of your body. The surface of your lips are very delicate and argan oil will absorb into it quite easily. Use the argan oil as a lip treatment that works as a substitute for your lip balm. Place 1 or 2 drops of the oil into your hands and use your fingers to dip into the substance and distribute it on your lips. This will soften and smoothen the area and it keep it that way throughout the day. Argan oil works wonders for your lips throughout dry seasons.

Side effects


  • There are no common drawbacks of argan oil use apart from a few that are allergic to nuts. Such allergies cause reactions. To overcome this, it is recommended that you have a sample test on the inside of your arm to see if the skin reacts before you start using it on your entire body.

Argan Oil Buying Tips


  • Argan oil has been described as having a light scent that is reminiscent of nuts. The scent is not too strong and as soon as it absorbs into the skin it starts fading away.
  • Argan oil is silky in consistency. It is not too thick or watery and it absorbs into the skin really quickly.
  • Argan oil usually has a thick cloudy residue at the bottom of the bottle this is a good indication that your product is indeed authentic.
  • Argan oil that is manufactured in dark colored glass bottles or metal containers stay fresher for longer as the products within the oil lose their quality when they are exposed to light. The thicker and darker the container the better it preserves the product.
  • It is always advised to check the ingredient list on the bottle of argan oil before buying it. Argan oil is simply created by extracting the oil from the argan fruit it should have no other ingredients so the bottle should usually say 100% argan oil.
  • Bear in mind that argan oil is typically on the more expensive side. If the product is too inexpensive it might not be authentic argan oil.


  • “Made in Morocco” tagged on the bottle is usually a sign that it is authentic, Argan oil production is primarily done in Morocco.


The Bottom Line


The benefits of this oil are simply fascinating. There is no oil that is known to provide hair and skin benefits like argan. When you have your money on this product, you know exactly what you are taking home.



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