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Benefits of Marula Oil for Hair and Skin

Essential Oils

Marula Oil, known as Africa’s best-kept beauty secret, is an essential oil extracted from the nuts and fruits of the Marula. This tree is mainly found in the southern and western regions of Africa.  While it has been used for many years in various regions of Africa, it has only recently become adopted by those in the Western world as a beauty tool. In Africa, Marula essential oil was long used to preserve meats, condition leathers and used as a cooking agents. It is also used as a substitute for water. Its a great solution used to keep hair, skin, and nails beautiful and moisturized.

Facts About Marula Oil

The oil is extracted from fruits harvested from the west edge of Southern Africa, a location with perfect climatic characteristics. The low levels of rainfall and endless hours of bright sunshine create a perfect environment to produce exceptional growing conditions for the Marula trees. This environment is unlike any other in the world and is uniquely suited to growing the marula fruit. The marula fruit, while prized for its oil, has benefits in all of the components in the fruit.

The delicious marula fruit contains 4 times as much Vitamin C as an orange. Marula leaves and bark have wonderful properties but the skin care properties of natural Marula Essential Oil are the best of all. This healing oil is widely used for its medicinal benefits by Southern African women and men. It has been part of numerous beauty rituals for centuries to protect the skin and hair from the harsh and dry weather conditions.

How is Marula Oil Made

Marula Oil is extracted by cold expeller press method, similar to the way olive oil is extracted. The nuts of the Marula tree are placed into a press that applies pressure until the oil is pressed out of the nut. From there, the oil is sifted through through a sieve, filtering out all of the shells of the nuts and any other contaminants. Some marula oil is extracted through a heating process, but this damages the oil and its benefits. When the nuts are heated, the oil is forced out of the nuts.

This is a cheaper method of creating the oil, but it significantly damages the quality of the oil. When heated, the vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids are burned out of the oil. When looking for a marula oil, make sure to choose oil that was made in a cold press. Cold Press Oils are where no heat has been applied to it at any point. This ensures that it has the full range of the oils naturally present and will be able to provide all of the following beauty benefits to the fullest extent.

Marula oil has a shelf life of two years. This is much longer than some of the other essential oils on the market. The end result is an oil that is incredibly versatile and fairly cost effective, as it is not likely to expire.

Benefits of Marula Oil

Marula oil has a myriad of benefits for the skin, hair, and nails. It is quickly absorbed in the body as it moisturizes the skin. The oil can soften skin, reduce wrinkles, treat psoriasis and eczema. It also fades scars, protects the skin from sunburns, treat chapped lips, and clear skin faster. It also improves the appearance of hair, moisturizing the scalp. Finally, it can nourish your nails, making them stronger. These benefits are provided as the oil is full of vitamins and essential fatty acids, antioxidants and sterols, tannins and catechins that are similar to the antioxidants found in Green Tea. For example, Argan oil, a very popular beauty oil, has 60% less antioxidants than marula oil.

Skin Care

As another plus, Marula Oil is doctor-endorsed as a skin care treatment! While there are many dermatologist-endorsed skin care products, many contain artificial ingredients that can be damaging to some with sensitive skin.  Marula Oil is an all natural oil with amazing benefits without harmful chemical effects. That said, it is always possible for individuals to have an allergy, to any kind of oil.

Best Use

For individuals who have never come into contact with Marula oil, it is best to apply the oil to a small area of the skin and wait 24 hours. If no reaction has occurred at the end of this 24 hour period, it is often safe to use the marula oil as much as desired. If you would like to continue using your products that are working, but are interested in seeing how the marula oil can benefit your skin, you can also add 2-3 drops into your current cleansers and moisturizers to see a benefit.

Boost the Economy of African Communities

Marula Oil also benefits the communities in which it is harvested. Grown in rural African communities, the harvesting and exporting of Marula Oil provides a business opportunity for the women living in these communities. Many of the women in these communities have limited other opportunities and working to harvest marula oil provides them with a stable source of income. Additionally, some companies that are working with native women provide them with other infrastructure and courses to help ensure that they are successful, such as financial literacy courses.

Some of the Hair benefits of Marula oil 

Protects hair from the damaging elements

Being out in the world can severely damage the hair and hair follicles. The sun, the wind and pollution all damage the hair, making it dry and creating split ends in the process, as well as irritating the scalp and making it itchy. Marula oil, applied to the hair as a mask, nourishes the hair, repairing damage. This happens because the oil is full of minerals and antioxidants which eliminate the environmental damage that is caused to our hair everyday by filtering out the damaging particles. Additionally, the oil contains regenerative properties that can help to replace damaged skin cells on the scalp.

Treats Dandruff Caused by a Dry Scalp

Unfortunately, dandruff is a very common issue for many people. Dandruff is when the skin on our scalps is so dry that it flakes from our scalp. This then falls onto our clothing and gives a dirty, disheveled appearance. Not to mention that it is a very itchy and annoying condition. Because it is an oil, Marula contains fats that are able to moisturize the scalp and reduce dryness. Either creating a mask for the hair, or massaging the oil directly into the scalp can address dandruff quickly and effectively.

Stimulates Hair Growth


Marula oil contains powerful nutrients that help to regenerate cells and that stimulate blood flow. Both of these are crucial in the stimulation of new hair growth. The blood flow allows the hair follicles to open up, and the regenerated cells help new hair to grow in its place. Massaging the oil directly into areas where you wish to stimulate hair growth should provide results.

Keeps Hair Soft and Shiny

Marula is full of so many minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that it practically repairs damage the instant it touches hair. Marula Oil can be applied to the hair as a mask, left on for 30-45 minutes and then washed out. When washed out, hair will be softer, thanks to the fats present in oils. These fats condition hair making it shinier. The myriad of antioxidants and vitamins in hair,increases strength and promotes cell regeneration.

Moisturizing and Protecting the Skin

The local residents of the southern regions of Africa have used Marula oil as a skin moisturizer and to protect their skin against extremely hot conditions found in that area for many, many years. Because the oil is so full of amino acids and fatty acids, it provides a great level of moisture to the skin when applied, working great as a daily moisturizer.

It can also be applied more heavily if being used as a mask to treat the damages that have occurred to the skin. Additionally, because of the nature of oils, as well as the nutrients contained in the oil, it can be an effective protection against sunburn. Marula Oil effectively shields the skin from any damage by thinly coating the skin. It also protects your skin from any damage that may be caused by harsh weather conditions and free radicals.  It will also fortify the skin from inside-out with its cocktail of conditioning, nourishing and enriching nutrients.  Retain that beautiful, youthful skin every day. It can also be used to treat a sunburn, as the antioxidants present in the oil help it to repair damaged skin. For all of these uses, the marula oil should be gently massaged into the skin.

Prevents Wrinkles and Slows Aging

Marula oil is suitable for all skin types.This makes it great to use as a wrinkle prevention tool or smoothing tool for wrinkled skin. One of the ways that this oil prevents wrinkles is by keeping the skin super moisturized. It is full of antioxidants and amino fatty acids which provide essential nutrients to the skin preventing it from drying out. Moisturized skin is less likely to wrinkle. As the moisture fills in the potential crevices of the skin, keeping skin supple.

Another cause of wrinkles is the free radicals that enter and abuse our skin from the sun, wind, pollution, etc. Antioxidants break down these damaging particles as they come into contact, which prevents them from damaging the skin. Less damage to the skin means less wrinkles in the years to come. Finally, marula oil can help soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that are already present. The oil, with its fatty amino acids, fills in the crevices of the face by expanding the skin. It also contains cell regeneration components, which allow the skin to create new, youthful skin cells to fill in the existing lines. Oil should be massaged directly into the skin or problem area to see results.

In general, Marula oil helps skin to look younger. This is because of the high levels of vitamin E present in this essential oil. Vitamin E assists in the production of collagen and elastin which boosts skin’s elasticity and density both of which are vital to maintaining that youthful glow. Oil should be massaged into the skin daily to see this benefit.

Prevents and Eliminates Stretch Marks

Marula oil can also eliminates and prevents stretch marks.  It is a wonderful massage oil and gift for expectant mothers!  Marula Oil works to reduce stretch marks through the fatty amino acids present in the oil. It uses a very similar process in the way it prevents wrinkles. The oils keep the skin moisturized, allowing it to stretch easier without harming the skin. This prevents stretch marks from appearing on the skin. It retains the elasticity of the skin and leaves it supple.

Marula Oil can also eliminate stretch marks that have already formed due to the oils cell regeneration properties. This can allow the skin of the stretch mark to rejuvenate, fading over time. This can be used on all other types of scars as well, including acne scars! Massage the oil at least twice a day to keep away the hyperpigmentation that come with stretch marks associated with pregnancy or weight gain.  Those stretch marks will also be kept at bay with marula oil.

Soothes the Skin During Hormonal Changes

This powerful oil also combats negative effects of bodily hormonal changes.  This is in particular with women, because of the many changes that occur in their bodies, from the monthly menstrual cycle to menopause to pregnancy. This is because marula oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing the redness and irritation that can frequently occur during hormonal changes within the body. Rubbing oil directly into the skin will protects the skin against these inflammations and keeps it healthy.

Some of the Nail Benefits of Marula Oil 

Strong Nails

Marula Oil is amazing at creating strong, healthy nails. The oil contains a myriad of nutrients that can strengthen the nails. It is also packed with fatty amino acids that provide much needed moisture to the nails. We don’t often think of our nails as needing moisture, but they do! In order to prevent breakage, we need nails that are moist and pliable, not brittle! In addition to providing moisture, the oil provides vitamins that are key to healthy nails. The vitamins will strengthen the nails from the inside, providing them additional strength. The oil can also be used on the skin surrounding the nails to create healthy, well managed cuticle and nail beds. Massaging this oil into the skin and nails leaves  them moisturized and healthy and strong once more.  Use this oil regularly on your hands and see amazing results.

Some of the Lip Benefits of Marula Oil 

Treats Chapped lips

In addition to treating dry skin, this essential oil is also effective for treating chapped lips, and can be used as a natural chapstick. It can be used both as a preventative measure as well as a healing balm once lips are chapped. The marula oil is full of fatty amino acids that provide the skin with much needed moisture. This keeps the lips soft and protected from chapping.

The oil can also be applied to the skin after chapping has occurred to speed up the healing process.  Marula essential oil has cell regeneration properties that are particularly useful in a chapped lips situation. The oil, when applied to the lips creates new healthy skin cells to take the place of the ones that have been damaged by the sun or wind. This allows the lips to heal faster so you deal with pain for a shorter period. It is well absorbed in the skin of your lips and removes dryness from within.  Your lips remain forever soft and no more cracking and bleeding.

In conclusion

Marula oil is the biggest up and coming oil in the beauty world, and for good reason! This oil has health benefits for the hair including keeping it protected from the elements, protects from dandruff, stimulates hair growth, and keeps hair shiny and soft.

Marula essential oil has benefits for the skin including moisturizing and protecting the skin, preventing wrinkles and aging of the skin, preventing and eliminating stretch marks, and soothing hormonal changes associated with the skin, as well as preventing chapped lips. It has benefits for the nails as well, keeping them strong, allowing them to grow long.  Your skin remains young and smooth, your hair grows long, and your nails are strong. Marula oil is an amazing essential oil that should absolutely become part of your beauty routine.

This wonderful essential oil is good for all types of skin, from expectant mothers to young children. Marula oil is slowly becoming one of the most sought after skin oils for skin care and other benefits, so don’t wait too long before trying this oil!





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