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Ingram’s Tissue Oil Cream

The market for skin care products has grown exponentially over the past few years. It’s not because of clever advertising or because of a new trend. It’s because people have an innate desire to take care of their skin. Who’s to blame them? Your skin is your outer image. It says a lot about you. It’s one of the first parts of your body to show signs when you are sick or malnourished. That’s why new products promoting skin care are hitting the market everyday. One product though, has been around for quite some time and that’s because it’s unlike any other. Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream. You may have heard about some of the things it can do but its uses are endless.

Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream is mainly used for various skin ailments such as scar tissue, stretch marks, skin ageing, blemishes, dark spots, acne, dry or dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone. Can one product really do all these things? Well, Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream can. So now you’re wondering what this Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream is. Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream is basically a therapeutic body oil made from a bunch of oil extracts. Various plants and herbs can be used as a source of these oils such as marula, flax, rose hips, roobios, sweet almond, germ wheat and argan. These oil extracts, along with different vitamins such as A, C and E, are blended together in just the right amounts to give us most Ingrams Tissue Oil Creams. Don’t believe that a bunch of oils blended together can do all these things? Let’s prove it.


Dry/dehydrated skin

Most of us don’t drink enough water on a regular basis. A glass or two, at most, between meals or when it’s too hot outside. Even those who drink the recommended six to eight glasses a day can still suffer from dry and dehydrated skin. Why? Because we constantly lose water from our bodies through sweat and various other mechanisms. So do we just keep drinking to compensate all that water loss? No, there’s a better solution. Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream. Most websites and product reviews say that Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream is great because it “hydrates the skin”. Technically​, that’s incorrect. Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream doesn’t add water to your skin. It keeps the already pre-existing moisture and water sealed up inside your skin and therefore preventing its loss. Big difference between adding and preserving. The latter of course, being far more effective.


So how does that work? Well, our skin is made up of a bunch of layers. The outermost is a fatty porous layer called the stratum corneum. Since fats and water don’t mix well, the stratum corneum doesn’t let most of the water pass through. Some water however gets out through the pores. But what happens when you apply Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream? It acts as a second protective layer that prevents the water that escaped the stratum corneum from being lost. That way, you skin remains hydrated. Hydrated skin not only looks healthy but feels healthy. You can always tell if someone isn’t getting enough water just by at their skin.



If you think about it, everyone has had acne at some point in their life. Why? Because acne has so many triggers that it’s almost impossible to avoid them all. Hormones, stress, diet and some medication such as birth control pills, cortisone, androgens and lithium are just a few precipitating factors. That’s why teenagers and pregnant women are so prone to acne. Their hormone levels are constantly changing.


In order to understand how Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream works against acne, you need to know what acne is. Basically, a gland in your skin called the sebaceous gland, started secreting more than it should, of a substance called sebum. This excessive sebum, along with dead skin cells, leads to the clogging of your pores and makes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. And there you have it. You’ve got acne. What if you could control the sebum production? Wouldn’t that solve your acne problem? That’s exactly what Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream does. By keeping your skin adequately hydrated, Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream maintains a proper amount of water in your skin. This is important because having the right ratio of water to oil in your skin is a crucial factor for regulating sebum production. Not only that, but the vitamin A present in many products such as Ingram’s Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream cream, also works to balance your hormones levels. By doing that, it helps to avoid another trigger of acne.


You can be fond of some scars. Some can tell great stories and remind you of an experience you had. But those are rare. Most people are uncomfortable with their scars. Especially those on visible parts of their body like the face, neck or arm. Sure, they can be easily treated by a surgeon but not everyone is willing to go through surgery. So it’s only natural for people to prefer an easier, non-surgical solution such as Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream. What’s easier than rubbing on some oil?


For starters, scars are your body’s natural way of healing itself. When skin gets injured in any kind of way, collagen and many other substances start to deposit at the site of injury. Usually, your body would repair the damage within a couple of weeks. If it takes, however, more than three to four weeks, a thick layer of accumulated collagen is formed giving the appearance of a scar. Products that contain omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, such as Ingram’s Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream cream, can help stop the process. These fatty acids have three important properties that work against scars. First of all, they have the ability to regulate collagen levels, reduce excessive deposition and prevent extensive scarring. Second, they have anti-inflammatory properties which helps with the redness and itching that often occur with scars. The other important property they have is promoting wound healing.

Stretch Marks and Ageing


The omega-3 fatty acids in Ingram’s Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream cream don’t stop there. They also work wonders for stretch marks and ageing skin. How? Well, in addition to regulating collagen, these fatty acids also work to preserve another protein in our skin called elastin. As you can probably tell from its name, this protein is responsible for the elasticity of our skin. It’s the reason why there’s such a huge difference between a teenager and an old man’s skin. The more elastin, the more skin becomes flexible, elastic, able to contract easily and snap back to normal when pulled. Elastin is a protein you definitely need in your skin if you want it to look younger and be free of stretch marks.


Uneven skin tone


Have you ever seen areas of your skin that seem darker than others? Maybe just a few spots? Or maybe you just feel that your skin tone isn’t consistent? What you see in the mirror is called hyperpigmentation. If you split the word in half, it means too much of a pigment. This basically means that your skin produced too much of a certain pigment which lead to those dark spots. That pigment is called melanin. If it’s so troublesome why does your body synthesize it in the first place? Because melanin protects you from harmful sun rays and UV light. Sometimes though, it’s produced excessively, leaving you​ with a frustrating uneven skin tone. So how does Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream stop this overproduction? Once again vitamins A and E are the key. They’re both powerful antioxidants. They use up intracellular oxygen that is needed for melanin production. Less oxygen, less melanin, fewer dark spots. Not only that, but vitamin E also encourages the body to produce more glutathione, a natural endogenous antioxidant.


Besides oxygen, an important enzyme called tyrosinase, is also vital to the synthesis of melanin. Vitamin E acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor and therefore stops melanin production in its tracks. Since Ingram’s Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream cream contains vitamin E and Argan oil, which is actually rich in vitamin E itself, this cream makes for an excellent skin toner.


Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream products come in many forms. Most of them are bottles of oil you can spray onto the area you want to treat. You can even use a cotton pad to apply it. One of the smarter choices though, is something like Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream cream. It combines the soothing sensation of creams with the therapeutic effect of Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream all in one product. The important thing is to choose a cream that is highly absorbed so you can get the most out of it. Ingram’s Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream cream has gotten quite a lot of reviews and positive feedback. Unlike most moisturizers, it doesn’t leave your skin damp afterwards. People have even mentioned seeing amazing results within less than a month.


Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream truly is magical. With all these benefits, there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing a whole new you. So choose a good product, with good reviews and start applying it a few times a day. But remember, it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be consistent because your skin deserves Ingrams Tissue Oil Cream and you deserve amazing skin.


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