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Glass Essencier Essential Oil Separator

Essential Oil Separator

Who doesn’t love essential oils? You can find them in practically every household on the planet. Everyone has had to use essential oils at one point or another. Why am I so sure? Well, for starters, essential oils have countless uses. Most of them are therapeutic, helping with all kinds of different diseases. Asthma, arthritis, shingles, herpes, urinary tract infections, dental problems, all of these can be solved by using the right essential oil. Some types of oils can even prevent cancer! In addition to their health benefits, essential oils are often used around the house for various purposes. Some are useful insecticides, like citronella essential oil, for example. Others are great culinary additives.

No matter what you have in mind, there will definitely be an essential oil that will suit your need. But there’s more than one problem you should be worried about. First of all, some oils are way too expensive. Second of all, not all essential oils are 100% pure. It’s hard for the average customer to determine whether or not the oil they’re about to buy is actually pure or adulterated with other oils. That’s why buying your essential oil can be quite a difficult process. So some people have resorted to another, smarter idea. If you don’t trust the ones being sold, make your own! To do that, the most important thing you’ll need is a separator like Glass Essencier essential oil separator.

What is Glass Essencier Essential Oil Separator

Glass Essencier essential oil separator is one of the most praised separators you’ll ever find on the market. It’s used for extracting large amounts of essential oil (about 20 liters or more) from plant material. But before we get into why this separator is so great, you probably need to understand what it does and what the whole process of making your own essential oil is all about.

When it comes to making your own essential oil, most of them require a steam distillation process to be extracted. You start out with your plant material, whether its plant leaves, roots, bark, twigs, seeds or whatever part contains the essential oil. Then you utilize something like boiling water or high-temperature steam.

The whole point of this is to cause the membranes inside your plant material to rupture, releasing the essential oils in the form of volatile vapors. Of course, it brings with it water, along with other aqueous substances that have been vaporized along the way. Together, they float up into your condenser whose sole purpose is return these vapors back to liquid form. You’ve just extracted your essential oil along with some unwanted watery substances. Next you need to get rid of them, right? You need to separate them. In other words you need something like Glass Essencier essential oil separator.

Extracts Essential Oils

Glass Essencier essential oil separator helps you literally separate the essential oil you want from the watery material, which is actually called hydrosol. A lot of manufacturers ignore this step and just take all the essential oil along with the hydrosol and sell it as it is. That’s why their products are considered adulterated and of poor quality regardless of how pure they claim to be. If they’d bothered to use something like Glass Essencier essential oil separator, they would have been able to produce essential oil that is truly 100% pure.


How Glass Essencier Essential Oil Separator Works

So how does Glass Essencier essential oil separator work? Well, first of all, before you even start the distillation process, fill up your separator with warm water. You’ll know that’s enough water when you see it begin to drip out of the “s” shaped tube.  The Glass Essencier essential oil separator was especially made for water and steam distillation units so don’t worry about elevated temperatures, it can handle the heat. Next, you should make sure that the separator is completely level, not inclined or tilted in any way, because otherwise it won’t work like it’s supposed to. Alright so it’s all set up, what next? See that funnel at the top of your Glass Essencier essential oil separator? That’s where the distillate from the condenser of your distillation unit goes. Once you have your distillate, the separator’s job begins.

Separates Hydrosol From Essential Oils

The Glass Essencier essential oil separator begins separating the hydrosol from the essential oil during the distillation process. It relies on one very important physical parameter which is specific gravity. It’s kind of like density but for liquids. Think of it this way, if you throw a rock and a feather over a cliff, which one falls faster? The rock of course, because it’s heavier, right? Well, the same concept applies to hydrosols and essential oils. Oils are naturally lighter than water so the hydrosol will gather in the bottom of your Glass Essencier essential oil separator while the essential oil stays on top.

So far so good. You started out with a few leaves, extracted the essential oil vapors along with some hydrosol, condensed it inside the separator, and formed 2 distinct layers. All that’s left is for you to remove the oil that’s lying on top of the hydrosol. That’s why Glass Essencier essential oil separator has two different outlets. One of them is an “s” shaped tube near the bottom and the other is a straight tube near the top. The “s” shaped tube is meant for the hydrosol to flow out of, while the straight tube is specifically made for the essential oil. Make sure you place some sort of container or even a cup at the end of each tube. Other than that, you don’t have to do anything. Just stand by and watch Glass Essencier essential oil separator do all the work.

Unique Design Prevents Hydrosols From Flowing Out

Now here’s a logical question: what happens when all the hydrosol is finished? Won’t the essential oil fall to the bottom and flow out of the “s” shaped tube, as well? Of course not. That’s just the brilliance of the Glass Essencier essential oil separator’s design. The “s” shaped tube at the bottom guarantees that the hydrosol will never completely flow out because there has to be a sufficient amount at all times for it to flow up the tube. On the other hand, the straight tube is tilted downwards, guaranteeing that even the smallest amount of essential oil won’t be wasted.

Tips on How to Use Glass Essencier Essential Oil Separator

Here’s an important tip for when you’re doing several distillation processes consecutively. Don’t empty your Glass Essencier essential oil separator from the distillate. Just keep on going. Don’t stop between batches. If your container or cup becomes full, just replace it. There’s no need to stop your distillation process before you’re completely satisfied with the amount of oil you have.

A distillation unit can be quite expensive. Of course, it depends on whether you’re using it for industrial purposes or for extracting your own essential oil at home. That’s why when considering the cost, you have to keep in mind that this unit will save you tons of money and you’ll be able to extract whatever essential oil you need. You also have to be sure that the most important part, the separator, won’t break or need replacement. If you want it to last, go for the Glass Essencier essential oil separator. It’s a onetime purchase and after that, all you’ll ever have to buy is your plant material, which is very cheap by the way.

Glass Essencier Essential Oil Separator is Durable

One of the great things about the Glass Essencier essential oil separator is its durability. It can handle impressive temperatures. It was actually made to house boiling water and high-temperature steam. Another impressive quality is its capacity. The Glass Essencier essential oil separator works with distillers that are 20 liters or larger. Sure, you can use smaller volumes but they won’t work as effectively nor will they bring out its full potential.

Keep in mind that the extraction of essential oils requires patience. You’ll probably need to do a few batches and several distillation processes before you have a good amount of oil. Glass Essencier essential oil separator is great because it works on its own and involves large volumes so you won’t have to sit by its side throughout the whole process. Just let it do its thing and come back in a bit to collect your essential oil.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils that are found on the market these days are commonly adulterated. You buy one thing, thinking its 100% pure, while in reality, half of it is something you’ve probably never heard of. Most manufacturers shorten the distillation period and then add other solvents to increase the size of their yield. Few brands are trustworthy. That’s why it’s always smart to make your own essential oil. It’ll take time and you’ll be tempted to give up on it all together, but the end result is definitely worth. As long as you get a good, decent separator like Glass Essencier essential oil separator, your essential oils will be as pure as possible. And most importantly, with minimal effort. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see that it’s the spark that your distillation unit was missing.





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