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Eleven Practical Uses of Cedarwood Oil


Cedar is an amazing and beautiful tree. It is versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of things and its aroma makes it perfect to plant in your yard. With the thousands of years of history that people have with this tree it not hard to imagine that it has medical and health benefits as well as being commonly used in crafts and as a building material. This article will tell you all about the amazing history of this tree and the modern benefits that you can receive from using cedarwood oil as an everyday part of your life. You will not regret it!

History of Cedarwood Trees

Cedar trees are coniferous trees from the plant family Pinacaea, and there are two different species, the Deodar cedar and the Lebanon cedar. The deodar cedar is native to the western Himalayas. It has pendulous branches and rounded cones that have slightly ridged scales. The tree is a giant, it can reach a height of up 250 feet! However, do not fear, if you are interested in using it as a lawn tree it is more likely to reach around 70 feet in height. The name ‘Deodar’ comes from Sanskrit and it means ‘timber of the gods,’ an appropriate name for such a huge and amazing tree. It was introduced to Europe in 1822 and shortly thereafter it was introduced to the United States.

Lebanon cedar is native to the mountains of the Mediterranean Seas, especially around Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. The Turkish, Cyprus, and Atlas cedar trees are all variations of the Lebanon cedar. Many of the original Lebanon cedar trees have been cut down over the years. However, a program is underway to conserve and save the remaining old groves and to plant new trees to re-establish them in the area. The Lebanon cedar is the national symbol of Lebanon, and the central emblem on the country’s flag.

Cedar work is perfect for a variety of purposes and people enjoy it for its wide utilitarian value. Cedar is remarkably decay and weather resistant. This makes it a perfect choice for wood that will be exposed to outdoor elements. There are likely shingles and fences in your neighborhood that are made from cedar. It is also a great item for furniture building, and some cultures make most of their furniture out of cedar. The wood retains a beautiful polished look that everyone will enjoy. Its water resistance also makes it a wonderful type of wood for building ships. Cultures within the Mediterranean have used cedar for shipbuilding for thousands of years.

Other uses include things such as clothing! Some types of cedar are lightweight and are used in clothing to help stop insects from eating the fibers. There is even a type of cedar wood that is the primary material that modern pencils are made out of! The aroma of cedar trees also makes them a popular tree that people enjoy including in their homes, it is one of the reasons it has ultimately become an essential oil. Humans just can get enough of the wonderful scent of cedar. However, the tree’s popularity has led to a bit of a downfall. It is so popular that in parts of the world it is now endangered. Conservationists are working to restore old groves and ensure that cedar trees will exist for many generations to come.

Traditional Uses of Cedar

Among the ancient Phoenician people made great use of cedar trees in their culture. Many cedar trees were cut down to build houses and ships. The Sumerians believed that cedar trees were the places where gods lived and burned cedar trees as part of their traditional ceremonies. In The Iliad, references are made to a cedar roofed chest where valuables are kept. Cedar trees are even mentioned in the old testament of the Bible and the Talmud. Noah is said to have made an offering of cedarwood and myrtle essence to give thanks to God for surviving the flood. Cedar was so revered that it was even used as some of the building materials for King Solomon’s Temple and the palaces of King David and King Solomon.

It was also used in ancient times as one of the world’s first perfumes. Ancient Egyptians used cedar oil in the embalming process to keep away negative smells and created coffins (sarcophagi) out of cedar trees. Today archaeologists have unearthed Ancient Egyptian coffins that have survived intact for several thousand years. By using cedar oil today you will simply be partaking in a long and storied tradition going back for thousands of years.

How to make Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil is made from the leaves, berries, and bark of cedar trees. They can be harvested from a variety of cedar trees as well as related trees. A combination of the leaves, berries, and bark is combined with water in a stainless steel pot. The pot is heated and brought to a boil before being allowed to simmer. Overtime the pot is taken off of heat and ice cubes are used to bring down the temperature as the water simmers off, until there is about three cups of fluid, called hydrosol. The leaves, bark, and berries can be discarded.

The hydrosol liquid should then be poured into a gravy separator and allowed to cool. The oily fluid that rises to the top and floats is the pure cedarwood essential oil. You can use an eyedropper or cotton balls to pick up the essential oils and squeeze the oil into a small dark glass bottle. But what do you do with the leftover hydrosol oil? Luckily both the cedarwood oil and the hydrosol are useful! You can put the hydrosol oil into a spray bottle and you can use to as a deodorizer. It’s a prefect thing to spray on fabrics to freshen them up or spray it onto your body when you step out of the shower.

To keep both the hydrosol oil and the cedarwood oil fresh they should be stored I in a refrigerator. That way they will last longer and not turn.

Health Benefits for Cedarwood Oil

So people can build lots of things from cedarwood, but what exactly are the health benefits to cedarwood oil? Does it just smell good, or can it actually make a valuable difference to your health and your everyday life? Read ahead to hear about all the groundbreaking ways that cedarwood oil can make an impact in your life.

Improvements in Skin Health by Using Cedarwood Oil

Skin blemishes are frustrating and annoying. Many of us start suffering from them as teens and struggle with things like ache and eczema well into adulthood. Modern medications can be expensive and require us to take off time and go to the doctor. Who has time for that? Cedarwood oil might be the perfect remedy for skin blemishes and gets you back to enjoying life without feeling self conscious and nervous that people are judging you based on your skin. Bring back your confidence with just a few drops of oil!

Several skin disorders especially those occurring on the face can be eliminated with just a few drops of cedar oil application on a regular basis. Eczema and acne are common skin disorders that prove to be stubborn to current medical treatments available. Within a matter of days of application, the disease producing agent is eradicated and healing begins. No waiting weeks to see improvements, which is the case with many modern treatments from a doctor.

Mixing a few drops of cedarwood oil with a good moisturizer is critical in getting rid of such skin infections such as acne as it protects the skin pores from harmful microbes. This will make your skin look refreshing and young. This means that you will not only be ridding your skin of blemishes, but also keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Giving the appearance of youth and vigor. Also cleaning the skin of impurities is crucial in treating accumulated dirt and debris that cover your skin over the course of the day. In the case of rashes and irritation to the skin, cedar oil mixed with coconut or avocado can help cure it without aggravating the irritation. The oil is applied directly on the affected or broken skin.

Improving your Mental Focus with Cedarwood Oil

We all have busy lives with outs of demands on our attention and mental energy. We can all use a pick me up to keep us feeling good and make sure that we can take care of everything we need to do at our jobs, at home, and in our leisure time. Cedarwood oil might be the perfect way to improve your focus and make sure that you get everything done. It can not only increase your focus, but also enhance your learning ability. You will see that you are faster, sharper, and more alert than you were before you started using cedarwood oil.

Improving your Muscle Tone with Cedarwood Oil

Everyone wants to look trim and toned, but getting to the gym can be hard, we lead busy lives and often do not take time for self care and improvement. If you are struggling with getting that perfect body you are looking for and want an edge in developing your muscle tone then cedarwood oil might be the perfect thing for you to use. Cedarwood oil not only has the ability to ton your organ systems, but can also increase your metabolism. This means that your body will burn off more fat that it usually will. You won’t even have to head to the gym, instead you can just see the pounds melt off of you like magic! Who would not want such a simple and easy weight loss solution.

Cellulite is also an annoying and common problem, especially for children. While cedarwood oil is busy increasing your metabolism and toning your muscles it is also hard at work tightening the skin and giving the body an overall calming effect. This means that your cellulite will begin disappearing and your skin will look smooth and even instead.

Improving your ability to Relax with Cedarwood Oil

We all lead busy lives and often struggle to find time to relax. We are just pulled in too many different directions every day and often need help even to simply fall asleep. When we are so stressed our bodies, work, and personal relationships all suffer. Personal care for is crucial to remaining strong and capable with it comes to fulfilling your duties. Cedarwood oil is often used in aromatherapy, and is a perfect way to help you relax after a long day. Inhaling cedarwood oil deeply induces the release of serotonin. Serotonin quickly gets converted to melatonin, and that brings out the calming effects that you need to relax. It is perfect for people suffering from insomnia and other conditions that makes it hard to sleep and have the energy that you need.

Using Cedarwood oil as a Treatment for Menstruation and Other Women’s Health Issues

Pain from menstrual cramps is a far to common part of women’s lives every month. They can be so painful that women miss work and have a hard time enjoying the everyday aspects of their lives. It is annoying and there are not many ways around it. It can be difficult and expensive to treat and every month you know the pain is coming. Cedarwood oil might be the perfect solution to these problems. Simply 2 -3 drops of cedarwood oil and can begin to see a huge improvement in how you feel. You can mix the drops in with any type of carrier oil and ingest it. Cedarwood oil brings out a hormonal balance that will help improve the way that you feel and make sure that hormones behave correctly in your body. It is safe, natural, and effective.

Using Cedarwood oil as a Treatment for Minor Wounds

Cuts and scrapes can be annoying. You want to make sure that they do not get infected and heal quickly, without leaving scars. Cedarwood oil is a great way to treat your injuries because the oil has antiseptic qualities. This will protect your skin from attacks from bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. It will not only help your wounds heal more quickly, but help your body overall. Preventing the bacteria from entering your bloodstream means that the toxins will be removed from your body and stress will be taken off of your red blood cells and immune system. Simply just place a few drops of cedarwood oil into coconut oil, mix them together and apply them directly onto the affected area.

Using Cedarwood Oil as a Treatment for Chest for Respiratory Problems

No one likes to suffer from colds, coughs, and other ailments. It takes you away from doing the things you enjoy the most, causes you to miss work, and takes you away from your family. For older people or those suffering from chronic illnesses it can also be dangerous to get sick as even a minor illness could quickly become critical, something no one wants to suffer from. Cedarwood oil is an excellent way to solve these problems, you will start seeing results almost instantly. Cedarwood oil is an expectorant and that is what gives it the ability to relieve congestion and remove icky things like phlegm from the respiratory tracts and the lungs.

Cedarwood Oil as a Natural Deodorizer

Cedarwood oil has a refreshing earthy sweet scent. This oil can thus be used to neutralize the odor from smoke, food or any other smell. The oil can as well be mixed with others like rose and pine to create even a better pleasant aroma you may use in soothing the atmosphere.

Cedarwood Oil as a Natural and Safe Bug Repellant

Cedarwood oil is also a good insect repellant. The common chemicals available have a strong pungent smell unlike the cedar oil. Just have a few drops in a diffuser to repel all insects including mosquitoes. It is safe and easy, no more spraying your children with strange chemicals and worrying about their effect.

Cedarwood Oil as a Simple Pain Reliever

Cedarwood oil is great in reducing inflammation and pain due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Applying the oil on the affected part will give results within a short period.

Cedarwood Oil as a Treatment for Asthma and Rheumatism

Cedarwood oil has proved to greatly help in getting rid of stiffness and pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism. The anti-inflammatory properties in the oil help to achieve this benefit. With a soothing massage on the affected area using cedarwood oil diluted with carrier oil will bring immense results.


In summary, the benefits of cedarwood oil outweigh the cons by far. This is one reason every family should shelf a bottle or two of the same. The numerous benefits of this oil make it worth the investment if you are indeed looking forward to achieving beauty and heath that will improve your wellness.



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