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Elecampane Essential Oil Benefits and Cures

Have you ever heard of Helen of Troy, who is considered the most beautiful woman to have ever lived? Perhaps you haven’t. But would you be interested in a plant that is said to have sprouted from the tear drops of the most beautiful woman on earth? When I first found out that the Elecampane plant originated from the spot where Helen of Troy’s teardrops fell, my interest was piqued. What was this magic plant? Why was it so important in history that a story was possibly fabricated about it? I soon came to the conclusion that the secret behind people’s love for Elecampane wasn’t the plant itself, but in fact, Elecampane essential oil.

Essential Oils
Helen of Troy Essential Oils

Elecampane essential oil is extracted from the small perennial Elecampane plant which has other names such as Elfwort and Elfdock. This plant is cherished all over Europe and Great Britain, probably for its roots and leaves which are rich in Elecampane essential oil. This oil has been proven to be effective against so many diseases and conditions; one wouldn’t know where to start. For example, it’s great for your respiratory system. Whether you’re dealing with asthma, bronchitis, or even respiratory distress, you can count on Elecampane essential oil to help soothe it away. Another thing it can do is boost your immune system, helping you fight all kinds of diseases. It can also help detoxify your body, boost metabolism, improve digestive health, fix dental problems, protect against certain types of cancer, and even give you better, healthier skin. Perhaps the most researched properties of all when it comes to Elecampane essential oil are its antimicrobial properties. Research has proven that it can be effective against certain diseases like tuberculosis and certain dangerous bacteria like MRSA. Believe it or not, all these uses only scratch the surface of what Elecampane essential oil can do. Let’s go into more details.


Benefits of Elecampane Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Elecampane Essential Oil Essential Oil BenefitsElecampane Essential Oil can be used to cure for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. It can improve Circulation, aid in respiration, fight infections, help you to lose weight and even promote healthier teeth.  We will be going into some of these benefits in more detail.

Respiratory uses

Essential Oils and Respiration

     Elecampane essential oil is your respiratory tract’s best friend. First of all, it has powerful expectorant effects that can help you get rid of the annoying phlegm and mucus that accompany cold and flu. This isn’t just important because the mucus makes you feel uncomfortable and causes a persistent cough. There’s another reason you should get rid of the mucus. Bacteria, viruses, and lots of other microorganisms thrive in mucus and consider it an ideal medium for their growth. Elecampane essential oil basically prevents the bacteria from doing the one thing they need to do in order to cause an infection: find a suitable medium and begin to replicate.

In addition to its expectorant effects, Elecampane essential oil also has the ability to calm and soothe your respiratory airways. This is very important in the case of Asthma where your Bronchi and bronchioles can become inflamed, causing you to gasp for air. Elecampane essential oil is also important for Bronchitis and other conditions that can cause respiratory distress. It helps you overcome the feeling of suffocation and restores your breathing back to normal. Didn’t I tell you Elecampane essential oil was your respiratory tract’s best friend?


Improves Digestive Health

Essential Oils Benefits
Essential Oils and Digestion

     Elecampane essential oil is great for anything related to your gastrointestinal tract. For example, it can help you with problems like indigestion and dyspepsia. A lot of things can cause indigestion like stress, changes in food or exercise habits, disrupted sleep patterns, and even some types of medication. It’s pretty common and practically everyone has suffered from indigestion at point or another. That’s why it’s a good idea to always have a bottle of Elecampane essential oil handy in case it’s one of those rough days.

Another GI problem that Elecampane essential oil can help with is intestinal worms. It has powerful anthelmintic properties which give it the ability to fight and get rid of pesky intestinal worms. They can be quite troublesome because as long as they’re inside your GI tract, they keep eating all your food and taking all your nutrients. That’s why worm infections often lead to malnutrition, anemia, and weight loss. So it’s important that you get rid of them as soon as possible by using an anthelmintic like Elecampane essential oil.


Dental care

Dental Care Essential Oils
Elecampane Essential Oil for Healthy Teeth

     Your teeth will love Elecampane essential oil just as much as your respiratory tract. Thanks to its impressive antimicrobial properties, it makes sure that no harmful bacteria can get to your teeth and gums or cause them any damage. That’s why a lot of manufacturers add Elecampane essential oil to their mouthwashes, herbal toothpastes, and all kinds of oral hygiene products. Instead of buying these products just because they contain Elecampane essential oil, you could just use a small, diluted amount of the oil as a gargle or mouthwash. This will help get rid of any harmful bacteria hiding between your teeth or around your gums. It can also help with several periodontal diseases. Using Elecampane essential oil consistently to clean your teeth can be just as important as brushing twice a day.


Boosts your Metabolism

Essential Oils and Weight Loss
Elecampane Essential Oil for improved Metabolism

     Elecampane essential oil can significantly boost your metabolism. That means it helps your body carry out all the vital everyday processes it needs to function properly. This also helps balance your hormone levels, which is absolutely essential for preventing numerous conditions. For example, one of the most common manifestations of hormonal disturbances is acne. In other words, Elecampane essential oil can help you avoid developing acne by regulating your hormone levels.

Enhances your Detoxification

Essential Oils Detox
Elecampane Essential Oil Detoxification

The reason Elecampane essential oil can boost your metabolism is that several of its components are considered powerful tonics. They basically have the ability to strengthen various components in your body and enhance its overall function. One of the processes that Elecampane essential oil improves is your detoxification process. This means that it helps you get rid of all the unwanted, harmful toxins and waste materials in your body. These unwanted substances can be anything from excessive uric acid to byproducts of drug metabolism. Regardless of what they are, you don’t want them in your body because they can cause all kinds of diseases. Elecampane essential oil can help you get rid of them without having to rely on all those expensive annual detox practices.


Boosts your Immune System

Essential Oils Benefits
Elecampane Essential Oil Immune System Booster

     Where would we be without an immune system? We’d probably be stuck in a hospital for the rest of our lives. That’s because our immune system is what protects us from the harmful pathogens that are all around us. There are bacteria floating around you right now while you’re reading this. Remember that sandwich you eat earlier? It had bacteria on it. Remember when you washed your hands in the bathroom? There were still bacteria on your hands when you left. So why are you perfectly healthy right now? Because your immune system is grinding away, constantly killing off these bacteria before they can cause you any serious damage. Doesn’t this powerful defense system deserve the extra boost that Elecampane essential oil gives it? Not only does Elecampane essential oil strengthen your immune system but it also helps eliminate all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Basically, it makes your immune system’s job much easier. By using Elecampane essential oil consistently, you’ll significantly reduce your chances of ever getting ill. No more calling in sick or staying in bed all day with a box of tissues. Elecampane essential oil has your back.


A Minor Precaution

     Elecampane essential oil has some slight sedative effects that can help calm your nerves and relieve your stress. This is usually enough to get a good night’s sleep and keep you from frequently getting up in the dead of night for no reason. However, you should keep in mind that taking sedative medication along with Elecampane essential oil can lead to too much drowsiness, which isn’t a good thing especially when driving or operating any machinery. That’s why it’s preferred that you avoid taking Elecampane essential oil if you’re already taking anything that has sedative effects such as antihistamines. If you’re not sure whether or not your current medicines have sedative effects, you might want to check with your doctor just to be on the safe side.

Try a skin patch test before using it

     Alright so you’ve bought yourself a bottle of Elecampane essential oil. You can’t wait to use it, right? Well, here’s a word of advice: try a skin patch test first. It’s not very common, but sometimes people get a minor allergic reaction when they apply Elecampane essential oil to their skin. It’s nothing serious, just some itchiness and irritation. You might not even be one of the few rare people who are allergic to Elecampane essential oil but just in case, here’s how to do a skin patch test. Take a small, diluted amount of the oil, preferably using a cotton pad, not your hands. Apply it to a small area of skin that isn’t too visible. Give it some time and wait to see if any signs of allergy appear. As long as you don’t see any redness, irritation, swelling, or anything abnormal whatsoever, you’re good to go. Apply Elecampane essential oil to your heart’s desire. It’s one of the safest and most effective oils in the market. After all, this oil did come from the tear drops of the most beautiful woman on earth.





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