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You have probably heard of chamomile in the past. It is used in a wide variety of products and is also a beautiful plant. If you have previously used it in tea it is time to try chamomile out as a simple oil. You will quickly see a wide variety of medical benefits and it will allow you to enjoy the things you loved about life, but were previously hampered by medical problems. This article will go over the history of the plant and its uses, how chamomile has been used as a tea, and the modern benefits of chamomile oil. Jump start the rest of your life give it a try!

Chamomile Plant

Chamomile is the common name for several daisy like plants from the family Asteraceae. The word chamomile is derived from French and Latin and means “earth apple.” Such a fitting name for a plant that has been around for thousands of years and has been used as a powerful medicine by ancient cultures. It reminds someone of the beauty of the Earth and the amazing bounty that it can come from tilling the great, rich soil. There are two different types of chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla and Chamaemelum nobile.

Matricaria chamomilla

Matricaria chamomillais is an annual plant and the most popular when it comes to using chamomile for medical benefits. It is commonly called German chamomile. The plant branches, with an erect, smooth stem and it grows to a height of 15 – 60 centimeters (6 – 23.5 inches). The flowers are white and bloom in early to midsummer. They are a great flower to use in your garden as they give off a strong, aromatic smell. They can be found throughout Europe and temperate Asia and have been introduced to temperate areas in North America, South America, and Australia. It is commonly found near roads, around landfills, and in cultivated fields.

While it can be grown as a plant in garden beds, it is sometimes referred to as a weed because it requires open soil to survive and does best in large fields where it seeds naturally after the seeds drop at the end of the season. If you are planting it, each plant should be placed 6 – 12 inches apart. It is fairly simple to grow, and does not require much in the way of fertilizer. However, it does prefer soil with small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which can be added to the soil prior to planting. It should also be planted in part shade, but can also grow in full sun. Once it starts growing it requires very little care, even the poorest of gardeners should be able to figure it out! It best when you do not spend much time fussing around about it. You will enjoy the small white flowers that bloom every year and brighten up your backyard and local fields.

One of the other benefits to planting it in your garden is that it does not attract the annoying pests that often harass other plants. This means that it is a perfect ‘companion plant’ for the other plants in your garden that are more easily attacked by insects and other pests. Place it near a plant that seemed to get eaten up by pests every year and before you know it, the other plant will be growing and healthier than ever before.

Chamaemekum nobile

Chamaemelum nobile is very similar to its relative Matricaria chamomilla and is also easy to grow. It is often referred to as Roman chamomile. It is not the ‘true’ chamomile the way that German chamomile and it often used for the same medical purposes.

It is a low perennial plant that can also be used to create chamomile oil. It is a daisy like plant with white flowers. It has a procumbent stems, with downy leaves. It grows to between 20 – 30 centimeters in height (8 – 12 inches). The flowers either look like yellow disk flowers or silver white ray flowers. In  the northern hemisphere the flowers come out in June and July. The flowers give off a fragrance that is sweet, crisp, fruity, and herbaceous. It is common throughout Europe, North America, and Argentina. It enjoys dry fields and can also be found in cultivated fields. It grows very similar to the way that Roman chamomile grows and you will find it to be a very similar plant in your gardens.

The history of Chamomile

People have been using chamomile as a medical supplement for thousands of years. With such a proven track record, where could you go wrong? It is amazing to make use of something that has existed for so many thousands of years. It got its start in ancient Egypt, where early writings mention it being used as a cure for fever. The crushed flowers were also rubbed on the skin as a cosmetic. Have you heard about the amazing Egyptian mummies? Chamomile was even used as a main product in the embalming oil used to preserve deceased pharaohs! How amazing is that?

As mentioned earlier, it got its name from the Greek and Latin words for apple. The famous Pliny the Elder mentioned the similarity of the smell of the chamomile flower to the apple blossom, which is where it might have gotten its name in the first place. The ancient Greeks and Romans used chamomile to flavor drinks and in incense, as well as in different types of medicines.

In Medieval times, the crisp apple scent of the chamomile plant was strewn around large gatherings to help hide the odor from unwashed bodies and animals. Long before hops was introduced into beer chamomile was used instead. The ancient Norsemen even used it as shampoo as it appeared to add luster to their famously braided hair.

What is today known as Roman Chamomile was not actually cultivated by the Romans, but was discovered by an English botanist growing wild in the Coliseum. When the colonists came over to America they brought chamomile, and the many benefits it has, to the New World. They used it to treat a variety of ailments.

Chamomile Tea and its Medicinal uses

Growing chamomile in your garden means that you will have easy access to the plant for brewing tea. It is delicious and has a wide range of health benefits that you will enjoy. The best way to make the tea is to harvest the plant the same day you plan to make the tea because the petals are delicate and have a short shelf life. However, if put them on a lightly dampened paper towel in a plastic bag you can place the herbs in a refrigerator for a few days.

To get the chamomile ready to use its best to pop the head of the flower off of the stem. You can even harvest them this way so that you can use them immediately. It brew the tea it is best to use a tea infuser and a strainer. The chamomile tea has a hint of sweetness and apple flavor. To alter the flavor you can also add things such as peppermint and mint to the tea. This makes the tea pleasant for tea drinkers of all varieties. It will be delicious for tea lovers and people brand new to brewing tea.

If you do not have the ability to plant the chamomile herb, but still want to make the tea it is easy to do. The dried form of the plant can be purchased at a wide range of stores. Pick it up and take it straight home to the family. Just a few cups and you will start seeing the medical benefits and be feeling better than you have in years.

Chamomile as a Cooking Herb

If you do not enjoy tea there are other options you can use to take advantage of the benefits of chamomile! It is also an amazing herb that can be included in your food and add some spice to your kitchen. You can purchase it in fresh bunches or buy it dried in bulk. If you are using dried chamomile it is best to store it in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. If you have a fresh bunch, you can place the ends in a cup of water just like any other cut flowers until they are ready to be used.

It is a great additional to a wide range of foods such as chicken, fish, wheat, oat bran, and pureed or fresh fruit. Your family members will love the fresh, crisp apple flavor of the herb and ask for it to be added to their foods. Picky eaters will be good an amazing nutritional supplement without even realizing it!

The Health Benefits of Chamomile Oil

While chamomile is great to plant and prepare as herb for tea and food, chamomile oil is even easier. Just a few drops of chamomile oil and your will begin seeing a world of difference in your health. It is a perfect thing to add to your everyday routine. Continue reading to learn about all the many health benefits that you can take advantage of

Chamomile oil as Treatment for Acne and Eczema

Skin blemishes are some of the most annoying things to have to regularly deal with. It is common among teenagers and even bothers lots of adults. Just a few drops of chamomile oil will begin curing the unsightly and painful blemishes. You can even mix it with the amazing primrose oil to cure the inflammations that normally go along with the conditions. Before long your skin will be clear and scar free, what more could you ask for?

Chamomile oil as a treatment for Skin Rashes and Scarring

Do you suffer from any of a range of skin rashes? Do you have scarring from acne, injuries, or surgeries? Chamomile oil is a great way to improve your skin and get rid of these issues. Simply mix 3 -4 drops of chamomile oil with coconut oil and dab it on your skin. It will hydrate and moisturizer your skin while adding a touch of radiance. It is also great for healing those annoying and painful sunburns that you inevitably suffer from every summer. Instead of applying it directly to your skin you can also sprinkle a few drops into your bath water or place it on a cold compress, which will help your skin heal even more quickly.

Chamomile oil as a Treatment for Aging Skin

As you age your skin ages alongside you, it developed wrinkles, lines, and is not as smooth or firm as it was in your youth. Chamomile oil is a perfect solution to this problem! Place a few drops of chamomile oil on your skin and before long the crow’s feet and dark circles that so often annoy you when you look in the mirror will begin to disappear. It helps to repair skin, regenerate skin, and strengthens skin as you age. You will continue looking young and refreshed, no matter how many birthdays you have had.

Chamomile oil as a Natural Hair Care Product

Is your hair looking less than perfect? Are you looking for that glow and luster in your hair that often seems just out of reach? As you age, your hair begins losing many of the nutrients that existed in your hair when you were young. Chamomile oil is a perfect way to improve your hair and keep it looking young and radiant.

Simply place a gentle dab of chamomile oil on your hair and rinse it out. Your hair will begin looking brighter almost instantly. It’s a great way to lighten up blond hair that has started looking more brown as you aged. To make things easy, you can even add just a few drops onto a dried towel and rubbing it through your hair can restore shine and beauty.

Chamomile Oil as a Treatment for Lice and Dandruff

Lice is one of the words that strikes fear into the heart of every parent. It is becoming even more common and more harsh medical treatments have started to become ineffective. Why spend lots of money on treatments that will not work, and instead damage your family’s hair and leave you with weeks of washing bedsheets and pillowcases and going through your children’s hair for nits and eggs. Just a few drops will help to kill the lice in your hair and make it easier to pick out the eggs. It will also help to rehydrate the scalp and heal the damage you might have received from those harsher supposedly lice killing shampoos.

Chamomile Oil as a Natural Antidepressant

Nearly everyone in the world will suffer from mental health illnesses at some point in their lives, it is common and nothing to be ashamed of. Even more important, you need to seek treatment to get healthy and return to the everyday things you love. If you are suffering from mild depression you might find that chamomile oil helps you to feel better. The sweet aroma of the oil will help to calm you down and help you feel relaxed. You will begin to feel better and have more energy. It can be used alongside lemon grass oil to sooth the nerves and help calm children and adults suffering from hyperactivity.

Chamomile oil as a treatment for Arthritis and other joint pain

Arthritis is a common condition that many adults suffer from due to injury and age. It can stop you from living your life to the fullest and hamper your ability to do your job. Chamomile oil can be a great solution to these problems. Dab some warm water onto the arthritic region and then gently massage chamomile oil onto the area. It will help to restore circulation and ease inflammation and the other types of pain associated with arthritis. These same properties will also help people who commonly suffer from conditions such as colds, sinusitis, and migraines. Inhaling steam with this oil will act as a natural decongestant and help to unclog your chest and a stuffed up nose.

Concerns with chamomile

While this is an amazing plant it is important to remember that every plant and medicine can have side effects and to remain aware of them when you make any decisions regarding your health. If you plan to use chamomile oil to improve your health it is important to consult your doctor to make sure that it will not negatively interact with any existing medication you might be using. This is especially true for women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.

If you have the chamomile plant around your home it is also important to consider allergies. Individuals who are allergic to ragweed might also be allergic to chamomile because the plants share some similarities. You don’t want to it bring on sneezing and sniffling!


Chamomile is a great choice for a wide range of issues. You can use it to treat a wide range of ailments and before long you will begin seeing improvements to your health and changes to your everyday life. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it!



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