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Busby Pure Tissue Oil

On a scale of one to ten, how important to you would you consider your skin? Let’s say 9, maybe? Okay, well how about this: on a scale of one to ten, how much do you take care of your skin? How much of its daily requirements are you giving it? Maybe a 3? That says something. Everyone wants to have perfect skin but doesn’t have the time to eat all the healthy foods and supplements healthy skin entails. Even the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day are too much of a burden. So what do we do? Let our skin dry up, become damaged and flaky? What if you could give your skin the attention it needs just by spraying or rubbing on some oil a couple times a day? That’s what Busby pure tissue oil is for.


The thing about our skin, is that it dries up easily. It gets damaged and loses its lustrous look. That’s why we constantly need a means to keep it hydrated. Sure by drinking plenty of water you help maintain a healthy amount of moisture in your skin, but most of it gets lost through sweat and other mechanisms. That’s why you need something like Busby tissue oil to do what water alone can not. Not only does it keep your skin hydrated, it also reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Not everyone is fond of their scars. Sure some can make for good memories, but most scars can be painful both physically and mentally. They can cause discomfort throughout your day. Why go through surgery when you can rub some oil on and watch the scar go away?

As for stretch marks, no one likes those. Whether they’re proof that you’re starting to lose weight or gain it, they’re​ simply annoying to have. By rubbing some Busby tissue oil on your arms, stomach, legs or any area liable to stretch marks, you can be sure your skin will never have lines or wrinkles.


You’re probably wondering what IS this magical product that can do all that? Well, Busby pure tissue oil is a unique type of therapeutic body oil. It’s made from a very special blend of oils including avocado, grape seed and rose hip. Just these oils are enough to account for its countless benefits, but they didn’t stop there. They added vitamins A, C and E along with essential fatty acids to the blend. Why are these ingredients so important? Let’s find out.


Avocado oil


Let’s start with the most beneficial oil in the blend. Avocado oil. What’s so special about it? Well, for one, it has anti-inflammatory properties making it able to calm skin and reduce itching or redness. It can also help with dry or chapped skin because of its ability to hydrate and replenish damaged cells. What about acne? Hate it, right? Well avocado oils gets rid of acne for you. It even heals wounds and sunburned skin. And the cherry on top: it acts as en effective sunscreen by protecting you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s prove it.


The major components​ of avocado oil are : essential fatty acids, lecithin, beta carotene, sterolins, potassium and vitamins A,D and E. Let’s see what each one of these does. For starters, there are two essential fatty acids along with other monounsaturated fatty acids. Linoleic and oleic acids. These have amazing wound healing properties. They also stimulate collagen synthesis and proper collagen levels in your skin. Why is this important? Because collagen is responsible for supporting and shaping your skin. It gives it it’s structural appearance. So if your skin doesn’t have enough collagen, it starts to look wrinkled and aged. That’s where the essential fatty acids come in.


Not only that but they also help with scars by regulating the metabolism of collagen. Sounds complicated? It’s simpler than it sounds. Let’s take it from the top. Say you got a cut or any form of injury to your skin. Your skin starts an automated healing process. This involves depositing tons of nutrients, including the protein collagen, onto the site of injury. This should heal the wound within a couple of weeks. But what if it takes longer than that to repair the damage? If your skin takes more than three to four weeks to heal, the accumulated collagen thickens, giving the appearance of a scar. By regulating the collagen levels and maintaining just the right amount, these essential fatty acids prevent the excessive deposition and reduce the extensive tissue scarring.


Next up is the beta carotene. This chemical substance was first found in carrots. It’s a major component of several oils including avocado and grape seed oil, which we’ll mention in a bit. The great thing about these beta carotenes is that they decrease your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. They also boost the effectiveness of sunscreens and give your skin a radiant natural glow.


The third component is lecithin. This substance has many readily available sources including soy beans. So how does it work? It’s an emollient. Basically, it softens and soothes the skin. That and its powerful moisturizing effect are the reasons you always find lecithin in restorative and hydrating creams. Another reason why it’s always added to cosmetics is its penetrating ability. It can penetrate deep inside your skin to the vascular layers. It can also help other substances get absorbed​ as well. It’s almost like it feeds your skin whatever substances are added to it, ensuring you get the most out of their therapeutic effect.


Before we get to the vitamins, there’s the sterolins. These are basically natural plant steroids that don’t come with the harmful effects of synthetic ones. They have the ability to reduce age spots, heal scars and also repair sun damage. Along with the potassium these two help fortify your skin cells and promote its proper growth. Oh, and did you know that avocados actually have more potassium than a banana?


Vitamins A, C, D and E make up a large part of Busby pure tissue oil. In fact, it has 5 times more vitamin E than leading tissue oil brands. And for good reason. They’re powerful antioxidants. You might be hearing that word quite often but never really got to know why antioxidants are so good for you. What antioxidants do is basically scavenge for free radicals. These free radicals are harmful to your skin. They can damage it and accelerate the ageing process severely. These antioxidants also use up the cellular oxygen that is needed in many harmful process in the skin. By doing all this, it keeps your skin health, fortified and strong. It also speeds up your skin’s healing process making it knit up faster and leave less chance of scarring. Vitamin C in particular is also very effective at collagen synthesis making it another contributor to Busby pure tissue oil’s anti-ageing effect.


Grape seed oil


When you eat grapes what do you do with the seeds? Throw them away? Well guess what? Those tiny little seeds may be the most important part of grapes. They’re the source of grape seed oil. This oil is loved by pharmaceutical companies for many reasons. It has perfect viscosity. Light and gentle on skin, doesn’t leave it feeling thick with oil and at the same time easily absorbed. They use it as an idea base or carrier oil for creams, ointments and lotions. It’s non-comedogenic which means it leaves your pores open and clear without clogging them up.



Grape seed oil isn’t used just because of its physical qualities. Its components are just as important. Remember beta carotene? That substance that protects your skin from the sun and makes it less sensitive? Grape seeds are full of it. What about antioxidants? Let’s throw some in there. Vitamins D, C and E are all found in large quantities in this oil. It also has a large amount of polyphenols which have an anti-ageing effect and even prevent acne.


Perhaps the most significant component of grape seed oil is the OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyandins). These are flavonoids that really pack a punch against free radicals. They penetrate deep down to the cellular level and restore your collagen levels. You know how important that collagen is.


And if linoleic and oleic fatty acids weren’t enough, grape seed oil also has two more essential fatty acids. Palmitic and stearic. These have been proven in clinical trials to get rid of wrinkles and reduce the appearance of scars.


Rose hip oil


The final oil in Busby’s pure blend. The use of this oil dates back to ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans who knew of its healing properties. What they didn’t know, is what’s inside it. Just like the last oil, rose hip is full of vitamin D, C and E along with beta carotene making it an equally strong antioxidant. It’s packed with not only the usual essential fatty acids (palmitic, oleic and linoleic) but also GLA which is gamma linoleic acid. These fatty acids are absorbed deep into your skin layers where they’re changed into PGEs ( prostaglandins). These prostaglandins play an important role in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration. It’s this regeneration that we want. When you skin regenerates at a high level, it never looks wrinkled or aged.



It’s important to know what’s inside Busby pure tissue oil. But it’s just as important to know what’s not. The great thing about this product is that it’s paraben-free. You’ve probably heard the expression a lot. You’ve learned to avoid any product that contains parabens like the plague. But why? Well first of all, parabens are a type of preservative. Essentially, they inhibits bacteria and microbes from growing. Pharmaceutical companies add them to their beauty products to increase their shelf life. The problem is, in 2004 a study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology showed the presence of parabens in some breast tumor tissues. The Food and Drug Administration later announced that there was no relationship between the two, essentially calling parabens safe to use. Some people think it was just a coincidence that the parabens were in the tumor because parabens are rapidly absorbed and spread throughout the body. Another group of independent studies were carried out where it showed that parabens can negatively​ affect our immune system and even increase allergies and sensitivities. This may be true or may not be. Who knows? But why take the risk? Your health isn’t something you want to gamble with. That’s why many products like Busby pure tissue oil are taking the safer path in manufacturing and avoiding parabens altogether.


The great thing about this product is that it’s perfect for all types of skin. Dry, sensitive, oily, you name it. Wait, even oily? Yes, even oily skin. You probably think it doesn’t make since to add oil to your already shiny skin, right? Actually, the reason for your skin’s oiliness is a reaction to being too dry. So by helping your skin stay adequately hydrated, you’re countering the whole cause of oily skin! Another great thing about Busby pure tissue oil is its safety profile. If you’ve ever been pregnant you know how hard it is to find something safe to use. Practically everything is contraindicated. You get so many restrictions on products people use everyday, that you just give up on the whole idea. Busby tissue oil however, isn’t one of those products. It’s been tested and proven to be safe for pregnant moms. Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing skin for 9 months. This product doesn’t give you excuses. Not skin type, not pregnancy, nothing. It even comes with a valve pump for easy applications. Spray some right on or add some to a piece of cloth and rub it on your troublesome areas. And if you’re too lazy, you can just get into the bathtub and add a few drops in. Remember with Busby pure tissue oil, no excuses. You WILL get the skin you’ve been dreaming of.


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