Boldo Essential Oil

     Would you believe me if I told you that scientists have uncovered evidence proving that a certain essential oil was used as medicine thousands of years ago? It’s true. Boldo essential oil is one of the oldest natural remedies traditionally used in all kinds of diseases. People used boldo essential oil to treat gout, liver problems, bladder issues, prostate diseases, indigestion, syphilis, constipation, acne,            insomnia, rheumatism and so much more!


Boldo essential oil comes from the leaves of Peumus boldus, a huge evergreen tree from the monimiaceae family, which grows to an astonishing 7 meters in height. It has beautiful yellow and white flowers surrounded by light grey-green leaves, making anyone who lays their eyes on it, instantly fall in love with the boldo tree. For centuries, Native South American tribes have used the leaves of the boldo tree as a culinary spice and a treatment for ailments. It was most popular in Chile, Bolivia and Peru where it grew in sunny slopes and meadows. Around 1875, boldo reached England and the United States where it quickly became a popular cure for stomach, liver and bladder problems and was also used as a sedative and nerve tonic.


Components of boldo essential oil

Boldo essential oil contains several chemical compounds responsible for its health benefits. The main components are: Beta pinene, alpha pinene, limonene, p-cymene, linalool, camphene, gamma terpinene, ascaridole and 1,8-cineole. So what are these health benefits we’re talking about? Let’s jump right in.


Reduces inflammation

    One of the most important properties of boldo essential oil is its ability to reduce inflammation. Why? Because inflammation is the root of most diseases. Let’s take asthma, for instance. Asthma is basically an inflammatory reaction. When you’re exposed to a certain trigger like pollen grains, dust or food you’re allergic too, your body begins reacting negatively and areas along your respiratory tract become inflamed. Your bronchi start to seize up and get narrower, which allows less air to pass through. By inhaling some boldo essential oil, you can reverse the inflammation, which allows your bronchi to relax and brings your respiration back to normal.

Another inflammatory condition boldo essential oil can help treat is arthritis. It’s a very common disease that not many people understand. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis but generally speaking, they all involve some kind of joint or limb inflammation. All of them involve persistent pain and irritation that can keep you up at night and deprive you of your precious sleep. The great thing is that most types of arthritis can be relieved or soothed by boldo essential oil. Besides, asthma and arthritis, boldo essential oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can be put to good use in fighting Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory condition that affects your intestines.



     Boldo essential oil is a powerful, natural antibacterial agent. It not only has the ability to stop bacteria from growing, but it can also kill bacteria, making it both bacteriostatic and bactericidal. This is all thanks to a toxic substance called ascaridole. And don’t worry; it’s toxic to bacteria and other microorganisms, not humans. Boldo essential oil is also just as effective against fungi, viruses and protozoa. Nothing gets past this wonder oil!

When you get a cut or a minor injury to your skin, you become liable to all kinds of skin infections. Bacteria are all around you waiting for just the right moment to invade your skin layers. Once they infect your skin, your cut or wound won’t be able to heal quickly because your body will be more focused on fighting the bacteria than healing itself. That’s where boldo essential oil steps in. It eliminates the bacteria and lets your skin begin its healing process so it can stitch itself up much faster. In some cases, like when your wound is deep, more of a laceration than a cut, bacteria can penetrate your skin layers and reach your blood. When this happens, you develop a condition called sepsis, which may be fatal. Once again, boldo essential oil comes to the rescue, killing off the bacteria before they get the chance to reach your bloodstream and cause sepsis.


Helps with gastrointestinal problems

     Boldo essential oil can help you with hundreds of gastrointestinal problems. For example, there’s indigestion, dysentery, nausea, vomiting and food poisoning. Most of these problems, especially food poisoning, are caused by specific enteric bacteria which boldo essential oil effectively gets rid of. Dysentery is another disease caused by different types of bacteria and amoeba which can be effectively treated with boldo essential oil.


Fights acidity and acidosis

     Boldo essential oil can help fight acidity and prevent acidosis. Sometimes your stomach produces too much acid which can lead to heartburn and can leave you feeling nauseous. This excessive acid can also start to creep into your intestines causing various degrees of harm, or reach your blood causing acidosis. So how does boldo essential oil reduce this acidity? By increase your liver’s bile secretion. Bile is alkaline, the opposite of acidic, which means it helps neutralize any excessive acids in your gastrointestinal tract. Another great thing bile does is speed up digestion. It helps emulsify and breakdown fats and vitamins in food to make them easily absorbed.


Increases urination

Boldo essential oil makes you go to the bathroom much more frequently and increases the amount of urine your body makes. You’re probably thinking why would I want that? Well, for a number of reasons. Urination is an important means of excreting all kinds of substances from your body. For example, uric acid is mainly excreted through urine. Why is it important that boldo essential oil helps get rid of uric acid? Because if those tiny molecules accumulate, they form uric acid crystals, which can cause kidney damage and eventually turn into kidney stones. You don’t want kidney stones. They can make urination unbearably painful.

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you boldo essential oil indirectly helps you lose weight. It’s true. Urine is the only way your body can get rid of fats. You could be exercising, eating properly and breaking down all the fats you want, but they’ll stay in your body if they’re not excreted in urine. Besides, frequent urination helps you get rid of excessive body water which eventually helps you lose weight.



     Boldo essential oil is a very powerful insecticide. It’s toxic to all kinds of pests including fleas, lice, mosquitoes, bed-bugs and flies. Practically any parasite that comes near you will instantly regret it.


Sedative and nerve-relaxant

     Boldo essential oil is a powerful sedative and nerve-relaxant. That doesn’t mean that it’s like chloroform. Opening the bottle won’t make you fall asleep instantly. It just soothes your nerves; calming your mind and helping you relax. It’s perfect for people who suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is the worst. Being sleep deprived can affect your whole body and even prevent different organs, like hair, from growing! Besides, your mood will probably be pretty bad if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Get some boldo essential oil and give your body the sleep it deserves.

Well, there you have it. That’s everything boldo essential oil can do for you, or at least the brief version of it. There are a few things you should know when it comes to boldo essential oil. First of all, it’s extremely powerful. It usually requires dilution before use. It’s not a must but some doctors prefer that you use it under their supervision. Second of all, you should always do a skin patch test before using boldo essential oil for the first time. Technically, skin patch tests are done for any new product you try out on your skin and since boldo essential oil is quite strong, it’s no exception. Last thing you should know is that this essential oil shouldn’t be used by pregnant moms. Practically everything is contraindicated in case of pregnancy so it’s no surprise that something as powerful as boldo essential oil is contraindicated, as well. Other that, boldo is generally safe, as long as you use it in small amounts.               


There are stories of an old Chilean shepherd who noticed that some of his sheep were in better physical shape and had fewer liver problems than others. With a bit of observation, he soon realized that the healthier sheep had been frequenting the boldo shrubs he grew in his pasture! Another interesting story about boldo essential oil is that scientists have found its source, boldo leaves, fossilized from over 13,000 years ago! These fossils were found in the Andes Mountains of Chile in South America and guess what? They had imprints of human teeth which means that boldo leaves were used over 13 millennia ago for either culinary or therapeutic purposes. It’s a shame we’ve only just starting hearing about boldo essential oil, when people have been using it for so long. But now you know all about it so go out and get yourself a bottle. It’s about time you’ve discovered why people love it.






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