Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

Fine Lines and Wrinkled Skin Treatment, Using Geranium, Frankincense, Myrrh and other Essential Oils for Younger Looking Skin

  Wrinkles are a natural by product of aging, although causes for premature wrinkles have been identified by the medical community.  In either case they are a cause of low self esteem and both men and women seek to lessen their appearance or even prevent them from occurring in the first place.  Whether through over […]

Pimple and Blackheads Treatment, How to Use Tea Tree, Chamomile, Oregano, Basil and other Essential Oils for Acne

This article will explore the benefits of using Essential Oils in treating Acne. Essential oils have long been used for a variety of holistic and healing purposes.  Their efficacy in treating acne and acne scars has recently become a subject of interest for researchers and acne sufferers alike. The following examines some of the most […]

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