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Arandi Oil

When it comes to essential oils, arandi oil might have the most interesting history of them all. Would you believe me if I told that the same essential oil you use to get rid of acne, strengthen your immune system, heal your skin, get rid of age marks and so much more, was once used to torture people a long time ago? It’s true.

Historical Uses of Arandi Oil

Around the late 1920’s, Benito Mussolini, leader of the Italian Fascist Party, used arandi oil against his enemies as a method of torture. How? Well, arandi oil has a strong laxative effect, which is an advantage physicians use when they want to treat constipation or when a baby swallows a coin and they want to get it out.

But of course, you only need a small amount of the oil, perhaps a tablespoon, to do the trick.  Mussolini on the other hand, would force-feed his enemies huge amounts of arandi oil. Bottle after bottle. Eventually, they would die a very humiliating death. Mussolini’s opponents in parliament even stated that he built his power using the manganello (bludgeon) and arandi oil. Despite its interesting background, arandi oil remains among the top essential oils used all over the world for countless therapeutic benefits.

How Arandi Oil is Made

Arandi oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of Ricinus communis plants which typically grow in tropical regions across Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the Mediterranean basin. In India, people prefer to call it arandi oil. In other parts of the world, it’s better known as castor oil. Regardless of what it’s called, it works the same magic. Let’s start with one of the most important things it can do: boost your immune system.

Arandi Oil and YOur Immune System

Right now, right this very moment, while you’re reading this, there’s a war going on inside your body. Every second, a foreign body, whether a bacteria, a virus, or even dust particles enters your body through food, water and even the air you breathe. So why aren’t you getting sick 24/7? Thanks to your immune system. It never rests. It constantly has to face external threats and eliminate them without you even feeling a thing. As long as your immune system is strong, you’ll rarely get sick or even catch a cold.

You probably know someone who has never so much as sneezed, right? Well, you should envy their immune system. So generally speaking, you should always try to strengthen your immune system as much as you can. Vitamin C is one option. But arandi oil is the smarter option. It helps improve your blood flow and circulation which means it directs more immune cells towards bacteria and viruses, to help get rid of them. It also improves your lymphatic drainage which essentially makes your body detoxify and get rid of harmful wastes much faster. All in all, arandi oil makes sure your immune system packs quite a punch.

Health Benefits of Arandi Oil

If all arandi oil could do was help a baby poop and boost the immune system, then it wouldn’t be so popular. It has other benefits, too. For one, it works wonders for your skin. Now take a moment and think of any skin problem you’ve had over the years or even likely to have someday. Most likely, arandi oil can help get rid of it. Let’s start with acne. It’s probably the most common skin condition in the world because of the insane amount of triggering factors it has. Stress and hormone disturbances are the most common factors and that’s why acne is more prevalent among teenagers. Their hormone levels are constantly fluctuating. Pregnant moms suffer from acne, too. So how does arandi oil fight acne? From its source.

Helps Get Rid of Acne

Acne starts when a bunch of glands in your skin called the sebaceous glands start to secrete too much sebum. Sebum is actually very important for your hair and skin but in modest amounts. Too much sebum and your pores start to get clogged. When your pores get clogged, bacteria start to accumulate and before you know it, you have acne. When dermatologists prescribe medicine for acne, they usually take one of two approaches. They either give you something to kill the bacteria, or something to stop the excessive sebum production.

Take it from me; either medication is going to be very expensive. That’s why they don’t want you to know about arandi oil. It’s a natural antibacterial and at the same time, it contains a bunch of essential fatty acids that regulate your sebum production. Two birds with one stone. And it’s much cheaper than acne medication. Another thing arandi oil does is help balance your hormone levels which means it not only helps treat acne, but it prevents it as well!

Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

What other skin problems have crossed your mind? Wrinkles? Stretch marks? Arandi oil smoothes them out. They’re usually caused by too little collagen and elastin in your skin layers. Collagen is your skin’s support system. It makes it firm and strong. No collagen and your skin starts to wrinkle and look more like an old man’s. As for elastin, it’s responsible for making your skin elastic and flexible. That means if you were to pinch your skin, it would snap back to normal right away. Older people however, don’t have that luxury owing to less elastin in their skin layers. Arandi oil contains essential fatty acids that promote collagen synthesis and help preserve your elastin, essentially making you look years younger!

Hair Benefits of Arandi Oil

Enough about skin, what about hair? Everyone loves their hair. There are millions of hair products out there and we always try to find the right one whether to strengthen, grow or simply give volume to our hair. The problem is all these products are synthetic. It doesn’t matter if it’s “sulphate-free” or “made with natural herbs”, chemicals are chemicals. These products will fix one thing and mess up another. That’s why when it comes to something as delicate as hair, you always want something natural.

Omega 6 Fatty Acid and Your Hair

Let’s be more specific. You want arandi oil. Believe me. Here’s why. Omega-6 fatty acid. Ever heard of it? This fatty acid is awesome when it comes to hair. It makes it stronger, thicker, shinier, dandruff-free and even adds significant volume! The secret is in its ability to increase your scalp’s perfusion and blood flow. That means all those nutrients your hair wasn’t getting enough of before, are now abundantly available.

That’s actually the basis of hair growth medication like minoxidil, for example. It causes vasodilation in your scalp’s blood vessels, so more blood and nutrients are directed to your hair. This is why minoxidil is one of the best available synthetic treatments for balding and hair loss. But who wants synthetic when there’s arandi oil, right?

How to use Arandi Oil in Your Hair

So how do you use arandi oil for your hair? It’s as simple as massaging some warm oil into your scalp and hair. That’s it. Just make sure you get all the roots and strands. Feel like getting fancy? Make a homemade hair mask. Cover your hair with a cap and leave it in overnight. Rinse your hair thoroughly when you wake up and you’ll immediately notice a shine that wasn’t there when you went to sleep. If your hair is already great but you suffer from dandruff, here’s a solution. Get equal portions of arandi oil and olive oil. Let’s say a tablespoon of each. Mix them in with half a lemon and leave it all on your scalp for about half an hour. Wash them out with shampoo and there goes your dandruff problem.

Nail Benefits of Arandi Oil

Another great thing arandi oil does is revitalize your nails. We’ve all had dry or brittle nails at one point or another. Arandi oil has a unique blend of essential fatty acids that strengthen your nails and help you fight cracking and splitting. So it’s good for hair, nails, skin and the immune system.


What else can arandi oil do? Well, if you suffer from arthritis or always feel pain in your joints that keeps you up all night, then you should definitely try arandi oil. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the aching in your joints and relieve any swelling or inflammation that might be causing the pain. Just rub the oil onto the area that’s bothering you twice a week. Use a hot water pack with arandi oil if you want faster results because it can help speed up its absorption through your skin. It won’t be long before you’re pain-free.


There you have it. For constipation, radiant hair, strong nails and to treat pretty much any skin problem, arandi oil is the solution. One thing worth mentioning is that for pregnant moms, arandi oil is sometimes used to induce labor. It’s a traditional use that mothers have relied on for decades but of course, that means there’s always a small risk of a miscarriage. That’s why pregnant women are advised to check with their physician before using arandi. Other than that, it’s considered extremely safe and highly recommended by doctors worldwide as long as you use it in moderate amounts. So try out arandi and you’ll see for yourself why millions of people (except maybe Mussolini’s enemies) love this oil.





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