Friday Feb 03, 2023

Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment

      How do you look when you wake up? How does your hair look? Is it soft and slick or does it look like you had your hand in the fuse box all night? I don’t know about you but I wake up with hair so fizzy, I can barely comb it. And it’s definitely annoying because let’s face it, we’re always on the run. We’re so busy, we barely have time for anything other than getting dressed and rushing off. I guess if you have fizzy hair it’s just genetics, that’s how your hair naturally is. But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be? What if I told you there’s something that can help you get silky, smooth, frizz-free hair? There really is. It’s called Aquage silkening oil treatment.


Aquage silkening oil treatment is amazing. It adds a brilliant luster to your hair and makes it silky smooth. At the same time, it doesn’t weigh your hair down like most products do. You’ll practically forget you applied it in the first place. Another thing Aquage silkening oil treatment can do is accelerate your hair’s drying time by 40%! If you’re worried about your hair color changing, don’t be. Aquage silkening oil treatment has zero dyes which means there’s absolutely no chance your hair color will be altered whatsoever. Instead, it actually seals in hair color! Not only that, but Aquage silkening oil treatment also protects your hair from heat damage. Now I know what you’re thinking. It makes your hair shiny, it gives it luster and silkiness, protects it from heat and doesn’t change its color, it sounds too good to be true. There has to be a catch. Normally, with most synthetic products, there’s always a catch. There’s always some sort of side effect because synthetic chemical products always fix one thing and mess up another. That’s just how our body works. But not Aquage silkening oil treatment.

Why? Because the keyword here is “chemical”. Natural products on the other hand, are absolutely safe. Aquage silkening oil treatment is as natural as it gets, being infused with sea botanicals along with two very important essential oils: ultra-light argan oil and sweet almond oil. What makes these ingredients so special? Let’s find out.


Let’s start with argan oil. Why did Aquage silkening oil treatment find argan oil perfect enough to be one of their main active ingredients? Well, argan oil has been scientifically proven to increase the softness, silkiness and shininess of hair.          It also works as a moisturizer for your scalp, helping get rid of dandruff and scalp dryness. If you’re someone who does a lot of chemical treatments and dyes their hair a lot, argan oil can help undo any damage done by these treatments. It’s considered the perfect natural conditioner for hair that can help get rid of fizz, give it a glossy, shiny appearance and even treat split ends. Another great thing about argan oil is that it promotes hair growth and gets rid of dry, brittle hair. So what’s so special about this oil? Why can it do all those things? Most of the wonders of argan oil are due to its huge vitamin E content.


Vitamin E is a major component in Aquage silkening oil treatment. It’s become very popular and is found in hundreds of hair care products because of its undeniable ability to make hair stronger, healthier and better-looking. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that works on your hair and scalp. Here’s a rule for you to remember: you can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. That means any product that just smoothes out your hair without having any effect on your scalp doesn’t have any long –lasting benefits. What makes a scalp healthy? Well, a number of things. For one, the pH of your scalp. Normally, you want hair products that fall in a pH range of 3.5-5.5. Another thing that matters is oil production. You don’t want too much oil being secreted nor do you want too little. A third very important factor is your scalp’s blood circulation. Blood carries all the nutrients and elements your hair needs to grow and thrive. More blood equals more nutrients. More nutrients equals healthier follicles. All these factors are variable and need something like the vitamin E content of Aquage silkening oil treatment to regulate them. Let’s see how it does that.


Aquage silkening oil treatment selectively chose vitamin E-rich oils because they knew that vitamin E is a vasodilator. That means it makes blood vessels wider. Why does that matter? Well, when the blood vessels in your scalp widen, they deliver more blood to your scalp and hair follicles. Remember the golden rule? More blood means healthier hair follicles. By widening the blood vessels it also ensures that no clotting can take place in these blood vessels. Essentially, Aquage silkening oil treatment is helping you improve your hair’s circulation.

The vitamin E in Aquage silkening oil treatment is also a strong moisturizer. It prevents your scalp from getting too dry. Why is that important? Well, when your scalp gets too dry, your sebaceous glands start to secrete more oils as a normal reflex mechanism. Remember? Too much oil is bad for your hair. Luckily, vitamin E regulates your oil production and at the same time, it helps balance your pH level.

The last great thing worth mentioning about the vitamin E in Aquage silkening oil treatment is its antioxidant ability. It’s a very powerful antioxidant. What’s that? Any substance that can get rid of free radicals in your body is called an antioxidant. Free radicals? What are those? They’re tiny reactive molecules that your body makes on a regular basis as byproducts of different reactions. They’re extremely bad for your skin. Give them a few minutes alone with your collagen and they’ll start breaking it down right away. All you’re left with is skin that is collagen-deficient and looks like an old man’s. But aged looking skin isn’t all the critters can do. They pack quite a punch when it comes to hair. Dryness, brittleness, damage and hair color changes don’t even scratch the surface of what there chemicals can do. That’s why you need Aquage silkening oil treatment. With all its antioxidants, it neutralizes all these bad, hair-damaging substances leaving you with healthy, vibrant hair.


The second component of Aquage silkening oil treatment is sweet almond oil. Who doesn’t love almonds? They’re the perfect additive to hundreds of dishes. As for their oil, it’s the perfect additive to your hair. Why? Because of how rich this oil is. It has several important vitamins including vitamin E, vitamin B and vitamin A. In addition to those, it contains omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids which are vital to hair growth and nutrient utilization. It’s not enough to simply give your hair nutrients. You have to give it the fatty acids it needs to be able to use the nutrients effectively for hair to grow. By massaging almond oil into your scalp, you’re providing it with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stop falling out and start building your follicles.


So that’s how Aquage silkening oil treatment works, thanks to its main components: ultra light argan oil and sweet almond oil. You probably have a few questions you’d like to ask like: how to use Aquage silkening oil treatment, how much to use, when to apply it and so on. It’s pretty simple. For starters, you can use Aquage silkening oil treatment right before blow-styling. As for how much, you’ll probably need a pump or two but you can use more, depending on your hair’s density and length. Once you’ve applied it to your hair, simply comb your hair to help distribute the Aquage silkening oil treatment evenly and then you’re ready to blow-style.


Believe me when I tell you hair problems are not uncommon. Things like hair loss, unattractively fizzy hair and brittleness are things people suffer from on a daily basis. Some people have chunks of their hair fall out every now and then while others have permanent hair loss. You’ve probably run into someone before who’s told you that they used to have beautiful, long, thick hair. Used to. Not anymore. Why? Because here’s the deal: neglect your hair and it’ll neglect you. Give it some attention and it’ll look like one of those L’Oréal ads. Let me rephrase that. Give it Aquage silkening oil treatment. It not only helps you style your hair and makes it less fizzy, it actually helps nourish it and makes it healthier which is definitely more important in the long run, don’t you think? And don’t forget the best part: it’s completely natural. I mean come on, it doesn’t get more natural than sea botanicals and essential oils. So you have nothing to fear. None of the adverse effects and side effects that come with synthetics chemical products. So grab yourself a bottle of Aquage silkening oil treatment and give your hair the attention it deserves.




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