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Ajuga  Oil

When you think of purple flowers what’s the first type of flower that comes to your mind? Probably tulips, right? Or maybe lavender? But you’d never think of “ajuga”. It’s not that famous expect among botanists and scientists. But they don’t admire it for its purple color. They admire it for its essential oil. Ajuga oil is one of the most respected and acknowledged essential oils known to man. Scientists have discovered that ajuga oil has the ability to improve respiratory problems, regulate your sleep, act as a cardio-protective agent, eliminate hormonal imbalance, reduce anxiety, and increase wound healing and so much more! It’s amazing how much this oil can do. But before we get into how ajuga oil can help you, let’s find out what ajuga oil is.

How Ajuga Oil is Made

Ajuga oil, as you may have guessed, is extracted from a plant called Ajuga. There are hundreds of different ajuga species but the most popular is ajuga reptans.  This perennial flower has a lot of other names, the most common being “bugleweed”. Yes, it sounds like something out of Snape’s potions class but that’s the more common name for ajuga. It’s easily recognized by its small stature of about 3-6 inches and its bright purple color. It’s truly beautiful but like I said, its real beauty lies on the inside. By subjecting the ajuga leaves and flowers to several processes, you can extract the ajuga oil, a powerful mixture of natural, organic chemicals that can work therapeutic miracles. Like what? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Ajuga Oil

Respiratory problems

Ajuga oil can help you with numerous respiratory problems. Think of anything that might bother your respiratory tract. Let’s say for example, asthma. People who suffer from asthma know that it’s one of the most annoying conditions in the world. Practically anything can trigger an asthma attack and leave you wheezing and gasping for air. There are a lot of triggers but generally speaking, they all have one thing in common. They cause an allergic reaction in your bronchi that leads to bronchospasm. In other words, your bronchi (and other parts of your airway) start to seize up and get narrower.

That means you get very little air into your lungs, much less than what your body needs. It’s like you’re drowning without water and all of this was started by a simple allergic reaction. So how can ajuga oil help with your asthma? Well, ajuga oil has powerful anti-inflammatory substances. What does inflammation have to do with anything? On the fundamental level, allergic reactions are basically an inflammatory reaction. Stop the inflammation, you’ll stop the allergic reaction and therefore stop the bronchospasm that’s depriving you of precious oxygen.


What else besides asthma? Well, ajuga oil’s anti-inflammatory effects also work when it comes to persistent coughs. Coughing is a natural reflex mechanism your body does when there’s some source of irritation in your respiratory tract. This is how your body thinks: “if there’s irritation, there’s got to be something in their throat. Cough it out”. The thing is, sometimes coughing makes your condition worse, right? So it’s nice to have something like ajuga oil that can calm your respiratory tract down and reassure it that everything’s okay, stop coughing. This very same idea is applicable to sore throats, respiratory distress, and shortness of breath.

Ajuga oil helps it all. And if that wasn’t enough, ajuga oil also helps expel any phlegm or mucus that might be in your respiratory tract which is important because phlegm and mucus are ideal media for bacteria to grow. In other words, ajuga oil indirectly protects you from respiratory infections. Pretty neat!

Sleep Disorders

I don’t know about you but sleep is a major contributor to my mood throughout the day. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’ll be grumpy and cranky all day and barely get anything done. Well, now I know there are solutions like ajuga oil but before, I’d wake up in the middle of night and fail to go back to sleep. Insomnia and sleeplessness are the worst. But what causes insomnia? A lot of things can cause insomnia but there are two main reasons for your lack of sleep at night.

One: you’re nervous or anxious or simply have something on your mind preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. Two: your hormone levels aren’t balanced. Ajuga oil can fix both of these problems. First of all, it has soothing effects that help you get rid of anxiety and cast away all the troubles on your mind. So that’s the first cause of insomnia, gone. Second of all, ajuga oil works on regulating your hormone levels to get your Circadian rhythm (kind of like your internal biological clock) back on track. One of those hormones is melatonin, the sleep hormone. If your hormones are disturbed for some reason, your body might not be making much melatonin to last you though the night so you end up with interrupted, restless sleep. No more of that thanks to ajuga oil.

Anti-anxiety and Your Heart

     Like we just agreed, ajuga oil gets rid of anxiety which helps you sleep better. But anxiety doesn’t only affect your sleep patterns. You might not know this but people who suffer from chronic anxiety and constant stress end up with countless heart problems. Why? Think of it this way. Whenever you’re subjected to any form of stress, your body makes more adrenaline.

You know what adrenaline does, right? It makes you feel stronger, think sharper and makes your heart beat faster. It’s great! But not when you’re under constant stress. Your heart can’t take all that constant adrenaline because it can’t keep beating at higher levels forever. The results are arrhythmias and palpitations. That’s why doctors always say that anxiety may be a mental condition, but it has dangerous physical consequences on your body. So it helps to have something like ajuga oil that helps relieve your stress and anxiety so that your heart can take a break.

Heart problems aside, anxiety causes your body to release “stress hormones” which wreck havoc on every organ and system in your body. Your metabolism gets messed up, as well. That is why people who suffer from chronic anxiety often lose weight and suffer from other concurrent conditions.  Ajuga oil is becoming more and more important as we go on, isn’t it?


     Ajuga oil has healing powers. I don’t mean like the philosopher’s stone. I mean that if you show it a cut, a wound, a bruise or pretty much any kind of physical injury, it’ll speed up its healing process. It all comes back to ajuga oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When your skin gets injured, inflammation automatically starts to take place. This tells your body’s cells and enzymes “hey, this area right here needs to be patched up”. That’s the role of inflammation but once your body starts healing, inflammation only hinders the process. This is why you need ajuga oil to get rid of the inflammation and let your body stitch itself up faster. That’s why wounds close up so quickly when you apply ajuga oil.

Its Cheap

A great thing about ajuga oil is that it’s extremely easy to make. Not only are the ajuga flowers abundant, but they are also extremely easy to grow. They require very little maintenance. For some reason, deer and rabbits seem to not like the ajuga plant and stay away from it, so being deer and rabbit-resistant is another factor that prolongs the plant’s life. The plant also grows so much, that some farmers consider it an invasive plant. Why does all this matter to the consumer? Well think about it.

The easier it is to plant the ajuga flowers, the more flowers there are to pick. The more flowers available, the more ajuga oil you can extract. And when something is available in a large amount, does it hit the market at a high price? Of course not. That’s one of the reasons ajuga oil is much cheaper than most essential oils even though it can do things that other essential oils can’t do.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. That’s everything you’ll ever need to know about ajuga oil or as briefly as possible, with an oil so versatile. One thing worth mentioning is that whenever you’re taking medication that treats a certain problem; never take an essential oil that does the same thing or even something related. What does that mean? For example, if you’re already taking hormone-related medication, you shouldn’t use something like ajuga oil that also regulates hormone levels.

Or if you’re taking sedatives, then you shouldn’t take an oil with sedative properties, like ajuga oil. The idea is that too much of the same thing is bad, so be wise when choosing what goes inside your body. And when in doubt, always check with your physician, it won’t take more than a minute. Other than that, ajuga oil is generally safe to use and it’s a great, cheap essential oil to have around the house for everyday use. So next time someone asks you about purple flowers, I hope ajuga is the first thing to come to your mind.


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