Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Ambrette Essential Oil

Who doesn’t love the smell of musk? It’s one of the most important and expensive ingredients in the perfume industry because of its divine aroma. Before 1979, almost all manufacturers tried to get their hands on some musk which was something absolutely necessary if they wanted to make high-quality perfume. But there was a huge […]

Amyris Essential Oil

Imagine having to wait 30 years for a tree to be ready just to extract a bit of its essential oil. Would you be willing to wait that long just for some oil? Personally, I wouldn’t. Botanists and manufacturers however, have absolutely no problem waiting almost a third of a lifetime to get their hands […]

Dende oil

We’re becoming wiser and wiser when it comes to our health. We’ve started to look for safer, healthier, alternative fats to replace our traditional cooking oils because we know how unhealthy they are. Clinical research has proven that most of the fats and oils we’ve been using for the last few decades, like refined and […]

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil

Would you use an essential oil that comes from something called “the mountain pepper”? Sounds dangerously spicy, doesn’t it? Well, as deceiving as the name may be, the mountain “pepper” isn’t actually a pepper. It’s another name for the Litsea Cubeba tree. This tree goes by quite a few names actually, such as Chinese Pepper […]

Triloka Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for over 5 millennia in treating all kinds of different diseases and conditions. Every culture has its own set of essential oils that have been used for different ailments and illnesses throughout the years. Some are used for medicinal purposes, some are utilized in the perfume industry, and some are […]

Aesop Parsley Seed Oil

Whenever you find a beauty product that states all its ingredients online, on the bottle, or practically anywhere you search for it, you know that product is most likely legit. It shows that the company has nothing to hide because their product is the real deal. One of those few, rare, high-quality products is Aesop […]

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